Best Mother’s Day gift? Kissing mom for the first time in 24 years. Just ask this CSU Ram.

LOVELAND – He has his mother’s eyes. And when she pulled into Logan Stewart’s driveway on March 30, hugging him for the first time in 24 years, there was no dryness in the house.

“It didn’t even look like she had parked the car,” recalls Stewart, the former CSU and Mountain View Rams football star, with a laugh. “She jumped out of the car so fast and was like, ‘Hey, son!’ And we hugged for probably four or five minutes.

“I love you,” Tracy Roberts said. “I love you. I miss you.”

For Stewart, Mother’s Day 2022 is about double moms. Twice the bargain. Twice the hugs.

The former Rams defensive back, who was adopted shortly after birth in South Florida by Kari and Jeff Stewart of Loveland in April 1998, lost count of his blessings about 1,500 graces ago. He blossomed as a young black man raised by two white parents, the middle child of nine — three biological, six adopted — in a home where the cups of love and laughter seemed bottomless.

He also grew up selling hot chocolate and lemonade at Hughes Stadium during Rams football games. He stood out in two sports at Mountain View, winning a long jump state title in 2016. He continued as a junior college football player, then bet on himself again walking at CSU in 2019, where he became a staple at safety over the next three seasons.

But there was always something missing. Something unfinished, buried deep within. Kari often tells this story: When Logan was 2 years old on a walk with his family in a local mall, he came across a black woman, a stranger, sitting on a bench. Uninvited, he approached and leaned on his leg.

“That’s when my parents realized, ‘Yeah, he’s aware he’s different,'” Stewart recalled. “But that’s how it was. Obviously, growing up, you know you’re different, every time you look in the mirror and see yourself. But I never felt different. Because I have always received unconditional love.


For Stewart, the Mother’s Day he never saw coming dates back to Christmas 2021.

Kari and Jeff gave her a DNA test kit through When the results came back in February, the company also sent him some likely genetic matches, opening the door to blood relatives he hadn’t known about in decades.

Logan contacted one at the end of the month.


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