Cantù in Scafati for the big match 3rd day phase by clock

A2 - Cantù in Scafati for the big match 3rd day phase by clock

The third day of the clock phase, penultimate round before the start of the playoffs, compares two great teams of the Serie A2 championship: Acqua S.Bernardo and Givova. The latter, seen briefly in Serie A between 2006 and 2008, will host the Canturina team at the “PalaMangano” in Scafati on Sunday 24 April; duo ball scheduled at 5.45 pm.

The team from Campania, leaders of the Girone Rosso, is coached by a very young coach such as Alessandro Rossi, 38, in the last 8 at the helm of the NPC Rieti with whom he has collected almost 130 benches. With 44 points, the result of 22 victories in the season and only 5 defeats, Scafati is in first place in the standings in his group ahead of Verona and Ravenna, which Cantù will play at home next May 1st.

In the last round the scafatese team did not take the field due to the sudden cancellation of the flight that should have brought Givova to Sicily to play the match against Capo d’Orlando; the match against Orlandina has now been postponed by a week, rescheduled for Wednesday 27 April. The Campanians, therefore, in the clock phase have so far played only one game, beating Pistoia at their debut 82 to 71.

Cantù and Scafati have already met once this season, last March 12, in Roseto degli Abruzzi, for the semi-finals of the Italian Cup. The team led by Matteo Da Ros, MVP of the challenge with 17 points, won the duel; 82 to 76 the final result in favor of the canturini.

QUI CANTÙ – The Brianza are returning from home success against Chiusi, defeat 76 to 68 thanks to a powerful fourth period in which the guests were allowed to score only 10 points. After a hiccup first half, on returning from the locker rooms, Acqua S.Bernardo also limited their turnovers to the maximum, losing only one ball in 20 ‘and thus demonstrating great solidity. Four Canturini players in double figures: Francesco Stefanelli the biancoblù top scorer with 16 points (and 21 evaluation points); Marco Cusin also did well with 10 points on the scoresheet in just 18 ‘. Presenting the challenge against Scafati, guard Lorenzo Bucarelli and Cantù’s head coach, coach Marco Sodini, who will still have to give up Trevon Allen due to injury. Their comments follow.

Marco Sodini: «Playing a tough match like the one played at home against Chiusi, where we certainly weren’t perfect but we at least found the spirit lost in the match against Fabriano, we need to face Scafati’s away match with a minimum of peace of mind. Away with a team, Givova, which deservedly occupies the first place in the other group and which continues to provide high-level performances thanks to a roster, put together by the owner Longobardi, with a really important chassis. She is an opponent that we have already faced in the Italian Cup and against which, moreover, we played a very good match. The intention will be to regain a minimum of our fluidity, also trying to practice the best possible basketball, also compensating for our shortcomings from a physical point of view due to a condition that is certainly not excellent, which we have been dragging on for some time. to this part. However, I believe that Allen’s absence should give further incentives to the other players who will take the field, called to provide a concrete performance even away from Cantù. So let’s go to Scafati with the awareness that we still have to earn second place in the regular season, which would guarantee us, once acquired with mathematical certainty, to face the playoffs with an advantage of at least two out of three rounds for the home factor. The declared goal for Sunday is to play a game that allows us to make progress even with respect to the last match against Chiusi ».

Lorenzo Bucarelli: «After last week’s knockout it was essential for us to find the victory and, if possible, also the good game. In the first half against Chiusi we struggled to find fluidity in attack and to limit the opponents’ shots from outside; however, I think our performance in the second half was also a valid response to the post Fabriano. For this reason, in order to find as much continuity and conviction as possible in our means, it will be important to go to Scafati with the aim of winning the game, even if we are aware that it will not be easy at all. What really matters now is to arrive at the playoffs prepared and with the right face ».

THE OPPONENTS – The starting point guard is the expert Diego Monaldi, 29 years old; in the two years preceding Scafati he made the fortunes of another team from Campania, Napoli, with which he obtained a historic promotion to Serie A last season. Previously, from 2016 to 2019, he played in the top national championship wearing the Dinamo Sassari and VL Pesaro. The reference guard, which can also be used in directing, is the American “combo” Rotnei Clarke, another expert pawn close to 33 years old; she in A2 she also wore the jerseys of Trapani, Mantua and San Severo. Like Monaldi, Clarke also boasts a past in Pesaro, in the LBA, where she had the opportunity to play in two different situations, in both cases at the end of the season, after starting the year in Australia. In 2016-’17 she played the last 8 games of the championship, while the following year the last 11, managing to cross Monaldi before finding herself, three years later, in the same locker room in Scafati. Clarke ended the second round averaging 14 points with 44% from three; as for Monaldi, his seasonal averages in the first phase were 9.5 points and 3.6 assists per match. In the spot of “three” the ex Brindisi, Iris Ikangi, 28, usually starts in the quintet. Versatile two-meter winger, with great energy and a decent three-pointer, Ikangi tasted Serie A two seasons ago, making 26 appearances with the Brindisi team between Supercoppa, Coppa Italia and regular season. Then, the stop of the championship due to the pandemic and the return to A2 with San Severo in 2020-’21, where she, speaking of “connection”, she shares the season finale with Clarke, who she has found a few at Givova months later. The Italian winger of Congolese origin brings 5.7 points and 3.3 rebounds per game to the cause but her impact is mainly oriented on the defensive aspect.

The starting strong forward is Valerio Cucci, born in 1995, one year younger than Ikangi; he can play both “four” and “five” depending on the quintets in the field. Mainly big forward, Cucci is a player who can hurt defenses even away from the rim, thanks to a reliable shot from medium to long range; he scores 9.1 points per game and captures 4.6 rebounds. American veteran Ed Daniel, a native of Alabama, completes the starting five. 32 years old in a couple of months, Daniel had already played in Italy with the colors of Pistoia, Varese, Cremona and Fortitudo Bologna; in Serie A he boasts more than 80 appearances and more than 700 points scored. In this season, his second in A2 after the 2015-’16 experience with Fortitudo, he travels at almost 11 points and over 8 rebounds on average, shooting from two with 63% completion. Moving on to the bench, the player who has the highest minutes and certainly the most significant impact is Riccardo Rossato, 25, in the role of guard: in 23 ‘of use he manages to score a lot, as many as 14 points per game; for four consecutive seasons he has gone beyond the double-digit average, therefore a certainty in the attacking half. In yellow and blue since 2018, Rossato is the captain of Givova. Going to climb between the minutes, a key role is also played by the center, class ’92, Quirino De Laurentiis, natural change of Daniel, who on average plays almost 20 ‘putting together over 7 points and 5 rebounds per game. The minutes available for Lorenzo Ambrosin and Joseph Mobio are equivalent, both on the parquet 17 ‘in the match; more or less the same offensive contribution of the two, who score about 6 points per game. Last year protagonist in Tortona of the cavalcade that led to Serie A, Ambrosin is a 24-year-old guard-winger who grew up basketball in Agrigento, with whom he played three seasons from 2017 to 2020.

Speaking of Tortona, it is there that Mobio, also 24 years old next month, started the current season, although he never entered the field in the 4 LBA matches and only played a few minutes in the Super Cup. Italian of Ivorian origins, Mobio is an all-rounder wing, endowed with great physicality and great energy. Trained in Brescia, the former Derthona “exploded” in Capo d’Orlando with coach Sodini on the bench, with whom Mobio shared a two-year period in Sicily between 2018 and 2020, before moving to Udine in the summer of two Years ago. Returning to the exteriors, the twenty-year-old Matteo Parravicini from Varese, a spare who grew up in Varese Basketball, in the two previous seasons on display in Bergamo, takes care of extending the rotations, at the end of which he earned the call from the Italian Under 20 national team; at Givova he has an average use of 11 ‘per game. Finally, the sailor Davide Raucci, a corpulent wing of 198 centimeters by 106 kilos, formerly of Cantù, also figures in the scafatese staff; in Brianza he played a handful of games in the 2017-18 season, only to return to A2 during the current season, being hired by Virtus Roma. Accomplice of a bad injury to his left knee (ligament rupture) resulting in an operation and a three-month stop, Raucci has so far totaled only 8 appearances, with an average turnover of 4 points per game in 14 ‘on the parquet; his place, in fact, was taken by Mobio, who often relegated him to the stands due to the regulation that requires a maximum of ten senior players on the scoresheet.

MEDIA AND GENERAL INFO – As usual, the event will be broadcast live on the LNP Pass streaming platform, for subscribers only. Commentary of the match on Radio Cantù’s FM 89.600 (Lombardy) frequencies and on the website. The referees Valerio Salustri, Marco Rudellat and Alex D’Amato will direct the match.

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