Eagles News: Jalen Hurts lands in ‘you can win with them’ QB tier

Let’s come to Philadelphia Eagles connections …

2022 NFL quarterback tiers: Here’s where your team’s starter stands among franchise guys, placeholders and more
Level 4: You can win with them. 2021: Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzptrick, Carson Wentz2022: Carr, Cousins, Tannehill, Prescott, Murray, Jameis Winston, Jalen Hurts, Mac Jones, Tua Tagovailoa. You can reach the playoffs with these guys and a decent supporting cast. But they don’t put a team on their back and keep it there. They will not have historically significant seasons. They’ll do enough to get teams to pay them well enough, but they’ll leave you wanting when the stakes are highest.

In Roob’s Observations: How Will Pursuing Eagles QB Affect Hurts? – NBCSP
We can probably all agree that Hurts needs to be more precise in 2022 if he is to establish himself as the long-term answer. Hurts completed 61.2 percent of his passes last year, which ranked him 21st out of 25 QBs who threw at least 400 passes. The NFL average last year was 64.8%. But Hurts would have needed 15 more completions all year to reach 64.8%. If he had completed eight more on top of that, he would be at 67%, which would have placed him 12th in the league. That’s one more completion every 20 attempts. With AJ Brown instead of Reagor, with a second year on offense from Sirianni, with the natural growth you’d expect from a QB in his second year as a starter, that’s a reasonable goal. And if he can get there and reduce the turnovers, it will give him a very good chance of locking in the job in the future.

Eagles reportedly hire national scout from Browns – BGN
The Philadelphia Eagles are hiring Cleveland Browns national scout Charles Walls as their new director of player personnel, according to a report by Kimberley A. Martin. The Eagles previously employed two director of player personnel – Ian Cunningham and Brandon Brown – before being poached from Philly earlier this year. Cunningham focused more on college scouting while Brown was more involved with professional staff. Given Walls’ background on the college side, he’s thinking of replacing Cunningham’s old role. Again, it’s currently unclear if the Eagles plan to hire another director of player personnel to replicate their previous setup or if Walls will take on an expanded role.

Eagles front office changes, NFC East draft notes, rookie minicamp updates – BGN Radio
Brandon Lee Gowton and Jimmy Kempski discuss Philly scouting staff departures, take a look around the division and offer their takeaways from Friday’s press conferences.

ESPN has odd beef with Eagles trade to pick 13 for Jordan Davis – Reuters
Walder’s argument ignores any context from the Eagles’ perspective. Unless Walder was aware of the Eagles selection committee, knowing full well where the team rated Davis and at what points in the first round the Eagles felt there were substantial drops in talent, he cannot say that the difference between 15 and 13 was “almost nothing”. From the Eagles’ perspective, if they just dug their heels in and hoped that Davis or Kyle Hamilton were still around at 15, they were running a pretty high risk of missing out on either player. Houston may have just taken Davis or Hamilton at 13, or traded the pick with another team that took one of those two players instead. And then at 14, it was widely assumed that Davis would probably have been Baltimore’s pick if he was available, and as we saw, they picked Hamilton with Davis gone.

Changes – Iggles Blitz
Opeta flashed when he arrived on the pitch. Nick Sirianni was singing his praises recently. Awosika played well last summer and could be a good backup OG. I quite like its potential. The Eagles added a pair of UDFA OL in Bill Dunkle and Josh Sills. Both remind me of Herbig, in terms of size and ability. Obviously, he’s shown he can play in the NFL and they’re complete strangers, but Herbig isn’t an irreplaceable commodity. Dunkle is the best prospect. Sills is more athletic and more versatile. We will see how they play.

2022 NFL Draft class rankings: Chiefs, Jets and Ravens shine brightest – NFL.com
Undoubtedly the most notable move GM Howie Roseman made over the draft weekend was returning a first-round midfielder and a late third for AJ Brown. But as the three of you already know, good human beings who have diligently read the intro at the top of this file, these ratings are based on draft draws only – traded picks for veteran players have not been taken into account. And yet, even factoring in the huge impact of that blockbuster trade, the Eagles still landed in the ‘A’ range, thanks to inspired drafting with the three premium picks they made. In the first round, Philadelphia passed Baltimore to snatch Davis. Wise decision, given that everyone and their brothers from other mothers had made fun of the 6-foot-6, 341-pound monster show at the Ravens. And with Fletcher Cox re-signed to a one-year contract in Philadelphia, Davis will learn to rush with a man who made six Pro Bowls pushing pockets. Nor is it the only valuable mentorship provided by this transportation project. In the second round, the Eagles jumped on Jurgens, an athletic center who was basically handpicked by outgoing center Jason Kelce. “The Eagles used me to assess some of the centers that come out,” Kelce said Friday during Bleacher Report’s live draft coverage. “And of all the guys I’ve looked at in the last two or three years, of all the guys who compare themselves the most to me, that guy is him.” It should make for a nice transition once Kelce, who considered retirement before re-signing a one-year contract, hangs them up. In the third round, Roseman saved Dean from a surprising free fall, grabbing the highly decorated linebacker about 40-50 picks later than he expected he would be available. Even though reported health issues ultimately cause him to miss a lot of time in 2022, the man is well worth the 83rd pick overall. After all, he was the alpha dog of that all-time Georgian defense that just rewrote the NFL record books.

Should the Giants have drafted Nakobe Dean? – Large Blue View
After the Giants selected North Carolina guard Joshua Ezeudu and USL Third-round cornerback CorDale Flott, Giants general manager Joe Schoen was asked if Dean was still on the board when the Giants took Flott at age 81. “There’s a reason he fell,” Schoen said. It turned out that Dean had a pectoral injury that he refused to have surgery for. The Eagles decided to take a chance after selecting Dean’s Georgia teammate, mountainous defensive tackle Jordan Davis, in the first round. Before the draft, Dean was ranked 31st overall prospect on the NFL Mock Draft Large Database Consensus Board. The Giants therefore had opportunities at picks 43 (Wan’Dale Robinson), 67 (Ezeudu) and 81 (Flott) to select Dean. The Giants, obviously, had an interest in adding to their linebacking squad. They selected Micah McFadden from Indiana at No. 146 and Darrian Beavers from Cincinnati at No. 182. Dean is a full participant this weekend in the Eagles’ rookie mini-camp. Will Dean and the Eagles make the Giants regret dropping the Georgia linebacker?

Commanders fans are feeling better and better about Carson Wentz trade – Hogs Haven
At the time, we were curious about how Washington fans felt about this argument and posed the question to readers here on Hogs Haven: as a Washington fan, would you rather have traded Carson Wentz or by Matt Ryan? The results were surprisingly one-sided as 76% of those surveyed were happier with Wentz’s trade than they would have been had they traded for Matt Ryan. Reading the comments associated with the poll, it was clear that Hogs Haven readers perceived Wentz, 29, to have greater upside potential than Matt Ryan, 37, who many fans perceive to be on the downside. career – perhaps not too surprising after back-to-back disappointing experiences with older quarterbacks like Alex Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

How Cowboys rookies could help fix 21 Wild Card loss weaknesses
The writing was on the wall for the Cowboys leaving Connor Williams this offseason, and their lack of focus on the offensive line in free agency created the need for a guard as the 24th overall pick. What came as a slight surprise was taking Tyler Smith, who the Cowboys were happy to see still available, ranking him over Kenyon Green and Zion Johnson. In defeat against 49ers, the Cowboys were pulled out of their running game not only by a strong defensive line, but also by the early deficit they fell into. In Dak Prescott’s effort to get the Cowboys back in the game, he was sacked five times, with Williams failing to make a hit on the first. The Cowboys left guard also had a hold call that wiped out a big play to CeeDee Lamb, and a false start that led to a punt. What makes Smith’s pick even more interesting is that he dealt with his own pass protection and penalty inconsistencies in Tulsa, but the Cowboys are counting on his running game advantage to make an impact. Smith is at his best climbing the second tier to dig up linebackers, which the 49ers make very difficult for opposing offensive lines with an incredibly athletic defensive front. It’s not fair to say that Smith wouldn’t have an impact in this game, as his move to guard should fix the footwork issues on his strip at left tackle. If the Cowboys don’t do better to protect Prescott and spark their running game this offseason, the pick will be considered a total failure, and Smith is their most important piece in that puzzle.

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