Basketball, Serie A: Brescia does not stop, Venice takes off the playoff pass. Hello Varese and Brindisi

On the third to last day of the Serie A regular season, Brescia goes to Cremona and confirms himself as the main inconvenience in the championship duel between Virtus Bologna and Olimpia Milano. In fourth place alone goes Venice, now certain of the playoffs, thanks to the success in the derby with Treviso. An important step forward for Sassari, who breaks through Naples and leaves the sprint open in order not to retreat, despite the defeat of Fortitudo against Varese. Openjobmetis and Brindisi, victorious against Trieste, are now out of the battle for salvation.

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In Brescia the derby with Cremona

On the parquet of the already relegated Vanoli, Brescia does not stop and conquers its 20th victory of the season, equaling the record of successes in the regular season dating back to the 2017-2018 championship. The game sees Germani always in control against a Cremona forced to deal with several absences, including that of Matteo Spagnolo. Leonessa starts strong and already in the first quarter builds a nine-point lead (19-28), which remains almost unchanged in the second period (39-47). Upon returning to the field Brescia defends the advantage, bringing the margin in double figures at the end of the third fraction (63-73), and manages the last ten minutes of the game with personality, up to 76-88 with which the match ends. Cremona suffers from rebound (33-41 the final calculation) and pays the 15 turnovers overall.

Vanoli Cremona-Germani Brescia 76-88
(19-28, 39-47, 63-73)
Cremona: Agbamu ne, Zacchigna, Dime 4, McNeace 10, Gallo, Poeta 6, Errica 2, Kohs 6, Tinkle 19, Cournooh 11, Juskevicius 18. Coach: Galbiati.
Brescia: Moore 13, Mitrou-Long 15, Petrucelli 13, Della Valle 14, Eboua 7, Parrillo, Cobbins 3, Burns 11, Laquintana 5
Rodella ne, Moss, Brown 7. Coach: Skinny.
Referees: Borgo-Di Francesco-Brindisi.

Venice takes off the pass for the playoffs

Venice is guaranteed a place in the playoffs, making the derby with Treviso 78-68 its own and moving to fourth place alone in the standings. Nutribullet starts better (0-6), but Umana reacts with personality and closes the first period ahead 21-19. Reyer tries the break in the second quarter, when she also touches +8 (33-25), then undergoes the return of the guests who go to rest with only three lengths to recover, thanks to Sokolowski’s triple (42-39). After the ephemeral advantage of Treviso at the beginning of the third fraction (44-46), Venezia returns to raise the pace and, with a powerful extension, brings the margin back to +8 (60-52), with which we enter the last quarter . Coach De Raffaele’s men manage the final ten minutes with clarity and conquer their sixth consecutive success, on which Brooks’ 25 points and superiority under the basket weigh (42-33 the calculation of rebounds).

Umana Reyer Venezia-Nutribullet Treviso 78-68
(21-19, 42-39, 60-52)
Venice: Stone 3, Bramos 1, Tonut 15, Daye ne, De Nicolao 9, Echodas ne, Morgan 12, Mazzola 3, Brooks 25, Cerella 5, Minincleri ne, Watt 5. Coach: De Raffaele.
Treviso: Jurkatamm, Russell 14, Faggian ne, Vettori ne, Bortolani 13, Imbrò 8, Sims 12, Sokolowski 11, Dimsa 6, Jones 2, Akele 2. Coach: Nicola.
Referees: Mazzoni-Baldini-Noce.

Sassari leaves Naples in the quicksand

Important playoff success for Sassari, who wins 72-78 at Naples, fully involved in the fight not to be relegated (next Sunday the direct clash with Fortitudo Bologna will be staged). Banco di Sardegna, in front for long stretches of the race, places the decisive lunge close to the middle of the last period, no longer allowing Gevi to return. Dinamo starts strong and immediately touches +10 (7-17), but suffers the comeback of the hosts who shorten to -1 at the end of the first period (18-19). In the second fraction Sassari still tears (29-41), but Naples does not give up and approaches up to 37-43 of the long interval. Same script on the return to the parquet, with Gevi able to close the third quarter with a single delay (58-59) and to put the arrow at the start of the last period (60-59). A new guest break, however, pushes Banco up to 62-70, signed by Kruslin’s bomb. Naples is no longer able to react and Sassari can manage the final five minutes.

Gevi Napoli-Banco di Sardegna Sassari 72-78
(18-19, 37-43, 58-59)
Naples: Zerini 7, McDuffie 26, Gudaitis 4, Vitali 8, Velicka 4, Parks 1, Marini, Uglietti 6, Lombardi ne, Rich 16, Sinagra ne, Cannavina ne. Coach: Buscaglia.
Sassari: Sanna ne, Bilan 10, Logan 12, Robinson 18, Kruslin 11, Gandini ne, Devecchi, Treier 2, Burnell 2, Bendzius 15, Gentile 4, Diop 4. Coach: Bucchi.
Referees: Rossi-Grigioni-Nicolini.

Varese closes the salvation discourse

In the first match directed by the Ukrainian referee Ryzhyk, Varese wins 103-92 against Fortitudo Bologna and can celebrate the mathematical salvation, harming Kigili more and more. The first quarter is a carousel of emotions, with both teams finding great fluidity in attack, and it ends with the guests ahead by a length (24-25). The balance also characterizes the second period: the Openjobmetis tries to escape, but the Effe holds its own thanks above all to the plays of a very inspired Charalampopoulos (top scorer with 28 points). In the second half Fortitudo touches the maximum advantage on +5, but then Keene takes the chair and Varese closes the third fraction ahead 76-69. In the last quarter Keene (26 points and 9 assists) is confirmed as a factor and the hosts always appear in control. Charalampopoulos tries to keep the Bolognese afloat, but a triple from Sorokas puts the stamp on the new maximum advantage of Openjobmetis (86-73), which closes by breaking through the wall of 100 points (103-92).

Openjobmetis Varese-Fortitudo Kigili Bologna 103-92
(24-25, 45-45, 76-69)
Varese: Beane 13, Woldetensae 11, Sorokas 12, De Nicolao 14, Vene 12, Reyes 15, Librizzi, Virginio ne, Ferrero ne, Caruso, Keene 26, Cane ne. Coach: Seravalli.
Fortitudo Bologna: Manna ne, Aradori 19, Mancinelli ne, Durham 2, Zedda ne, Procida 5, Benzing 14, Fantinelli 6, Charalampopoulos 28, Groselle 3, Borra ne, Frazier 15. Coach: Martino.
Referees: Borgioni-Bongiorni-Ryzhyk.

Trieste falls in Brindisi

Brindisi interrupts a streak of five consecutive defeats and, thanks to the 96-87 victory against Trieste, mathematically conquers salvation. The Happy Casa, without Gaspardo (ankle problem) and De Zeeuw (shoulder injury), immediately tried to raise the engine speed, but suffered the return of the Allianz who also put their head forward. At the sound of the siren Harrison scores a bomb from over 9 meters and brings Brindisi ahead on 22-21. Even in the second quarter the pace remains high and the Giulians try the draw several times, always held back by the hosts who return to the locker room with only 4 points to recover (41-45). Upon returning to the court, the match is characterized by continuous overtaking and counter-overtaking, mainly in the name of W. Clark and Redivo on one side and Banks and Davis on the other (54-54). In the final of the fraction the baskets of Harrison and Zanelli put the Happy Casa in front (72-69). Brindisi appears more brilliant in the last quarter and places the decisive extension, which is worth the success for 96-87.

Happy Casa Brindisi-Allianz Trieste 96-87
(22-21, 41-45, 72-69)
Toasts: Adrian, Gentile 12, Zanelli 10, Harrison 19, Greco ne, Visconti 8, Redivo 18, De Zeeuw ne, Clark 7, Guido ne, Udom 12, Perkins 10. Coach: Vitucci.
Trieste: Banks 9, Davis 22, Clark 10, Konate 2, Longo ne, Deangeli ne, Mian 6, Delía 7, Cavaliero, Campogrande, Grazulis 16, Lever 15. Coach: Ciani.
Referees: Lo Guzzo-Vicino-Perciavalle.


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