Books to read 2021: six writers to discover immediately

2FHearts from the lines … In their must-read books they have created characters who are rebellious and courageous and who never give up. Some of their women choose not to have children. Others try to manage a vacuum. All of them hit rock bottom and then rise again… This is how six Italian writers that we present to you have imagined and created them: they and their books waiting for us in real and virtual bookstores. Their, their books and the characters we fell in love with.

Books to read immediately: six ‘modern feminine’ stories

Viola Ardone, Donna Freitas. Federica Bosco, Costanza DiQuattro. Luciana Boccardi and Andrea Abreu. They are the magnificent six Italian writers whose novels we will read this winter. They are between 26 and 88 years old. They worked imaginatively and based on their personal stories. They give us emotions. And food for thought. Also for men …

books to read

Six books for six writers. Books to read this winter, to discover the ‘modern feminine’. We introduce them to you (the authors) and we tell you (their novels) in this article …

New Italian writers: Viola Ardone, author of Olivia Denaro


His first book, The children’s train, it was an editorial case. Now Viola Ardone, born in Naples in 1974, tries again, again with Einaudi Stile Libero. Olive Money (anagram of his name) is a novel that is inspired by the story of Franca Viola. Lthe first woman who refused a shotgun wedding in Sicily in 1965 with the man who kidnapped and raped her.

«Exploring the recent past can open up paths for us to think about the present and the feminine question which is extremely topical. The debates on the consent of the woman in the love relationshipon the borderline between courtship and harassment, are proof of this “, explains Ardone. She is a former editor of a publishing house, she has been a teacher of Italian and Latin in a scientific high school for 15 years («The most beautiful job», she says). She is the mother of Giaime, almost 10 years old, and of the little dog, Milù.


“It is a story that belongs to all women. IS the voice of a girl asking herself questions and she is forced to experience firsthand that “every female is a pitcher”, as her mother tells her»Explains Ardone. “But I’d like it to be read by men too. Because it is a story based on the opportunity to be side by side with a common change programAnd“.


The good news is about the book that made her famous, The children’s train. The rights have been acquired by Palomar, which is planning its transposition into a TV series. “I’m very curious to know the little face my little Amerigo will have on the screen”.

Viola Ardone.  Cannarsa Bass Photo

Viola Ardone. Cannarsa Bass Photo

Donna Freitas author of The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano


«I was inspired by some of my experiences. But it also seemed urgent to me write about a woman who doesn’t want children, and argue feelings and resistance“. This is how he explains his book The nine lives of Rose Napolitano (Rizzoli) Freitas woman, 49, creative writing teacher living in Brooklyn. A novel to the Sliding Doorswhere the protagonist, a feminist teacher, with a surname homage to Freitas’s Italian mother, lives nine different lives. In the first, Rose gives in to pressure from her husband Luke and has a daughter, Addie, but falls in love with another. In the second, he opposes her pregnancy and divorces her. In the third, she leaves him and becomes the stepmother of a little girl, also named Addie. And so on.

“I think this book represents what I felt most needed”Freitas points out. “These are topics I wanted to talk to my mother, who died when I was 20“.


It is possible to identify with one or perhaps all versions of Rose, and discover something new about yourself. “This it is not a controversy over whether or not women should have childrenhe comments. “It is an exploration of the decisions that are made about career, marriage, divorce, friendship, family and motherhood. A celebration of choice.


She is writing an essay on feminism, childlessness and the mother-daughter relationship, with interviews with women from all over the world. «If any reader of Friend would like to participate in my research, she is welcome: @ donnafreitas.writer “is Freitas’ invitation.

writers winter 2021 donna fretitas

Freitas woman. Photo Nina Subin

Federica Bosco author of Never forget it


He claims that it would take at least five pages to list all of his works. Don’t overdo it Federica Bosco, 50 years old, Milanese-Florentine, writer and screenwriter. Up to her she lived abroad and had various experiences in tourism and at Club Med. Then she published more than twenty books. “I was driven by a kind of desperation. It was a bad time and I started writing “. His novel Crazy about me became a film directed by Fausto Brizzi.

Now it’s about to go out Never forget it (Garzanti) which has as its theme the late desire for motherhood “That takes away sleep and everything that comes with it”. Giulia, satisfied with her life, with an insensitive mother and a narcissus companion, at the age of 49 begins to feel a feeling of emptiness. She tries to suffocate him in every way, without succeeding. With her, the author, on the other hand, found a compromise. “I regret not having had children. Because when it was time I wasn’t ready, and when I was ready it wasn’t time anymore. I was a little consoled by taking a cat, almost as demanding as a child. He is a Maine Coon named Sir Thomas “.


It’s a comedy where we cry and laugh.Even if it’s not exactly my story, I have transferred my feelings and my empathy to it “adds Bosco. «In general, my protagonists are always grappling with a powerful unresolved conflict that often drives them against a wall at 100 kilometers per hour. Once they hit rock bottom, however, they are ready to face a new life “.


“Keep writing”ensures.

Italian writers winter 2021 federica bosco

Federica Bosco. Photo Luca Brunetti

Costanza DiQuattro author of Giuditta and the monsù


Since 2010 with his sister Vicky he has been in charge of the artistic direction of the Donnafugata theater in Ragusa, which has just been restored and belonged to the family. His passion is writing: his previous books are My home in Montalbano (2019) and Donnafugata (2020). Constance DiQuattro35 years old, married, two children aged 13 and 8, now goes to press Giuditta and the monsù (Baldini + Castoldi).

A love storywhich hides something unexpected and heartbreaking, between a young nobleman and the palace cook (monsù) in Sicily in the late nineteenth century. «I wanted to talk about the social gap that seems insurmountable and that often, instead, unites. And how the kitchen, which has an extraordinary erotic charge, can become with its scents and noises the ideal place to give birth to a deep feeling. I see myself in some parts of the protagonist. Just as I see glimpses of my life in the pages of this book “.


It is a cross-section of one Partly lost Sicily. A magnifying glass not only on social clashes, but also on the encounters between the various environments and their coexistence. «There are many impossible stories that fill the Sicilian love tradition. I made a small collage of many truths to tell a fictional story. This novel, although different, follows in the footsteps of the previous one ».


«To see my theater active again. For me it’s not just a workplace. It’s my home figuratively and literally “explains DiQuattro. “And then write. Laugh. Live”.

Italian writers books winter 2021 costanza diquattro

Constance DiQuattro

Luciana Boccardi author of Inside life


He made his debut in 2020 at 88 with Miss Crovato. Today Luciana Boccardi returns to the bookstore with the second volume of the his family history (out November 11): Inside life (Fazi), also set in Venice. «I tell a series of unimaginable facts and vicissitudes. Sometimes apparently gory. But all true, which happened to me between my 18 and 58 years “.

Raised in a family of musicians, Luciana Boccardi she is a journalist and a scholar of fashion and costume. He worked for 15 years at the Venice Biennale, participating in the organization of music and theater festivals. She befriended characters like the composer Igor ‘Stravinskij and the collector Peggy Guggenheim. All experiences that make up part of his autobiography number two. “I’ve always had an iron memory. From my past life I remember everything and … more “he confesses.


“For to know that we can always do it anyway. To learn that strength is within us and must be brought out. Even with a little effort. It is a book that should be read as a vademecum of the positive simplicity. All those who fight a daily “war” against adversity and who do not live on hope, but on trust can identify with it ».


Boccardi is writing the third autobiographical volume. The book represents, as it reveals, «Entry into the third, fourth, fifth age. A world unthinkable until you enter it. For me the moment of love, tenderness, understanding “.

Italian writers books winter 2021 luciana boccardi

Luciana Boccardi

Andrea Abreu author of Donkey belly


She was born in 1995 in Icod de los Vinos, on the island of Tenerife, in the Canaries. Andrea Abreu he lived for a few years in Florence, where he discovered literature and the Italian language he speaks normally. Natalia Ginzburg is his favorite author. You studied journalism in Madrid. Poetess, she made her debut in Italy with the novel Donkey belly (Ponte alle Grazie), literary case in Spain.

At the center of the story, the relationship between two little girls, one milder the other stronger, who live the mystery of sex as something magical. A bond where the limits between love and friendship are not very clear. It is written in Canarian, a variant of Spanish with some English and Portuguese construction (it was very skillfully translated by Ilide Carmignani). “For years I have been ashamed of my dialect. But when I read Latin American authors who used theirs, I realized that I could too “he declares.

Italian writers books winter 2021 andrea abreu

Andrea Abreu. Photo Alex De La Torre


The book touches on many universal themes. Friendship, love, financial difficulties, neighborhood life. “I think it may be exotic because speaks of an unknown part of the Canary Islands. It is a humorous book, even painful, but above all honest. The literature I do is hyper-realistic. So I’m inspired by scenes and stories of everyday life. Stories of mine, taken from the street, overheard by chance. Always between reality and fiction ».


«I want to continue experimenting with language the path of hyperrealism. And I’m trying to write the second novel “concludes Abreu.


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