Direct / Trento Pesaro (result 35-44) streaming video TV: long interval


Trento and Pesaro go to the long interval at 35-44. Let’s find out all the creators of the match. Trento: Conti 3, Forray 2, Mezzanotte 2, Johnson 2, Bradford 4, Reynolds 3, William 4, Flaccadori 12. Pesaro: Tambone 6, Mejeris 5, Lamb 7, Sanford 3, Moretti 7, Delfino 1, Jones 4, Zanotti 5. In the second quarter Pesaro stretches on the Trento field thanks to a partial of 23-25, the two teams are now going to rest. (adj. Umberto Tessier)


There live from Trento Pesaro is on Eurosport 2, so it will be an appointment reserved for satellite television subscribers who will be able to follow the match on number 211 of their decoder. From this season, however, the entire programming of the A1 Series of basketball passes through Discovery Plus, which has become broadcaster of the League: this and the other races will therefore be provided in live streaming video for all subscribers, we can finally remind you that on the official website of the Lega Basket, naturally, you will find all the useful information such as the play-by-play scoreboard and the boxscore updated in real time.


The first quarter between Trento and Pesaro ends on 12-19. Let’s find out all the creators of the match. Trento: Johnson 2, Bradford 2, Reynolds 3, William 4, Flaccadori 1. Pesaro: Mejeris 2, Lamb 7, Sanford 3, Moretti 2, Delfino 1, Jones 4. First quarter with Pesaro leading the Trento field by seven points . To underline the excellent performance of Lamb who scored 7 points. (adj. Umberto Tessier)


Here we are ready to live the live broadcast of Trento Pesaro. If Dolomiti Energia has six consecutive participations in the playoffs, Vuelle has not reached them since 2012: at that time the Trentino eagle had not yet marked the great leap towards Serie A1. Pesaro, still sponsored by Scavolini, was entrusted to Luca Dalmonte; a young Daniel Hackett appeared on his roster and with him were elements such as Daniele Cavaliero, Ricky Hickman, Jumaine Jones, Tautvydas Lydeka and above all James White, who had been the best scorer of the team. With 19 wins and 11 defeats Pesaro had closed the regular season in sixth place; he had therefore crossed Cantù in the quarter-finals and had been an epic series.

This is because the home factor had never jumped until game-5 when Vuelle had imposed itself at the NGC Arena, qualifying for a semifinal in which they had drawn Milan. Olimpia was not what it is today, but it was still a reality built to win: on 2-1 they had won at the Adriatic Arena, closing the series. It was June 4, 2012: since then almost 10 years have passed without Pesaro in the playoffs, this could really be a good year to break the negative streak. We will see what will happen on the BLM Group Arena parquet in a few moments: let’s get comfortable, Trento Pesaro’s duo ball is finally about to get up! (adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


We are close to direct Trento Pesaro, and we must therefore return to the playoff streak that Dolomiti Energia hopes to confirm. A streak that began immediately, in the first ever championship in Serie A1: under the guidance of Maurizio Buscaglia, who wrote the history of the club, Trento obtained fourth place in the regular season in 2015 but was immediately eliminated by Sassari. despite the home factor in favor. Since that moment, L’Aquila has always made it to the playoffs: in 2016 eighth and still out in the first round, then the two incredible consecutive finals coming from fourth and fifth position in the post-season grid.

In 2019 Trento finished sixth but stopped in the quarters, last year the same level reached with eighth place conquered in comeback (obviously 2020 and a tournament canceled due to the lockdown in the middle). So this year we would have the seventh participation in a row in the playoffs for Trento; if we want the negative data is that in four out of six occasions the Dolomiti Energia did not pass the first round, but for a club that started from the bottom this streak still represents a great result and then there are those two finals to ennoble everything, considering that several teams currently in Serie A1 have never played it or, on the other hand – see Pesaro – have not reached it for a long time … (adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


Trento Pesarowhich will come direct by the referees Roberto Begnis, Fabrizio Paglialunga and Marco Vita, it is played at 20:00 from Saturday 23 April: at the BLM Group Arena we are engaged in the 28th day of the basketball championship A1 Series 2021-2022. It is a direct challenge for the playoffs: Vuelle at this moment has two points more, the result of the great comeback made with coach Luca Banchi, but in the last round a net defeat against Virtus Bologna. Predictable, but still from 0 points: it will therefore be necessary to resume the march to get to the coveted post season.

Trento also lost badly against a team from Bologna, but the -20 immediately from Fortitudo to PalaDozza it is clearly more incredible, due to the ranking position of Effe and because Dolomiti Energia seemed to have found the right pace to climb the rankings and definitively enter the top eight. Instead, everything needs to be redone, and now it will be necessary to evaluate how things will go in this final rush: waiting for the live broadcast of Trento Pesaro, let’s try to make some quick assessments on the main issues that could emerge from the BLM Group Arena parquet.


The direct of Trento Pesaro he will keep us company in a few hours, and it will be a match between two teams that could find themselves in the playoffs – perhaps not as opponents, which in a first round is almost impossible – or, precisely, with a more predictable scenario in which one will eliminate the other from the post season. If Dolomiti Energia were to lose this evening, the doors of the Top 8 of the ranking would be closed or almost closed: it will also depend on the results of Sunday’s matches, but then it will be necessary to assess that, if the streak of participation in the playoffs is interrupted, for Lele Molin causes will be sought in the mid-season crisis that worsened the situation, as well as a double engagement with the Eurocup that took away energy without bringing any satisfaction, given the very clear elimination from the group.

Pesaro hasn’t played the playoffs for years: in the last season he approached them after reaching the final of the Italian Cup, this year it seemed that the reality was once again the hard fight not to be relegated and instead Banchi, a trained and quality coach, has been able to reverse the course. Now, however, it would be a shame not to be able to qualify for the post season, also because seeing a historic club like Vuelle in the playoffs is certainly a strong sign of the return of the big squares in the important places of our basketball.


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