Catalyst Black for iOS Preview: An Engaging Team Experience with Varied Modes and Loadouts

Catalyst Black Key Primal ArtSource: Super Evil Megacorp

Mobile games are getting better every year. Just look back five years ago and you’ll see a massive shift has taken place in the mobile space, with more studios bringing bigger and better experiences. There are more control options, gameplay has become more elaborate, and phones have become more responsive.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a preview of such a awesome iOS game, Catalyst Black, developed by Super Evil Megacorp and available on iOS and Android. If it looks familiar, it may be because it was shown during the iPhone 13 Pro announcement at the Apple Event last September. While the game takes advantage of the latest technology in the iPhone 13 Pro it also works on other compatible iOS devices that are running iOS 11.0 or later and have 1.1 GB of available space.

This upcoming action shooter offers colorful graphics in a lush fantasy environment. It not only caters to different gaming preferences with fun modes and customization options, but it also offers an equally competitive experience for touch control gamers and those who prefer controllers.

What black catalyst is all about

At its core, Catalyst Black is a team-based experience where friends can easily join groups, communicate, and work to defeat their opponents. It is free but offers in-app purchases.

Although it has colorful fantasy vibes, Catalyst Black also incorporates sci-fi elements. Players use weapons and abilities to complete certain objectives and when a player dies they respawn in a pool after a short cool down. Deathmatch modes give players plenty of things to do besides just defeating opponents.

Each time a player defeats an opponent, a blue crystal appears above their name to let other players know what they have achieved. Players will get more points if they defeat an opponent with more crystals to their name. There are also NPC creatures on the battlefield to fight or items to acquire that can give additional benefits. The round ends when a team achieves one of the predetermined goals in a mode.

black catalyst Game modes for different preferences

During the preview, I was shown Slayer and Hydra modes, but there were at least eight game modes available in total with a mix of PVP and PVE options. This range allows players to find the level of difficulty they prefer as well as shake things up with different goals and strategies.

Killer focuses on your team defeating enemies and neutral monsters on the battlefield in order to get points. The first team to 75 points wins. Some creatures give more points, so you have to think strategically about who or what to pursue.

Hydra is a more complicated mode with three ways to win. You must either defeat a large boss known as the Overseer on the opposing side of the battlefield, collect 20 shards and bring them back to your team’s harvesting station, or kill each opponent three times. That way, if your team is decimated in one area, you can focus your attention on a different objective and still win the round.

There are even more modes to discover, each with their own victory conditions and rules.

black catalyst Get started in multiplayer

Catalyst Black Gameplay Screenshot Players Fighting Lrg

Source: Super Evil Megacorp

Super Evil Megacorp focused on creating a multiplayer experience that makes it easy for friends to meet up, get to a battlefield, and start playing together without having to wait very long. Specifically, if you already have a friend playing and want to join, it’s easy to do so with just a few clicks. Friends can also easily join groups and communicate with each other using voice chat without having to wait in long queues.

black catalyst Privileges and personalization

Catalyst Black Fighting screenshot

Source: Super Evil Megacorp

To keep things interesting, players can upgrade and customize their gear and abilities, including which mystical primals they can transform into. It also allows players to customize things around their specific playstyle.

Customize your loadout

Players can have seven items equipped at once: Main Weapon, Heavy Weapon, Ability, Trinket, Mask, Power, and Relic. Each of these items has a star rating and you are encouraged to both collect more options and upgrade them based on your gameplay preferences. Your equipped trinket provides a passive benefit while your ability requires activation manual. There are 33 guns, 27 abilities, six primals, and 17 trinkets. You can mix and match your loadout to customize your character to your gameplay preferences.

Strategize with Primary Masks

Catalyst Black Key Art Combat

Source: Super Evil Megacorp

To keep things interesting, Catalyst Black introduces Primals, which are powerful creatures that deal massive damage on the playing field. Players can also transform into these beasts for a limited time using masks when certain conditions are met. . When used effectively, primary powers can easily influence the tide of battle, but you’ll need to know when the right strategic moment needs to turn. Primals have different abilities and passive perks to choose from, but you’ll need to select these options from the main menu before starting a round.

Once transformed into a Primal, your attacks change from guns to extremely powerful magic attacks, your health bar gets bigger, and everyone on the map can easily see how strong you are. Opponents can also transform into Primals, so you’ll need to defend your teammates against them. After reverting to normal, there is a cooldown period between Primal uses, but you can speed up this cooldown by collecting crystals that spawn on the battle arena.

black catalyst Touch Controls vs Controller Support

Backbone One Ios Game Controller

Source: Joe Wituschek / iMore

Super Evil Megacorp, a self-proclaimed “AAA mobile developer”, said that “games should deliver beautiful, responsive and shared experiences, regardless of the device or control mechanism they are played on”. This belief is put into practice even when it comes to touch controls and controller support. The game supports both control options and, according to the team, offers an equally competitive experience no matter how you choose to play.

Plus, you’ll be able to use a number of different controllers, whether you prefer to play with a console controller like the Xbox controller and PS5 controller or a dedicated iPhone controller like the spine one.

black catalyst Release date

Catalyst Black Players Primal Shooting

Source: Super Evil Megacorp

This action shooter is set to release worldwide on iOS and Android on May 25, 2022. You can pre-register now on the official Catalyst Black website.

Join in the fun

Jump onto the battlefield with friends to experience an all-new team-based shooter. The ability to acquire new gear and upgrade it gives the game great replay value as you work with friends to emerge victorious. With different modes to choose from, your team can easily find an option that best suits your playstyles.

Team building shooter

Catalyst Black app illustration

black catalyst

Strategize your abilities to win

Players can participate in a variety of action shooter modes while using a custom loadout. Join friends and take down your opponents when it launches on May 25.

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