An airbag belt to avoid broken hips, more

You don't need a Wi-Fi connection to use the GrandPad, a tablet with large icons and printing that gives seniors access to email, calls, photos and music.

I know dozens of tech-savvy seniors who rely on the latest technology to help them through their lives.

Take the example of my own parents: every morning, my 83-year-old father rehabilitates his new Tivanium alloy knee on a recumbent bike while reading the news on his iPhone. He also answers phone calls directly in his ears with almost invisible fancy pants, connected by Bluetooth. high tech hearing aids.

The same goes for my 77-year-old mother. She takes to YouTube to figure out how to do everything from repairing a lawn mower to antique dresser. She FaceTimes with my daughter regularly and keeps her surprisingly busy schedule well organized on her smartphone.

More often than not in recent years, these increasingly high-tech adaptations in the daily routine of seniors can improve the lives of seniors and the people who love them.

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