A2-Clock phase- The preview of the Scafati vs Cantù match

At palaMangano Givova Scafati faces Acqua San Bernardo Cantù in a challenge that will almost certainly define the two playoff groups

Captain Rossato

Captain Rossato

© photo by Foto Givova Scafati

Sunday evening, the Givova Scafatileaders of the red group, plays his last home game of this phase by clock and faces, theSan Bernando Cantù water. The scafatesi will then only have to play the two external games, that is, the recovery with Capo d’Orlano and the final challenge with Orzinuovi.
The opponents of the Givovain these first two games, they had a victory and a defeat: Wednesday night they won at home, against Closedfor 76 to 68 while in the first day they sensationally lost a Fabriano for 74 to 73.

However, we must remember that the Canturini played both of these games without the American Allen that he has a muscle injury that will keep him out for this whole clock phase. Despite this, the canturini occupy the second position in the standings and, together with Udine and the scafatesi of the Givovaaim to play for promotion in series TO.
President, Roberto Allievi and the GM, Alessandro Santoro, this summer, they have put together a great team built for a quick recovery. They started by hiring coaches Marco Sodini (one who eats bread and basketball) to whom they have entrusted a high level roster. Just remember that the Brianza despite having had to replace the American Robert Johnson (one from almost 20 points per race) because he did not want to get vaccinated, and they played almost the whole season without the former scafatese, Sergio (a really important player that any coach would want for his flexibility both defensive and offensive), occupy the second position behind the battleship Udine. The most important players of the Canturina team are Bryantplayer from 15 points per race, like the injured Allen, Stefanelli, other player in double digits (10.9 points for him) then there is Lorenzo Bucarellia predestined who, however, has not managed to take flight for the most important stages who still remains an excellent player for the category, the Cameroonian center, of Italian school, Bayehethen there is captain Matteo Da Ros, La la Nikolic , Severini and the former center of the national team, Cusin that in spite of his own 37 years, it still asserts itself.
Also there Givova Scafati has an enviable roster with so many good players, just like Cantù, without any stars. They have three double-digit players: captain Rossato (14) and the Americans Clarke (14) and Daniel (10.7) and a group of players of sure performance who have always done well in the teams in which they played.

During this “clock phase”, up to now, the scafatesi have played only one match, the one at home, against Pistoiathe team that occupies the third place in the standings in the green group, and they won for 82 to 71. In that race, after the first two quarters very suffered, the scafatesi engaged the high gears and took home a victory that further consolidated their first position in the standings.

The two teams have the best attack of their group: in the green group, Cantù marks 83.1 points to race while Scafati scored an average of 82.6 points per game in the red group. Self Cantù wins the comparison by a few decimals in terms of points scored, Scafati the points left to the opponents largely wins with 69.9 points per game against i 76.3 of canturini.

It really promises to be a very close match, so we just have to read what the managers of the technical area of ​​the two teams have said to get a more precise picture of the situation.

These are the words of the scafatese coach, Alessandro Rossi : .

These are the words of the guest coach, Marco Sodini : .

Former in the field: in the two teams there are two exes ( Sergio and Raucci) but we will almost certainly not see any on the pitch.

Infirmary: Sergio And Allen they will still be out while he may not retrieve the scafatese De Laurentis.

Media and initiatives: The match will be broadcast in live video streaming from the website of the National Basketball League (via the “LNP Pass” service). On the official Facebook page and live on social channels, Telegram, Instagram and Twitter there will be updates in real time.

Furthermore, it will be possible to watch the video of the race on TV Oggi (digital terrestrial channel 71) on Tuesday (9.00 pm) and Wednesday (3.00 pm).

Referees: Valerio Salustri From Rome, Marco Rudellat of Nuoro and Alex D’Amato of Tivoli (RM).

The formations on the pitch at PalaMangano:

GIVOVA SCAFATI BASKETBALL: Mobio, Daniel, Parravicini, De Laurentiis, Ambrosin, Clarke, Rossato, Monaldi, Cucci, Ikangi. Herdsman Alessandro Rossi.

ACQUA SAN BERNARDO CANTU ‘: Tarallo, Borsani, Stefanelli, Bryant, Nikolic, Boev, Da Ros, Bucarelli, Cusin, Bajehe, Allen (injured), Severini. Herdsman Marco Sodini

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