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Rome turns 2775 and is back – finally – to celebrate it in the presence. Thursday 21 April (and in some cases for the whole weekend) there are many events to celebrate the city of Caput Mundi.

From parades to historical re-enactments, from free museums to important inaugurations. Rome will have a really lively birthday, with varied appointments, for young and old.

What to do in Rome on April 21st? Below are the events suggested by RomaToday for the Christmas of Rome 2022:

The re-enactments of the Roman Historical Group

The Roman Historical Group is back live, at the Circus Maximus. The event for the Christmas of Rome will start at 12 with the traditional rite to the Roman Numi – Circus Maximus: the traditional pietas association will carry out the rite to the Roman gods, aimed at honoring the memory and healthy values ​​of the Roman world. We will continue at 4 pm with the “track of the furrow-Circo Massimo”, at 5 pm “Le Palilie”; at 19:30 Renewal of the sacred fire in the square in Campo Marzio; then at 8 pm “Benedictio verbi”, at the Pantheon (piazza della rotunda) April 21 will be only the first of four days of celebrations. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Free museums for the Christmas of Rome

On Thursday 21 April, the Capitoline Administration organizes guided tours, educational events, inaugurations, exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances and film screenings. Furthermore, access to the Museums of Rome, including exhibitions, will be free for everyone, a special occasion to celebrate the city by admiring the beauties of its collections. To these are added the archaeological area of ​​the Circus Maximus and the Mausoleum of Augustus. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Synesthesia at Trajan’s Markets

The work Synesthesia, an interactive and multisensory installation, the result of extensive research carried out by the curators Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia, opens precisely on 21 April, at the Mercati di Traiano – Museo dei Fori Imperiali. The work aims to develop new methodologies that relate the individual with his environment through the use and encounter of practices such as interactive design and emerging health sciences. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Inauguration of the Planetarium of Rome

The Planetarium of Rome, housed in the Museum of Roman Civilization, will be inaugurated on April 21, and from 22 will reopen its doors to the public, equipped with new cutting-edge technology and with new shows scheduled. The new digital planetarium, equipped with an articulated system of very high contrast video projectors, with 4K resolution, is able to reconstruct the surface of Earth, Moon and Mars with extreme realism and allow you to look beyond, in the most distant places in the universe. , between galaxies and nebulae. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Frittoccio, land and sea in foil

For the first time in Rome, the Sustainable Fried Festival arrives. Starting from 21 April (and until Sunday 25), the former Slaughterhouse – City of the Other Economy becomes the realm of fried food. From top quality vegetables to the freshest fish, passing through the meat and confectionery products typical of the Roman tradition. Local, fresh and seasonal products that wink at sustainability. Frittoccio has consciously chosen to reduce energy consumption and pollution related to transport and refrigerator-storage, not to use plastic materials for the service and distribution of food and drinks and to use only sustainable materials such as paper, glass and PET. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Treasure hunt in the Orange Garden

On Thursday 21 April the Municipality of Rome I Centro promotes, with the support and collaboration of the Think a bit youth association, the initiative entitled Urban adventure for the Christmas of Rome: treasure hunts in the fascinating setting of the Orange Garden (piazza Pietro D’Illiria) on the Aventine. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Extraordinary visits and openings

In order to bring citizens closer, through observation and narration, to lesser-known works, monuments, artistic and cultural testimonies widespread in the area, a series of appointments led by museum officials are also scheduled on 21 April. The extraordinary opening of the Claudio and Felice Aqueducts is scheduled (10.30 am); scheduled visits to the Roman ruins in the basement of the Giovanni Barracco Museum recently returned to the public and recently equipped with an innovative lighting system. There will also be a walk in the Imperial Forums in search of traces of ancient crafts and a walk in Villa Borghese in the most significant places in the park such as the square of the Borghese Museum, the secret gardens, the Parco dei Daini, the Valle dei Platani, the area in Piazza di Siena and which will end at the Casino dell’Orologio, which is open exceptionally for the occasion. In the afternoon, visits to the collection of the Museum of the Roman School at the Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia, to the Gallery of Modern Art with its cloister of sculptures and the current exhibition on video art and to the Capitoline Museums at the Cursus Honorum exhibition. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

The theatrical appointments

Rome opens the curtains of various theaters on his birthday. On the morning of the 21st, double appointment: at 9.30, presented by the Macondo Theater, the show, dedicated to school children, Il Gioco dei Miti, based on the book “Roman Myths” told by Carola Susani with illustrations will be staged at the Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo. by Rita Petruccioli. At 10.00, however, at the Villa Pamphilj Theater, it will be the turn of the popular science show L’ombra di Thaete, directed by Valeriano Solfiti.

The Teatro di Roma Association then invites you to discover and get to know the oldest theater in Rome, the Teatro Valle Franca Valeri, inaugurated in 1727 with the guided tour scheduled at 19.00 (available at the same time until Sunday 24 April), entitled Journey to the center of the theater. You will be able to discover the secrets of actors, directors and technicians and the habits of the spectators. Finally, to close the theatrical schedule, from the Tor Bella Monaca Theater at 9.00 pm, the Amara show, organized by the Seven Cults Cultural Association, which brings to the stage the poverty of the Roman villages in the immediate post-war period.

Meetings for the Christmas of Rome

April 21 will also be an opportunity for debates and public meetings to explore various issues related to the city and the history of the capital. The MACRO with the Homage to Remo, proposes two appointments (with free admission subject to availability) linked to the ongoing Remoria exhibition dedicated to the homonymous book by Valerio Mattioli and his narration of the Eternal City in the footsteps of the figure of Remo, the twin killed. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Also on Thursday 21 April, organized by the Institution Sistema Libraries Cultural Centers of Rome, two appointments are scheduled: at 5.30 pm at the Guglielmo Marconi Library, Massimiliano Maiucchi will talk about the city with the grace and irony of the language of rhyming words collected in Rome rhymes. At 6.00 pm, however, the presentation of the book Night Dream in Rome (1871-2021) by Annarosa Mattei will be held at the Casa delle Letterature, with the presence of the author and Paolo Portoghesi. The book recounts the traumas suffered by the city, proclaimed the capital of the Kingdom of Italy in 1871, through a nocturnal reconnaissance of the places most devastated by the demolitions and renovations carried out starting from that year.

Antonello Costa celebrates 35 years of career

From 21 April, Antonello Costa will take the stage of the Amphitryon Theater with his new show “Costa Soul (the artist and his soul)”. Antonello Costa returns to the scene to celebrate his 35 years of career, with a new modern variety, a sincere, intimate and biographical show. For this new show Costa chooses to take the stage of the Amphitryon Theater precisely because this theater symbolically represents his return to his origins. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

“The Fools of God. The Messiah of Abruzzo” at the 7 Off Theater

After several stages it is the turn of the Eternal City: and in fact it will be the 7 Off Theater in Rome that will host the tour of “The Fools of God. Il Messia d’Abruzzo” from 21 April with Perrotta, Andrea D’Andreagiovanni, Massimiliano Elia , Giacomo Rasetti who burst onto the stage, like a Brancaleone Army, accompanied by live music and songs from the Abruzzo repertoire arranged in a modern key, choreographed and interpreted by the four. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]


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