Benevento – Ternana Unicusano: 1-2 Serie B 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match

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  • In the next round Benevento will be staged on the Monza field, in what could turn out, Cremonese permitting, a sort of playoff for direct promotion, while Ternana will face the regional derby against Perugia, currently one point ahead, on their own ground. about Lucarelli’s men.20:06

  • La Ternana climbs to tenth place at 51 points, but for the Umbrians the eighth place occupied by Frosinone is now mathematically unreachable.20:03

  • Benevento wastes a colossal opportunity to hook Cremonese in second place. Thanks to the missteps of the other teams in the fight, the men of Caserta are still theoretically in the running for direct promotion, even if the most likely outcome is participation in the play-offs.20:02

  • Clamorous misstep by Benevento who is reassembled by Ternana, who defeats the Vigorito with full merit. Absolute best in the field Palumbo, author of two decisive assists for the Umbrians. In the final useless assault by the hosts.19:59

  • 90 ‘+ 5’

    Final whistle of the match. Benevento-Ternana 1-2.19:57

  • 90 ‘+ 5’

    Palumbo unmarked Mazzocchi who was anticipated by Paleari from a few steps.19:57

  • 90 ‘+ 4’

    Insigne tries a left from 25 meters that ends at the side by not much.19:55

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    La Ternana tries to make possession of the ball in the Benevento metacampo.19:54

  • 90 ‘

    Five minutes of recovery.19:53

  • 89 ‘

    Yellow Card Federico Barba “Yellow for Benevento. Federico Barba is booked for a slap in the face of an opponent”.19:53

  • 89 ‘

    Very long teams and there are opportunities on both sides.19:50

  • 88 ‘

    Yellow Card Antony Iannarilli “Yellow card for Ternana. Anthony Iannarilli warned for delaying the restart of the game.”19:04

  • 87 ‘

    Insigne tries a left from the edge saved by Iannarilli, but on the stolen Tello the winning tap-in is incredibly wrong by putting out.19:49

  • 87 ‘

    Mazzocchi, served by Partipilo, tries a left from the edge saved by Paleari.19:48

  • 84 ‘

    Goal Anthony Partipilo “GOAL! Benevento- TERNANA 1-2. Goal by Anthony Partipilo. Assist in depth by Palumbo, best in the field, who unmasks Partipilo who all alone bags coldly”.

    Look at the player’s profile Anthony Partipilo19:47

  • 83 ‘

    Partipilo unmasks Mazzocchi on the counterattack who enters the area and with a left foot forces Paleari to save, after which Vogliacco sends for a corner.19:45

  • 82 ‘

    Insigne tries from the edge of the area, but a weak and central shot comes out.19:43

  • 80 ‘

    Tello, launched in depth, is anticipated with perfect timing by Ghiringhelli.19:42

  • 79 ‘

    Substitution Alfredo Donnarumma Simone Mazzocchi “Change for Ternana. The striker Alfredo Donnarumma exits and the striker Simone Mazzocchi enters.”19:42

  • 78 ‘

    Substitution Marco Capuano Bruno Martella “Change for Ternana. Defender Marco Capuano exits and defender Bruno Martella enters”.19:40

  • 75 ‘

    Substitution Diego da Silva Farias Enrico Brignola “Change for Benevento. The striker Diego Farias exits and the striker Enrico Brignola enters.”19:40

  • 75 ‘

    Substitution Gennaro Acampora Roberto Insigne “Change for Benevento. Midfielder Gennaro Acampora comes out and striker Roberto Insigne enters.”19:39

  • 74 ‘

    Ionita from the edge of the area tries a big left, but the ball ends high.19:36

  • 73 ‘

    Substitution Alessandro Celli Matija Boben “Change for Ternana. Defender Alessandro Celli comes out and hits defender Matija Boben.”19:37

  • 73 ‘

    Substitution Davide Agazzi Fabrizio Paghera “Change for Ternana. Midfielder Davide Agazzi comes out and hits midfielder Fabrizio Paghera.”19:35

  • 72 ‘

    Moncini tries a central shot from outside the box blocked by Iannarilli.19:33

  • 71 ‘

    Celli feels some pain and remains on the ground. He gestures to the bench for a change.19:32

  • 69 ‘

    Miracle of Iannarilli coming out from Farias’ close-range shot only in front of the goalkeeper.19:30

  • 68 ‘

    Donnarumma steals a ball from Letizia and attempts a shot from an angled position that ends up high.19:30

  • 66 ‘

    Substitution Stefano Pettinari Anthony Partipilo “Change for Ternana. The striker Stefano Pettinari exits and strikes the striker Anthony Partipilo.” 19:28

  • 64 ‘

    Farias, primed by Letizia, takes a diagonal shot that is saved by Iannarilli and then frees the defense.19:26

  • 61 ‘

    Substitution Daam Wonnebald Foulon Salvatore Elia “Change for Benevento. Defensive winger Daam Foulon comes out and midfielder Salvatore Elia enters.”19:24

  • 61 ‘

    Substitution Riccardo Improta Andrés Felipe Tello Muñoz “Change for Benevento. Striker Riccardo Impronta exits and attacking midfielder Andres Tello enters.”19:24

  • 60 ‘

    Ionita tries the winning deflection in the scrum, but saves Diakitè. There was, however, offside19:22

  • 60 ‘

    Three consecutive corner kicks for Benevento.19:21

  • 56 ‘

    Acampora’s corner and Ionita’s attempt to fly who, hindered by his partner Barba, puts on the bottom.19:18

  • 55 ‘

    Paleari’s prowess on Pettinari’s header. The ball then reaches Celli who shoots high.19:17

  • 52 ‘

    Persistent action from Benevento, with a cross from Acampora that ends outside.19:14

  • 49 ‘

    Goal Alfredo Donnarumma “GOAL! Benevento-TERNANA 1-1. Goal by Alfredo Donnarumma. Great action by Palumbo who enters the area and puts a ball inside that Donnarumma deflects into the goal”.

    Look at the player profile Alfredo Donnarumma19:12

  • 48 ‘

    Tense cross from Celli who, unmarked by Agazzi, puts in a dangerous ball, which is intercepted by Paleari.19:13

  • 47 ‘

    Good initiative by Acampora who from outside the area tries a shot that ends up high.19:08

  • 46 ‘

    Kick-off of the second half. First ball played by Benevento.19:07

  • Very funny first half, with Ternana who created many untapped scoring opportunities. In the final, the hosts come out and strike at the end of the first fraction.18:52

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    The first fraction ends with some protests from the players of Ternana. Benevento-Ternana 1-0.18:51

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    The players of Ternana demand a push, but after a silent check the referee confirms the goal.18:49

  • 45 ‘

    Goal Federico Barba “GOAL! BENEVENTO-Ternana 1-0. Goal by Federico Barba, who heads all alone from Acampora’s cross.”

    Look at the player’s card Federico Barba18:50

  • 45 ‘

    One minute of recovery18:48

  • 44 ‘

    Double chance for Benevento. Initiative of Farias who puts a strong ball in the center, Viviani throws the goalkeeper intercepts and then frees the defense for a corner.18:47

  • 43 ‘

    Paleari comes out of the area to unravel a situation, but misses the postponement, which is intercepted by Defendi, who does not take the goal from the long distance.18:46

  • 42 ‘

    Yellow Card Mattia Viviani “Yellow for Benevento. Mattia Viviani warned for a late hard intervention on Agazzi”.18:47

  • 41 ‘

    Farias from the right tries a cross shot that ends on the outside of the net, but is deflected for a corner.18:43

  • 36 ‘

    Acampora’s free kick ends high.18:38

  • 35 ‘

    Overbearing action of Benevento. Letizia from inside the area is anticipated. In the continuation of the action Acampora is spread just outside the area. 18:38

  • 33 ‘

    Celli steals a ball from Vogliacco and hits the outside post from inside the area. On the continuation of the action the ball goes back to Celli who heads to the side from an excellent position.18:35

  • 27 ‘

    Acampora’s corner, Vogliacco’s header, who doesn’t find the goal from a good position.18:29

  • 24 ‘

    After the corner Palumbo puts an inviting ball in the center, but no one takes advantage of it.18:27

  • 23 ‘

    Donnarumma takes advantage of a svirgolata by Acampora and shoots. Paleari still puts a patch on it.18:26

  • 23 ‘

    Sleep of the defense of Benevento. Palumbo’s brilliant ball in depth by Proietti who shoots diagonally into the area but the goalkeeper deflects for a corner.18:28

  • 21 ‘

    Palumbo’s shot at Donnarumma’s invitation, Paleari somehow rejects in a corner. 18:28

  • 20 ‘

    Proietti puts it in the area, but no one gets to the winning deviation.18:22

  • 18 ‘

    Benevento is all in the midfield of Ternana, but fails to tackle dangerous actions.18:21

  • 13 ‘

    Insidious cross from Improta and Capuano, perhaps disturbed by the sun, puts in a corner.18:16

  • 12 ‘

    Benevento initiative with Improta falling in the area without any irregularities being committed.18:14

  • 9 ‘

    Pettinari receives from Palumbo and kicks high from inside the area.18:11

  • 7 ‘

    Serpentine of Farias who enters the area of ​​the left and passes to Improta who pulls a little to the side from a good position.18:10

  • 6 ‘

    Substitution Francesco Forte Gabriele Moncini “Change for Benevento. The attacker Francesco Forte exits and the attacker Gabriele Moncini enters.”18:10

  • 6 ‘

    After a few minutes of playing in ten for Forte’s problem, Caserta doesn’t feel like taking the risk and takes care of the change.18:12

  • 2′

    Forte painfully touches his left thigh.18:05

  • 2′

    First shot of the match. Central conclusion of Pettinari blocked by the goalkeeper.18:04

  • Kick-off of the match. First ball played by Ternana.18:02

  • The teams are entering the pitch. Niccolò Baroni of Florence referees the meeting.18:00

  • Ternana (3-5-2): Iannarilli; Diakitè, Capuano, Celli; Defendi, Agazzi, Proietti, Palumbo, Ghiringhelli; Pettinari, Donnarumma Coach: Lucarelli17:58

  • Benevento (4-3-2-1): Paleari; Letizia, Vogliacco, Barba, Foulon; Viviani, Acampora, Ionita; Improta, Farias; Strong Coach: Caserta17:40

  • Benevento have won the last 3 direct matches against the Umbrians, who have not won on the yellow and blue field since 2012.17:35

  • La Ternana is in a rather quiet position in the standings, being in eleventh place at 48 points, therefore without particular reasons.17:34

  • The hosts have won 4 of their last 5 games and are in full fight for promotion. The Campania players have the best attack in the league with 60 goals scored. Winning the men of Caserta would reach the Cremonese in second place.17:45

  • Welcome to the Ciro Vigorito d Benevento Stadium for the match between Benevento and Ternana, a match valid for the 36th day of the Serie b championship.17:33

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Ciro Vigorito
    City: Benevento
    Capacity: 16867 spectators17:33

    Ciro Vigorito
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