Cycling Weekly Big Fitness Project: Crack on the cobbles, kick Covid and prepare for Fred

At the beginning of April 2022, we presented to you the Cycling Weekly Big Fitness Project team of amateur runners – Danny Lloyd, Steve Faulkner and Julia Barte – as they embarked on six months of training, racing, time trials and gran fondo. A month later, how are they? (Warning: the Covid-19 makes several appearances!)

Danny Lloyd: “Happy as Larry to focus on Fred”

I have just come back from the sporty Yorkshire Classic which went very well despite a few technical hiccups. My power meter got carried away before the start, so I had to judge my effort solely on heart rate. I also had a puncture, but luckily because I use tubeless tires the sealant did its job and plugged the hole – once it sprayed all over my bike! My goal was to finish in under 4:30 but I did it in 3:56, much of it solo, at an average of 30.6 km/h, so I was really happy.

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