11 upcoming books not to be missed

It was the fragrant May”Wrote Leopardi celebrating the sweetest month of the year. Spring is reaching its peak to bring us beautiful and warm days to be lived as much as possible in the open air, perhaps in the company of a good book.

What are the news in the library coming soon? On the shelves we will find new books by acclaimed contemporary authors and stories of all kinds, thrillers and romances, essays and reportages, historical and educational stories. There really is something for everyone: among the news we have the unexpected sequel to a great best-seller and an exciting short novel signed by none other than a Nobel laureate.

Let’s find out which are the latest Announcements arriving in bookstores in the month of May 2022.

1. The luck of Valeria Parrella

After the success of Almarinago back to the library Valeria Parrella with a new, yet ancient history. Luckout for Feltrinelli on 5 May 2022, tells of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 BC and the destruction of the city of Pompeii.

This tragic chapter of Italian history is told from an unprecedented point of view: through the eyes of a child, Lucio. With him moves a crowd of characters, merchants, bankers, matrons, emperors, slaves, prostitutes and gods. What we knew of the classical world thus appears to us in a new, modern and more intimate aspect.

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2. The freedom that does not free by Carlo Calenda

From 5 May in bookstores for the Nave di Teseo. In this book-essay the politician and MEP Carlo Calenda it invites us to reflect on some often overlooked aspects of today’s society.

Since the 1980s, the only pivot of our civilization has become the individual and his search for freedom and growing material fulfillment. Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine today force us to make a sudden change of perspective. But what are the signs of the West’s ethical fragility? For a change of gaze, Carlo Calenda proposes to rediscover the value of the limit.

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3. The gold of Italy by Marco Frittella

From the end of April in bookstores for Rai Libri the new book by Marco Frittella, historical face of television journalism. For forty years, Frittella has told the main political-institutional events of Italy and now he returns to writing with an interesting book-reportage on the stories of the recoveries of the extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage of our country for too many years left to perish by a guilty neglect .

An invitation to safeguard and protect our artistic and cultural heritage.

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4. I missed the affection of my loved ones of Andrea Vitali

From 3 May 2022 a beloved Italian author returns to the bookstore for Einaudi editore: Andrea Vitali with a bitter comedy that makes fun of a stereotypical male model and – we hope – increasingly rare.

Lombard province, between the sixties and the eighties of the last century. A father who is all home and work retraces the story of his relationship with his children, Alice, Alberto and Ercole who did not grow up exactly as he expected. Vitali writes with the usual gift of lightness, thus inviting us to reflect on important issues but tearing us a smile.

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5. The distractions of Federica De Paolis

From 12 May in bookstores for HarperCollins The distractionsthe new novel by the winner of the DeA Planeta Award, Federica De Paolis.

A book that is proposed as an investigation of the couple relationship and family ties in a polyphony of voices and genres that plumbs the darkest aspect of reality.

Viola, like every day, took Elia to the neighborhood gardens. Out of a distraction, perhaps conscious, she leaves the child awaiting custody of the oncoming father. But Elijah remains alone. Abandoned to his fate. In a portion of Rome as gray and desolate as a land. It takes seconds, then minutes, before the couple notices the child’s disappearance.

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6. I’m hungry for Natalia Guerrieri

From 10 May in bookstores for Pidgin Edizioni the new novel by Natalia Guerrieriwinner of the Zeno Prize with her debut novel Bees don’t die (Moscabianca, 2021).

I am hungry catapult us into the hectic working days of Chiara, a provincial girl who has come to the capital to leave behind a painful family history and pursue her literary ambitions, and who instead finds herself doing the rider – the “swallow” – for a food delivery company.

A book that composes a perfect portrait of the generation of the “hyperformed”, exploited and devoured by a society that craves bodies and in which the logic of prevarication reigns.

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7. Jennifer Egan’s Gingerbread House

From May 17, 2022, the new novel by the American writer will be in bookstores for Mondadori Jennifer Egan, The gingerbread house. It is a kind of sequel de Time is a bastard, of which it takes up some characters and some points of the plot. An electrifying and moving novel that speaks to us today, of the search for authenticity and meaning in a world where memories and identities are no longer private and where new technologies continually open up further, disturbing scenarios.

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8. My day in the other land by Peter Handke

On May 5, 2022 the writer returns to the bookshop for Guanda Nobel prize Peter Handke with a short novel entitled My day in the other land. The protagonist is a farmer who, due to his strange attitudes, has attracted everyone’s distrust.

During the day the protagonist, freed from his obsessions, seems willing to look at the world with new eyes – indeed no longer with his eyes, but with his shoulders, the soles of his feet, the tips of his fingers – and thus experiences a profound sense of joy and communion with all things.

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9. Crimes at Lucinda Riley’s Fleat House

A new novel by the late Irish writer will be released for Giunti from 25 May 2022 Lucinda Rileybest-selling author of the Seven sisters.

Crimes at Fleat House tells of the sudden death of Charlie Cavendish, in the austere dormitory of Fleat House. A shocking event that the principal is immediately inclined to dismiss as a tragic accident. But the police can’t rule out a crime and the case calls for the return of Inspector Jazmine “Jazz” Hunter.

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10. Oh, William! by Elizabeth Strout

From May 10 to Einaudi bookstores Elizabeth Strout returns with the unforgettable Lucy Barton. In this new chapter, the beloved Lucy, now an established writer, traces her origins remembering in particular her first husband, William. She only of him now she wants to talk. William, the unreachable, unfaithful father of her girls: it is to him that he needs to return in this new book-confession with the intimate style that Strout has now accustomed us to. A novel that flows like life by reconstructing, through a set of apparently random memories, the plot of a wedding.

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11. The Alaska Sanders case by Joël Dicker

From 23 May the unforgettable author de The truth about the Harry Quebert case, Joël Dickerwith an unexpected sequel to his masterpiece novel.

April 1999, Mount Pleasant, New Hampshire. The body of a young woman, Alaska Sanders, is found on the shore of a lake. The investigation is quickly closed, the police obtain the confessions of the culprit, who kills himself soon after, and of his accomplice. Eleven years later, however, the case returns. To investigate again Marcus Goldman who just got hit with the Harry Quebert case. But the ghosts of the past return.

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Here we are at the end of our short list, which we will keep constantly updated. Which of these editorial news intrigues you the most? Are you tempted by more than one book? Tell us in the comments.

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