Dybala and Kean, Champions League victory

Juve are guests of Sassuolo in the 34th matchday of Serie A: summary, slow motion, result, match report, highlights, live news

There Juve obtains a fundamental success in the Champions League key, taking advantage of the missteps of Rome, Fiorentina and Lazio. Moise Kean puts the seal on fourth place, overturning Sassuolo (2-1) after Dybala had equalized Raspadori’s initial disadvantage at the end of the first half.

Sassuolo Juve 1-2 LIVE: summary and slow motion

1 ‘Kick-off – Sassuolo Juve started.

1 ′ Alex Sandro pardoned – Ready away immediately yellow risk for Alex Sandro, who entered hard on Berardi. Maresca grace him.

2 ′ Rabiot opportunity – Good cross from the left of the Frenchman, heads the Sassuolo defense well.

5 ‘Juve corner kick – Scheme to free Dybala’s shot, anticipated at the time of the conclusion.

7 ′ Morata Punishment – Dangerous the attacker from a free kick, but the trajectory goes out over the crossbar.

10 ‘Raspadori shot – The attacker tries with his right to turn, touching the intersection of the posts.

11 ′ Cross De Sciglio – Danger from the right of the number 2, who bowls a cross rejected with his fists by Consiglio.

13 ′ Sassuolo opportunity – Traorè verticalizes for Frattesi, Szczesny good at going out and interrupting the neroverde action.

14 ‘Dybala opportunity – The attacker tries to turn around in the area but is stopped. On the overturn in front, Berardi kicks with his left but is blocked by Rugani.

16 ‘Bonucci rescue – Berardi steers to the right and crosses in the middle, finding Bonucci’s header.

17 ′ Frattesi header – Berardi’s corner to fish for the insertion of Frattesi, who heads slightly higher.

20 ‘Bernardeschi for Dybala – Pits the number 20 for the Argentine who fails to hook.

22 ‘Traorè shot – Directly into the goal from a corner kick, Szczesny is not surprised and blocks.

23 ‘Bernardeschi on the ground – Medical staff in the field for treatment in Bernardeschi. The outside has risen up.

25 ‘Shot Berardi – Dybala loses a bloody ball, kicking off Sassuolo’s counterattack. Berardi’s right-footed shot was rejected by Szczesny.

27 ′ Dybala opportunity – De Sciglio crosses in tow for Dybala, who hits a safe blow with his right. Providential rejection of Frattesi.

29 ′ Dybala shot – Brave solution, from midfield, of Joya who saw Councils outside the posts. She pushes the goalkeeper back and makes her the ball.

30 ′ Opportunity Frattesi – He does everything, he jumps two strong players but at the moment of the shot he misses the aim.

32 ′ Juve ball possession – Dribbling of the bianconeri, with Dybala looking for the pocket for Morata but is closed.

34 ‘Scamacca shot – Bolide with the attacker’s right, puts on Szczesny gloves and saves again.

35 ′ De Sciglio opportunity – Filter by Dybala for number 2, who is slow to cross and is reassembled by the Sassuolo defense.

36 ‘Frattesi shot – He starts the left from the edge, but Szczesny still neutralizes the attempt.

39 ‘Goal Raspadori – There is a hole in the area to hit the 2000 class. Dry left that punches Szczesny on his pole of competence.

42 ′ Final stages of the first half – After the goal conceded, Juve showed no signs of reaction, with Sassuolo in possession of the ball.

45 ‘Goal Dybala – Morata recovers the ball and turns it for Dybala. Left under the crossbar of 10 that beats Consiglio.

45 + 2 ‘Header Morata – Cross by De Sciglio for Morata, who heads to the side a little.



46 ‘Shot Muldur – Right diagonal of the full-back who does not go out by much.

48 ‘Morata header – De Sciglio’s corner kick, Morata turns her head but Councils with a miracle removes her from the door.

49 ′ Opportunity Muldur – Kicks the full-back again, para Szczesny, On the rejected Scamacca touches her hand and is booked.

51 ′ Berardi cross-shot – From the bottom, the winger draws a good cross-shot but Szczesny blocks on his post.

53 ′ Kyriakopoulos opportunity – Alex Sandro keeps a good guard and pushes the left-handed side cross away.

54 ′ Change Juve – Outside Dybala and Rugani, inside Vlahovic and Chiellini.

56 ′ Rescue Alex Sandro – Excellent diagonal of the Brazilian to close on Scamacca.

58 ′ Rescue Chiellini – Shoot in a corner kick, without frills, the captain on Traorè’s cross.

59 ‘Frattesi header – Another poisonous gore, Szczesny says no.

60 ‘Tiro Morata – Backs to the goal, the Spaniard turns and kicks left. He ball out a little.

61 ′ De Sciglio warned – Late entry on Kyriakopoulos, for Maresca it is yellow.

64 ′ Counterattack Vlahovic – The Serbian was about to fly towards the goal, but slipped on the most beautiful.

66 ′ Kyriakopoulos shot – The Sassuolo winger is very close to the goal. His diagonal right blows out to Szczesny’s left.

67 ‘Juve change – Inside Kean for Morata.

70 ‘Scamacca down in the area – The attacker falls to the ground in contact with Bonucci. No protest, all regular, the referee continues.

72 ‘Kean header – De Sciglio’s great cross, with Kean who anticipates Chiriches with a head but finds the providential opposition of Councils.

75 ‘Blocked phase – Many errors in the passages on both sides. The show does not benefit from it.

77 ‘Berardi on the ground – Physical problem for the Sassuolo winger, probably left on the ground due to cramps.

78 ′ Cambi Sassuolo – Outside Berardi and Traore, inside Defrel and Djuricic.

80 ‘Vlahovic header – De Sciglio again at the cross, this time for Vlahovic. The header is saved by Consiglio.

81 ′ Frattesi header – Muldur for Frattesi, who does not head to the target.

84 ‘Scamacca shot – Insistent action of the attacker, whose right in the area is soiled. Bravo Szczesny to block.

85 ‘Rabiot shot – Sudden conclusion, para Advice on the ground.

87 ‘Juve change – Inside Miretti in place of Bernardeschi.

87 ′ Change Juve – Inside Henrique for Frattesi.

89 ′ Gol Kean – Applause action of the 2000 class, who defends very well with his back to the goal, if he takes it on the left and passes the ball between the legs of Consiglio.

90 ‘+ 2’ Bonucci’s rescue – He immolates himself on Defrel’s successful shot.

Best of the match Juve: Kean REPORT CARDS

Sassuolo Juve 1-2: result and match report

NETWORKS: 39 ′ Raspadori, 45 ′ Dybala, 89 ′ Kean

SASSUOLO (4-2-3-1): Advice; Muldur, Chiriches, Ayhan, Kyriakopoulos; Frattesi (87 ′ Henrique), M. Lopez; Berardi (78 ‘Defrel), Raspadori, Traore (78’ Djuricic); Scamacca. Annex Dionysus. Available Satalino, Pegolo, Magnanelli, Rogerio, Ciervo, Peluso, Ceide, Ferrari, Tressoldi

JUVENTUS (4-4-2): Szczesny; De Sciglio, Bonucci, Rugani (54 ′ Chiellini), Alex Sandro; Bernardeschi (87 ′ Miretti), Danilo, Zakaria, Rabiot; Dybala (54 ′ Vlahovic), Morata (67 ′ Kean). Annex Merry. Available Perin, Pinsoglio, de Ligt, Pellegrini, Zuelli

REFEREE: Maresca of Naples

WARNINGS: 49 ′ Scamacca, 61 ′ De Sciglio, 89 ′ Kean

Sassuolo Juve: the pre-match

20.35 – Warm-up finished, kick-off soon.

20.25 – Awarded Dionisi before the match.

20.10 – Juventus warm-up has begun.

19.55 – Paulo Dybala is the Juventus captain tonight, Bonucci his deputy.

19.33 – Sassuolo are also at Mapei Stadium

19.30 – Juventus arrived at Mapei

7.15 pm – Possible bench for Chiellini. Rugani could play in his place.

18.30 – As reported by Gazzetta.it, De Ligt can’t do it. Bonucci and Chiellini play. On the left Alex Sandro preferred to Pellegrini, while in front rests Vlahovic.

18.00 – Bernardeschi confirmed in midfield after the positive test against Fiorentina.

17.30 – According to Sky Sports, Matthijs de Ligt is not at its best. The Dutch defender is in doubt for tonight’s match: in case of forfeit, Chiellini is ready.

17.00 – At the center of the defense, alongside De Ligt, Bonucci should be preferred to Chiellini.

16.30 – Despite not being at his best, Danilo should be confirmed in midfield.

16.00 – Allegri could try a new “cheerful”: Dusan Vlahovic on the bench, with Morata and Dybala favorites in attack.

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