Basketball, Serie A results: Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano and the 26th round

Scariolo’s team dominates against the remains of Messina’s. Venice extends the Fortitudo, Cinciarini still in triple double but in Reggio this time it is not enough

Spotlight on Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano, but there is much more on the menu of the 26th matchday

Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano 83-65
Virtus celebrates in the full house of the Segafredo Arena, 9000 spectators who set attendance records in an Italian match after Covid, the success (eleventh in a row in the league) on the great rival Milan which is worth more than a mortgage on first place in the regular season with the advantage of the home factor on all the series of the Scudetto playoffs. The final +18 is worth double because Bologna also takes the direct match (+3 for Milan in the overtime) and now, with 5 days to go, has virtually 6 points ahead of Olimpia. Victory built on the defense against a rival halved by the absences between Covid (Rodriguez, Biligha, Shields, Kell and Daniels) and injuries (Datome), leaving the game early after a first illusory advantage over 6-12. Virtus, in fact, immediately scores a 14-0 that pushes it forward in the 10 ‘and then in the two central quarters releases all its superiority for rebound physicality (46-30, 15 by super Jaiteh) and rotations while Olimpia gets bogged down. in attack without finding level interpreters apart from the three solutions of Baldasso, an out-of-the-box shooter. The all-triple trio, energies and rebounds formed by Jaiteh, Weems and Cordinier, led by the usual Teodosic, author of assists with the brush, makes the difference with Bologna that dominates also touching the +26 (81-55) while its audience the he applauds with conviction. The numbers also explain the gap in the Italian derby: Bologna perfect for free 22/22, Milan foul by 3 (11/38 equal to 28%). Victory due to technical knockout, Milan put it like this is too inferior.
Virtus: Jaiteh 18, Weems 18, Cordinier 18
Milan: Bentil 15, Baldasso 12, Melli 10

Venice-F. Bologna 77-72
Umana continues the flight towards the playoffs (fifth victory in a row between the championship and Eurocup), Kigili never tames, who surrenders only in the final. Human without Vitali and Daye, as well as Sanders, third game on the bench for Tonut. Bramos (5 points) and Watt (4, will finish with 16 points and 8 rebounds) turn on the Umana (11-4), Martino opts for Frazier and Procida, Fortitudo’s reaction is with the area that begins to limit the Reyer (15-13). The two grafts drive the Kigili to comeback, double triple and overtake (17-19). Fortitudo overturns the inertia pushed by Frazier (19-25), but Reyer raises her head strongly with the tandem Theodore (18 points) -De Nicolao (13) who pushes back Kigili (28-25), the counter break (15-0) Umana sends Fortitudo far away (34-25). Bologna reacts with Durham, Venice also rises to +11 (41-30). Two turnovers by Bramos and Theodore bring Fortitudo back into the game (43-38), but it’s a blaze because Umana with Bramos and Brooks pushes Kigili back (49-38), also climbing to +16 (58-42) . The former Charalampopoulos starts the 7-0 outside (58-49), broken by Theodore’s free throws, but the final of the quarter (11-2) is from Bologna (60-53). A tearing match, never closed (64-55), Bologna is inside the challenge, Feldeine and Benzing (13) are reactive (68-59), but two triples from Cerella widen the gap (74-63). The German winger keeps the match open (74-68), Theodore tries to close it (76-68) with 35 ”to go. Bologna goes back to -4 (76-72), De Nicolao puts the seal from the line.
Venice: Theodore 18, Watt 16, De Nicolao 13
F. Bologna: Frazier 15, Benzing 13, Charalampopoulos 11

Pesaro-Sassari 75-73
Pesaro overturns a match that seemed to take the path of Sassari and obtains the fourth victory in the last five games, stopping the fourth force of the championship. Dinamo came from five victories in the last seven, were launched but were surprised at the photo finish. Delfino is the driver, but Moretti decides it. Bucchi’s team was without Bendzius, absent for the last hour. He left with the team but was not well and stayed in the hotel. The beloved ex Gerald Robinson immediately shows off: all of him are the first 6 points of Banco di Sardegna (2-6 after 3 ‘). At 4 ‘there is overtaking (7-6) with “Arsenio Lupine” Delfino, Moretti stretches from distance (10-6 to 5’). With a counter, Treier equalized (10-10 at 6 ‘). Bilan, unstoppable (12 points in 9 ‘), signs on 14-22 from the line at 8’. Jones misses two dunks on the counterattack, Sassari is more reactive in rebounding and closes the first fraction on the plus 8 (17-25). Pesaro loses too many balls but the guests do not take advantage of it. With Bilan on the bench, Banchi takes advantage of Mejeris from number five. Burnell rises in tone and hits the triple on 26-34 at 15 ‘. Sassari is solid and aggressive but Carpegna Prosciutto tries to unhinge it. Delfino supports 30-34 in the third time on 16 ‘, Mejeris hits 34 on 17’ after a long run-up. The inertia changes, Delfino is very inspired and gets the most three for him (37-34 at 18 ‘with an internal break of 11-0). The second quarter is all from Pesaro, Banchi’s men play with more energy and the Sardinians make a lot of mistakes. Halfway through the game, the red and white have already lost 13 balls (21 at the end) but Sassari pulls 3 with 19%. On the open field, Pesaro has more margin. Running, the Vuelle advances, but Bilan remains dominant. At 24 ‘it is 41-49, Bucchi’s team presses on the accelerator again and his physicality disturbs the hosts a lot. The locals score two points in 5 ‘of the third period, Logan rips (41-52 on 25’). A positive Burnell holds his forward, it is 46-58 in the 28th minute. The percentages of the hosts drop and the pace of the match remains slow. Sassari does not sink the blow, shooting errors are the masters. Jones commits the fourth foul at the end of the third set, but Pesaro is alive. A loaded Moretti puts in the 52-58 place at 31 ‘, it is always he who brings back under him (57-63 at 33’). Dinamo leads 57-67 in the 34th minute, but the match reopens (66-67 in the 37th minute with the trepunti of Delfino and Moretti). Pesaro is all heart, Sassari – wasteful – takes refuge in the 3-point shot but it’s not the evening. Moretti is enchanting, he finds 14 points in the last period and Vuelle is 68-69 with 3 ‘from the end. The Carpegna Prosciutto is hot, Logan misses a lot and Bilan no longer receives the ball. The ending is heart-stopping. Jones crushes the 72 equal in the 38 ‘. Tambone, from the corner, signs from 6.75 the plus 3 (75-72 to 11 ”from the shower). Kruslin makes 1/3 from the line and fails the long shot of the possible tie. Pesaro recovers and Jones escapes on the counterattack with the victory in his pocket.
Pesaro: Moretti 19, Delfino 18, Jones 11.
Sassari: Bilan 25, Burnell 14, Logan 12.

Reggio Emilia-Trieste 103-109 d2ts
In Reggio, Andrea Cinciarini’s triple double (23 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists) is not enough to beat Trieste, with the Friulians returning to victory after seven consecutive defeats thanks to Adrian Banks, leading in the two extra time with 36 points with 51 evaluation (double career high). After being the first Italian in history to make it, the captain of the Emilians still writes another page in the history of our Serie A, equaling Toni Kukoc: the only player to make two in the same year (1992). Still without Candi, Diouf and the top scorer Olisevicius, coach Caja chooses the quintet made up of Cinciarini, Larson, Strautins, Johnson and Hopkins. Ciani responds with Davis, Banks, Mian, Grazulis and Konate. Unahotels has a better start and closes the first quarter ahead (22-20) thanks above all to 8 points from Strautins, while the Allianz relies on the usual Banks (10 points). The defense of the hosts, however, suddenly stops and Trieste takes advantage of it to place a break that completely overturns the inertia (43-46 at 20 ‘) with Konate (11) who reaches Banks in double figures (18). Two triples from Grazulis opened the second half and Ciani’s team took total control of the match by flying up to +12 (50-62 at 27 ‘). Reggio clings to Cinciarini, but the music does not change (60-71 at 30 ‘). The Emilians, however, immediately settle a 10-2 run by Thompson and Cinciarini and get back on track (70-73 at 32 ‘). The challenge continues on the edge of equilibrium (82-82 in the 38th minute) with Unahotels who would have the ball to win the game, but are unable to shoot with Strautins and so everything is postponed to extra time. Two triples from Banks and a support from Grazulis bring Trieste ahead (92-94 in the 44th minute) which at 9 “from the end goes up to +3 with two free throws from Lever (93-96), but Strautins puts in the triple that sends the match per second overtime. Allianz starts it with a 7-0 of the possessed Banks which inevitably directs the match.
Reggio Emilia: Cinciarini 23, Johnson 20, Thompson 15.
Trieste: Banks 36, Grazulis 22, Konate 20

Varese-Treviso 80-89
Treviso gets up on the debut of Marcelo Nicola on the bench and finds in Bortolani (4/6 from 3 and 28 of evaluation) the match winner to force Varese to the second consecutive defeat at Masnago after the two points left in Pesaro. With the Sims center dominant in the colored area (6/8 of 2, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks), Nutribullet immediately gains a double-digit advantage (9-19 at 7’57 “). Roijakkers ‘quintet shows clear offensive difficulties (2/11 in the triples at 10′) and, in defense, suffers the reactivity of Dimsa and his teammates who reach the maximum useful margin on +12 (16-28 at 10’10 ”). The reaction of the home reds and whites bears the signature of the Vene-Keene duo (32-35 at 14’50 “), but Sokolowski immediately gives Treviso breath back with two counter-attacks (34-41 at 17’30”). Sorokas’ return to the parquet seems to guarantee a bit of intensity for the hosts, who, however, after 26 in the first quarter concede their opponents 22 points also in the second, going to the locker room for the long interval under 4 lengths (44- 48). At the start of the second half, Varese finds a tie with a triple from Beane, who then offers an assist to Reyes for the first internal +2 (50-48 at 33’40 “). After Nicola’s time out, it is always Sokolowski who forces Beane himself to the third foul, but Vene and Sorokas hit from distance (+6 61-55 at 27’43 “). The “new” Treviso has the merit of not giving up and with Sims finds again parity (67-67 at 31 ‘) before finally shooting forward with two super plays by Bortolani: a triple and another basket from over m. 6.75 with subsequent free throw for Beane’s fifth foul (74-83 at 36’40 “).
Varese: Sorokas 19, Vene 18, Keene 16
Treviso: Bortolani 23, Russel 17, Sims 15

Cremona-Tortona 73-74
Cremona sees the A2. Tortona wins again after 2 knockouts in a row. Two free throws from Macura and a great second half from Filloy decide a balanced match for 40 ‘and decided in the final seconds. The 73-74 penalizes Vanoli perhaps too much, who recriminates for some fouls not whistled in the last action, that of the possible and definitive overtaking, but Juskevicius’s shot goes off on the iron and now for the Lombards, last 6 points from the third last with 5 races from the end of the championship, it gets really tough. Without Pecchia and Poeta, Coach Galbiati plays the Filippo Gallo card as a quintet, a U18. He remains on the field 25 ‘: he had played 23 throughout the season. Immediately energy for the hosts with Cournooh-McNeace, they score 12 of the 17 Vanoli points in the 1st quarter (17-15). Partial 7-0 Tortona signed by Macura, dry in the first 10 ‘, but Cournooh breaks the ice from the arc (25-24). Against Cremona break 7-0 and you go to rest at 38-34, Bertram already with 9 players on the scoresheet (but 10 turnovers). Spanish tries to raise the volume of the radio in the second half (45-39). Cannon and Cain bounce offensive rebounds (13 in all for the guests), all extra possessions that generate Daum’s triple (49-46). The difference passes through the arch. Juskevicius closes with 0-6, the former Filloy scores 2 closing a partial 7-0 for the Piedmontese (51-53), ruined by the triple at the end of Kohs’ 3rd quarter (54-53). The start of the last period for Cremona is hell: Juskevicius 0/2 to free, then McNeace hurts his ankle and partial 6-0 Bertram taken by the hand by Filloy (56-62). The 19-year-old Spaniard shows character, takes the Lombards by the hand, stitches up the passive with the help of Tinkle and Vanoli finds the overtaking with Dime 90 ” from the end (73-72). Tinkle misses the triple of +4 at 40 ” from the siren, then first Wright, then Macura from the line, close the games.
Cremona: Spanish 19, Cournooh 14, McNeace 13.
Tortona: Filloy 16, Daum and Wright 11


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