Basketball, Serie A: Virtus Bologna, Milan and Brescia in avalanche, Venice breaks Sassari. Cremona retreats

Predictions respected in the 27th day of Serie A basketball. Virtus Bologna is rampant in Pesaro and remains firmly in command with four points ahead of Milan, which overwhelms Napoli at home with a 25-point Alviti. Brescia remains in the wake of Olimpia, crashing Reggio Emilia with Della Valle’s 24 points. Derthona beats Varese and climbs to 30 points behind Germani, arm in arm with Venice who beat Sassari by sliding the Sardinians to sixth position. Trieste takes advantage of it and connects Dinamo and Reggio Emilia. In line successes for Fortitudo Bologna and Treviso. Nothing to do for Cremona, mathematically relegated.

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Pesaro-Virtus Bologna 77-96

13 / a victory in a row for Virtus Bologna who have not lost in the league since last January 6 and at the Vitrifrigo Arena forces Pesaro to stop after three consecutive wins. The leaders finds Belinelli after more than a month off and the blue struggles a little (only 8 points for him). Fairly balanced race in the first half that takes a different turn in the second half when Virtus starts to press the accelerator with Shengelia (12) and Hackett (13) and even flies to +22 before undergoing a new return from the hosts (60-70). In the final, however, Bologna controls, finds the 11-0 break which is worth 60-81 and the early end of the match 5 ‘from the end.

Milan-Naples 90-67

Same script also in Milan where Naples holds a while before collapsing in the second half with Olimpia that closes with five men in double figures and with an Alviti in MVP version, 25 points. At the interval the scoreboard reads 43-37 Milan, but after the long break the GeVi melts under the blows of Melli and Shields. When the fourth penalty for Parks for the guests arrives is the end, the AX flies to +20 (61-41) before crashing the opponents who also go under 33 points. The finale is a long garbage time that serves in Naples to make the evening less bitter.

Brescia-Reggio Emilia 99-64

Brescia finds success after Wednesday’s knockout in Tortona and takes third mathematical place. Reggio, perhaps with the head at the end of Eurocup on Wednesday against the Turks of Bahcesehir, lasts less than two quarters. At the long interval Brescia is on +22 (54-32), a gap that widens at the start of the second half (+35) which in fact immediately sends the match to the archive. Seasonal record of triples for Germani: 20 out of 36 attempts.

Tortona-Varese 104-99

The home match in Tortona is decidedly more complicated which, after Wednesday’s victory against Brescia, mortgages the playoffs by beating Varese, fresh from the Roijakkers case. Without the new coach Seravalli on the bench, the technical guide is entrusted to the vice-captain Ferrero and the OpenjobMetis deserves credit for having fought to the end. Derthona relies on a 33-point Daum, his highest in Serie A, to hurt the host team, but Cain, Sanders and Macura in the very hot final keep the hosts ahead.

Sassari-Venice 63-66

Venice remains attached to Derthona. Reyer’s blow at PalaSerradimigni with the former Brooks, his overtaking basket 49 “from the end with the match then closed from the line by Tonut. Dinamo clings to the baskets of Gentile and Bendzius (19), even when it finds itself forced to chasing (-10) to the second siren Logan (12) gives way to the Sardinian comeback at the start of the second half and the whole second half is played point by point with the lagoonians who are good at managing the attacking phase better in the final.

Ok Trieste, Fortitudo Bologna and Treviso. Cremona retreats

In key safety shot of Fortitudo that beats Trento 89-69, approaches the third last place of Naples (-2) while Cremona, beaten away from Trieste 84-72, is the first relegated. Bologna, pushed by Benzing (22) and Aradori (17) spreads over L’Aquila in the second half, first reaching +14 (72-58), then +21 (81-60). Trieste, on the other hand, collects its third consecutive victory this week and returns to the play-off zone. Even if the mathematics still does not condemn Cremona, the Lombard team finds itself six points from salvation with just three days left to play. The success of Treviso over Brindisi ends 96-90. Coach Nicola thanks the Russell-Bortolani duo, 52 points in two, with the Apulians taking home the fifth defeat in a row. Guests who will be able to complain for a last minute to forget: under 2 (92-90) they let themselves be put in first by Russell then by Bortolani without ever being able to go to the basket.

PESARO-VIRTUS BOLOGNA 77-96 (24-23, 37-43, 50-70)
: Mejeris 9, Moretti 15, Tambone, Stazzonelli 2, Lamb 9, Dia ne, Zanotti 6, Demetrio 6, Delfino 18, Jones 12. Coach: Banchi.
VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA: Tessitori, Mannion 18, Belinelli 8, Pajola 2, Alibegovic 2, Hervey 5, Jaiteh 11, Shangelia 12, Hackett 13, Sampson 11, Weems 2, Teodosic 12. Coach: Scariolo.
REFEREES: Lo Guzzo-Bartoli-Noce.
NOTE: Free throws: Pesaro 7/13, Virtus Bologna 13/18. Released for five fouls: none

OLYMPIA MILAN-NAPLES 90-67 (18-14, 43-37, 77-47)
OLIMPIA MILAN: Invernizzi, Melli 10, Grant 2, Rodriguez 10, Tarczewski 3, Ricci 7, Biligha 2, Delaney 5, Baldasso 3, Shields 12, Alviti 25, Hines 11. Coach: Messina.
NAPLES: Zerini 9, McDuffie 11, Gudaitis 5, Vitali 2, Velicka 7, Parks 4, Marini 3, Uglietti 4, Lombardi 8, Rich 14, Totè ne, Grassi ne. Coach: Buscaglia.
REFEREES: Baldini, Bettini, Pepponi.
NOTE: Free throws: Milan 20/26, Naples 14/19. Released for five fouls: none.

BRESCIA-REGGIANA 99-64 (21-16, 54-32, 79-55)
GERMANI BRESCIA: Gabriel 19, Moore 12, Mitrou-Long 15, Mobio 3, Petrucelli 5, Della Valle 24, Eboua 3, Parrillo 5, Cobbins ne, Burns 4, Laquintana 9, Moss. Coach: Skinny
UNAHOTELS REGGIO EMILIA: Thompson Jr 6, Hopkins 7, Baldi Rossi 4, Strautins 12, Crawford 12, Colombo ne, Soliani ne, Cinciarini 10, Johnson 10, Larson 3. Coach: Caja
REFEREES: Rossi – Paglialunga – Boninsegna
NOTE: Free throws Brescia 15/20, Reggio Emilia 12/16. Out for five fouls none

TORTONA-VARESE 104-99 (22-21, 54-45, 78-68)
BERTRAM DERTHONA TORTONA: Mortellaro ne, Wright 7, Pezzulla ne, Tavernelli ne, Fridriksson 5, Filloy 12, Mascolo, Severini 3, Sanders 9, Daum 33, Cain 15, Macura 20. Coach: Ramondino.
OPENJOBMETIS VARESE: Beane 9, Woldetensae 17, Sorokas 19, De Nicolao 4, Vene 6, Reyes 15, Librizzi 6, Virginio ne, Ferrero 3, Caruso 2, Keene 18, Zhao ne. Coach: Ferrero.
REFEREES: Mazzoni, Borgo, Catani.
NOTE: Free throws: Tortona 11/14, Varese 18/20. Released for five fouls: none.

BANCO SARDEGNA SASSARI-UMANA VENICE 63-66 (14-16, 28-38, 46-50)
BANCO DI SARDEGNA SASSARI: Pisano ne, Bilan 15, Logan 12, Robinson 7, Kruslin, Gandini ne, Devecchi, Treier 1, Burnell 5, Bendzius 19, Gentile 4, Diop. Coach: Bucchi.
HUMAN REYER VENICE: Stone 15, Bramos ne, Tonut 12, De Nicolao 7, Echodas, Morgan, Mazzola, Brooks 7, Cerella 10, Minincleri, Watt 15. Coach: De Raffaele.
REFEREES: Lanzarini, Bongiorni, Galasso.
NOTE: Free throws: Sassari 12/16, Venice 17/19. Released for five fouls: Robinson.

TRIESTE-CREMONA 84-72 (26-24, 41-39, 63-56)
ALLIANZ BASKETBALL TRIESTE: Banks 11, Davis 8, Clark 9, Konate 14, Longo, Deangeli, Mian 6, Cavaliero, Campogrande 5, Grazulis 17, Lever 14. Coach: Ciani.
VANOLI BASKETBALL CREMONA: Agbamu, Zacchigna, Dime 8, Sanogo 5, Gallo, Poeta 2, Spanish 10, Kohs 3, Tinkle 10, Cournooh 10, Juskevicius 24. Coach: Galbiati.
REFEREES: Paternicò-Grigioni-Dori.
NOTE: Free throws: Trieste 7/9, Cremona 8/11. Released for five fouls: none.

FORTITUDO BOLOGNA-TRENTO 89-69 (26-20, 40-40, 62-54)
FORTITUDO KIGILI BOLOGNA: Aradori 17, Mancinelli ne, Durham 4, Natalini, Procida 7, Benzing 22, Feldeine 9, Fantinelli 4, Charalampopoulos 10, Groselle 9, Borra, Frazier 7. Coach: Martino.
DOLOMITES ENERGY TRENTINO: Johnson, Bradford 16, Williams 10, Reynolds 9, Gaye ne, Conti, Morina ne, Forray 7, Flaccadori 12, Midnight ne, Ladurner 2, Caroline 13. Coach: Molin.
REFEREES: Giovannetti-Quarta-Nicolini.
NOTE: Free throws: Fortitudo Bologna 19/25, Trento 8/11. Released for five fouls: none.

TREVISO-BRINDISI 96-90 (24-28, 50-50, 76-76)
NUTRIBULLET TREVISO BASKETBALL: Russell 25, Bortolani 27, Sokolowski 9, Jones 7, Akele 5, Jurkatamm 4, Faggian ne, Pellizzari ne, Vettori ne, Imbrò 2, Chillo 5, Sims 12. Coach: Nicola
HAPPY CASA BRINDISI: Gentile 21, Zanelli 8, Harrison 21, Visconti 3, Perkins 20, Vitucci ne, Gaspardo 12, Redivo, De Zeeuw 3, Clark 2, Guido ne. Coach: Vitucci.
REFEREES: Martolini-Borgioni-Valzani.
NOTE: Free throws: Treviso 18/22, Brindisi 13/18. Released for five fouls: none.


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