10 books for the summer: the news to take on vacation

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It is not a holiday without a good book to read: to leaf through on a deckchair after a nice walk in the mountains, in the fresh air; or on a sunbed, in the shade, facing the sea. We have chosen ten titles that could make you spend a few carefree hours, they are novels, often with female protagonists who can be inspiring, which can leave you with the desire to leave or to change something in your life.

Enjoy the reading.

When a wish comes true – Nicholas Sparks

Maggie always hid her story. Those who know her now know nothing of her greatest love. She was sixteen, she was far from her family and she was expecting a child that she would give up for adoption: it was then that she met Bryce. He was little older than her, he didn’t judge her for that big belly he was trying to hide from her, and he taught her all about what would also become Maggie’s passion: photography. Their first kiss was perfect. Their love was unique, one of those that happen only once in a lifetime.

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On the contrary – Giuseppina Torregrossa

It was the month of August 1927 when Dr. Giustino Salonia, known as Tino, arrived at the Malavacata station, and immediately understood that he had been screwed. From a bestselling author the choral saga of a Sicilian country governed first by men and then by women. A lesser known Sicily, far from the sea and close to the earth – land reclamation, wheat, oil, wine. From the 1920s to the fall of fascism, a story of indomitable and unconventional characters, first of all a surly doctor but capable of building a community around himself.

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I wanted the bicycle – Mariateresa Montaruli

One winter evening Mariateresa Montaruli discovers an abandoned vintage racing bicycle and it is love at first sight. Thus began her first outings on extra-urban itineraries and she, having overcome the initial embarrassment of the neophyte, she understands how to synchronize the breath to pedaling and learn a new way of traveling. Over the years, the map of her rides has extended and ranges from the Alps to Sicily, to the lands beyond the border, and her desire to tell itineraries and experiences gives life to the Ladra bicycle blog, which has become a source of inspiration for many cyclists.

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The irresistible symmetry of revenge – Rosa Mogliasso

Despite her first name, there is little room in Amanda’s heart for good feelings. Could it be the fault of her ex-husband, who left her, or is it because even with the current partner things don’t work out very well, and at fifty it is difficult to get back into the game? Or maybe it’s her writing career for her, that she didn’t take off as she hoped? The fact is that Amanda has an open account with the universe and, while she is waiting for the right opportunity to redeem herself, she teaches in an evening writing class. Under her guidance, a handful of would-be bestsellers are practicing the art of the perfect crime – the invented one, she means.

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Now I give up and that’s it – Álvaro Enrigue

In 1836, Lieutenant Colonel Zuloaga of the Mexican army goes in pursuit of a band of Apache who, in a raid, kidnapped a woman, Camila. Zuloaga brings together an ill-assorted group of unlikely recruits, including a false nun who will be the most skilled in handling the gun. The narration of the misadventures of the intrepid and improvised maniple hunting Apaches in the vast territory between deserts and mountains, which then belonged entirely to Mexico, alternates with the story of the author who traces those places to our days, on both sides of the border Mexico-USA, reconstructing the history of a people who chose to become extinct in order not to allow themselves to be subjugated, and the life of the most famous Apache leader, Geronimo.

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Children are calm – Kevin Wilson

After the bestseller The Fang family, from which the homonymous film with Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman was based, Kevin Wilson tells us a tender and funny story about friendship, the past that never comes back and how sometimes, when we get angry, we literally go on fire , among the best books of 2019 according to New York Times, Washington Post, People, Time and Entertainment Weekly. The twins Bessie and Roland have a unique feature: in stressful situations they catch fire, engulfing everything within a few meters in flames. The worst must therefore be avoided and Wilson confirms his exceptional talent in grafting the surreal into reality.

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An investigation for the five of Monteverde. He is an excellent policeman, Commissioner Ansaldi, even if from time immemorial he has suffered from hypochondria and anxiety attacks that make even the simplest activities complicated, in life as in work. One Friday afternoon, a man over eighty widower and lonely is found lifeless in his own apartment, with a noose to the neck. It seems an easy case, the classic suicide. But something is not right Ansaldi and his followers, and that little doubt turns, in the space of a few days, into an investigation that will disturb not only the quiet of Monteverde but also the rooms of the policy.

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The Five Sisters Brigade – Paola Peretti

Euterpe, Talia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Urania. They bear the names of the muses but for Cecilia, twenty-two, a history student, they are simply the aunts and mother with whom she lived. Euterpe was the eldest and was the first to leave, leaving her niece with a task: to find Lorenzo, the little brother whose traces were lost in 1945. So Cecilia sets off in search of that uncle she didn’t even know she had, in a path in the personal, family, collective memory that also becomes a fight against the evil that that memory erases. You will discover many things, about your family’s past but above all about yourself and the importance of not forgetting.

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Three – Valérie Perrin

  1. Adrien, Étienne and Nina know each other in the fifth grade. Very quickly they become inseparable and united by a promise: to leave the province in which they live, move to Paris and never separate. 2017. A car is rescued from the bottom of a lake in the small town where they grew up. The case is followed by Virginie, a journalist with an enigmatic past. Little by little, Virginie reveals the extraordinary bonds that unite those three childhood friends. What became of them? What is the relationship between the car wreck and their friendship story?

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Madeleine St John’s book finally arrives in Italy with which she was a finalist at the Man Booker Prize, defined by critics as her most successful novel. The low, colorful houses of Notting Hill pass by. Nicola has gone out to buy cigarettes – just a few minutes – but when she comes home everything has changed. Jonathan, her partner of many years of hers, looks like the same man who greeted her just before her, were it not for her gaze and those words from her: we should separate. When Nicola realizes that this is not a joke, but a bitter reality, she leaves the apartment and moves in with a friend. Each of her, next to her, has a different version of what happened: for parents and acquaintances, of course, the problem is that they are not married and have not had children. The reasons for the breakup seem clear to everyone except Nicola. She didn’t feel any signs. She understands then that, at times, it is as if women are wearing special glasses that show them life as they would like it to be.

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