Cercas, Dicker, Patterson, Tyler: the international bestsellers of the moment

The difficult transition to adulthood, the complexity of family relationships, the relationship with the passing of time are some of the issues addressed by the novelties entered in the international rankings in March.

The ghosts of the past return to it The Alaska Sanders affair (1st in France, tr. It. The Alaska Sanders caseforthcoming for La nave di Teseo) by Joël Dicker. Eleven years after putting the perpetrators of the murder of a young woman behind bars, Sergeant Perry Gahalowood receives a disturbing anonymous letter that leads him to reopen the case. The help of his friend writer Marcus Goldman, who he just had huge success with The truth about the Harry Quebert caseinspired by their common experience, will once again be crucial to discovering the truth.

La Déraison (3 °) is the new novel by Agnès Martin-Lugand (Happy people read and drink coffee, Happiness at your fingertips, Sperling & Kupfer) starring a woman on the threshold of death and a man unable to end his life. The two voices alternate to tell their story, their evils, their demons and more than anything else a crazy love that inspires, reunites and saves what it has been able to destroy and separate.

Set in the summer of 1999, Man vergisst nicht, wie man schwimmt (8 °) of Christian Huber is a novel about adolescence, friendship and love. A scorching heat hangs over Bodenstein, the birthplace of 15-year-old Pascal. It’s vacation time and the kid could enjoy the summer, the parties, the outdoor pool with the best fries on the planet. But as he no longer knows how to swim, Pascal no longer likes summer. He cannot explain why this is so, and he prefers to daydream and write stories. Until Jacky crashes into his world. A mysterious circus girl with red hair, blue eyes, fearless of anything. Together they spend one last glittering day of summer that will change everything forever.

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Also Der Markisenmann (9 °) of Jan Weiler takes place in the summer and has as its protagonist a fifteen-year-old, Kim, forced to spend the holidays with her father never seen before. The man turns out to be not only rather strange, but also the worst sales representative in the world. When the girl accompanies him to sell his terrible awnings door to door, their lives will be transformed. A book about growing up and aging, about the mysteries of families, about guilt and responsibility and about the golden glitter of summer evenings.

Lisa Weeda is a Ukrainian-born Dutch writer, producer of literary programs, screenwriter and virtual reality director. Aleksandra (10 °) is his first novel, inspired by the story of his own family. Visiting Lugansk on behalf of her ninety-four-year-old grandmother in search of the tomb of her uncle Kolya, who has disappeared since 2015, Lisa is dragged back in time and on the wings of her imagination, she meets great-grandfather Nikolaj in the Palace of Soviets, who has been waiting for his return for three quarters of a century. of his daughter Aleksandra, deported to Germany in 1942.

Written by Youp van ‘t Hek and illustrated by Marije Tolman (Wolf and Dog unusual cousinsBeisler; My DadCamelozampa), aimed at those who have just finished their career and suddenly find themselves with a sea of ​​free time, Een zee van tijd (16 °) is a gift-book full of advice and wisdom to make the life of the “unemployed pensioner” as pleasant as possible.

Wild and Wicked Things (2nd in the UK) of Francesca May is a Sapphic historical fantasy novel loosely based on The Great Gatsby. On Crow Island, people whispered that the real magic was hidden just below the surface. But Annie Mason never expected the enigmatic new neighbor to be a witch. When she witnesses a showdown between her best friend Bea and the infamous Emmeline Delacroix during one of her extravagant illicit parties, Annie is drawn into a glittering, haunted world where magic can buy what money can’t, and where the consequence of a forbidden blood pact can be death.

Third volume of the Terra Alta series, El castillo de Barbazul (3rd in Spain, tr. It. Bluebeard’s castleforthcoming for Guanda) by Javier Cercas (Salamis soldiers, Anatomy of a momentGuanda) sees former cop now retired Melchor Marín cope with his most distressing nightmare: the disappearance of his teenage daughter traveling with a friend to Mallorca.

Malin Persson Giolito is a Swedish writer and lawyer, author of five detective stories including Quicksand (Salani) from which a television series was taken. I dina händer (1 °) is his new novel starring two very different childhood friends: Dogge, apparently privileged, lives in a large house but is neglected by drug addicted parents with mental problems; Billy is the son of poor first generation immigrants, unable to escape the no man’s land they live in. Lured by fast money, easy drugs and the dream of getting status, the two boys become baby drug dealers. And when Billy tries to get out of the gang, the two are forced to face the violent rules of the adult game they tried to play.

平凡 的 世界 (全 三 册 (“Ordinary world”, 10th in China) collects in a new edition the three volumes, published between 1986 and 1988, of the novel by Lu Yao on modern daily life in urban and rural areas of China. Work and love, setbacks and chases, pains and joys, as well as intriguing social conflicts, intertwine to tell the unexpected turns in the lives of ordinary people during an unstable time.

Dolly Parton is an american country music star, James Patterson it needs no introduction: together they wrote Run, Rose, Run (1st in the US and UK, forthcoming for Longanesi), a thriller set in the musical world of Nashville. AnnieLee left Texas with a suitcase full of dreams and the strength of her voice. Her lyrics that talk about a hard and uncomfortable life, so different from her determined and exuberant character of hers, attract the attention of an established singer who sees herself in her and, wishing to help her, decides to take her under the wing of she. But something is wrong. The girl is hiding a secret, she is strange, she is scared. And that talent that shines more than a star may not be enough to ward off the darkness that pursues it … indeed, it could attract it more and more to her.

French Braid (8th, tr. It. The French braidforthcoming for Guanda) by Anne Tyler follows the life of the Garrett family from the 1950s up to the coronavirus pandemic, analyzing the knot that unites the elderly to the youngest, loves and joys, but also disappointments, regrets and little secrets. A tale of how family ties affect us and leave their mark, just like braided hair which, once untied, retains the memory of the folds into which they had been forced for a long time.

In non-fiction we point out Réveillons-nous! (8th in France, tr. It. Let’s wake up!forthcoming for Mimesis) by Edgar Morinin which the centenary philosopher and sociologist launches an appeal to consciences so that they no longer suffer events like sleepwalkers, reiterating the urgency to think about the future and the need to wait for the unexpected in order to be able to navigate in uncertainty.

After the success of Life explained by a Sapiens to a Neanderthal (Rizzoli), the writer Juan José Millás and the paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga amaze the reader again by facing in Death counts from a sapiens to a neanderthal (1st in Spain) themes such as death and eternity, longevity, disease, aging, natural selection, programmed death and survival. An essay full of humor, biology, nature and a lot of life, with two fascinating characters – Sapiens and Neanderthal – who surprise with their reflections on how evolution has treated us as a species and as individuals.

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