5 new bands to listen to this month

Looking for new killer bands? There are literally hundreds of them right now, but to save you from having to sift through them all, we’ve narrowed it down to five acts that we’ve played on Metal Hammer speakers over the past two weeks. So if it’s psychedelic losswizard electrogoth, bluesy grungyunleashed metal core or post-genre noise you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Metal hammer line cut

Bambie Thug

There’s an old saying that art should disturb comfort and comfort the disturbed. If so, then Bambie Thug is an artist in every way. The Irish-born, London-based singer-songwriter, rapper and self-proclaimed ‘witch’ only made his debut last year with the seething goth pop of Anniversary. However, their eclecticism, metal-adjacent occult aesthetic and sour lyrics quickly made them a darling of the underdog.

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