eFootball 2022 v1.0.0, are we finally there?

A few months after the debut on the market, two large updates later, it is certainly worth asking whether eFootbal 2022especially thanks to the recent update v1.0.0, can finally define itself as a football simulator worthy of the namefinally finished and complete with all the features that one would expect from a game that aims to win over its audience, especially on next-generation PCs and consoles.

The experiment of Konamias we have you already explained some time agoit definitely has personality and characterpioneer of a new way of understanding and realizing a certain type of productions, destined to turn into GAAS, rather than to be renewed annually with iterations that change more in the cover than in the mechanics that animate them.

If the very original eFootball it was basically a disaster with a faint background shimmer that let us glimpse something good, after this important update we can finally talk about a title that still has a way to go, but that has at least embarked on the path of redemption.

The revolution, because this is what it is, involves practically every area of ​​the simulation, to the point that even the embarrassing cut-scenes with (in spite of themselves) protagonists Iniesta and Piqué have been fortunately eliminated, to make room for a certain opening film. classic, in directing and editing, but certainly more convincing and adrenaline-pumping.

Once you get to the main menu you experiment an initial disorientationalso the son of the heavy absence of voices and modes present in the old version of the game (which in turn left a lot to be desired in these terms). eFootball 2022 currently he renounces the quick match against opponents caught by the Net, eliminates most of the teams that until recently, even with rather cumbersome passages between a screen, it was possible to find and use in the field.

In this version, although it is still allowed to play against the CPU, or with a friend locally, using the eight teams available since day one (i.e. Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Corinthians Paulista, Flamengo, JuventusManchester United, River Plate and Sao Paulo), everything revolves around the Dream Team.

Juventus is the only Italian team that can be selected for a full match

The team of your dreams

Under this bewitching name, essentially, lies the FUT according to Konamia modality that owes a lot to the counterpart made in EA, but which at least in this embryonic stage seems to be escape certain typical gambling practices.

Instead of envelopes to be opened hoping for the benevolence of luck, your team, in fact, is created by spending the accumulated points to hire whoever pleases us the most. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappé and company are available immediately as long as you have sufficient credit, a currency that at the moment can be accumulated exclusively by playing, but that soon (from 21 April, to be exact) it will also be possible to obtain in real money exchange.

The very few and anonymous players who initially make up your team will be progressively replaced by increasingly high-sounding names, with the goal of creating a close-knit squad and whose actual value on the pitch is the child not only of individual talent, but also of the tactics you decide to adopt, which will inevitably have to enhance the qualities of the individual – and of the coach you will hire, capable in turn of imparting right guidelines even in training.

The eFootball home screen, with a focus on Dream Team

The other big, and interesting, difference from FUT is that initially purchased players will not express their full potential. By sending your chosen athletes to the field and accumulating training points, participating in events or completing specific objectives, you can progressively enhance them in the statistics that best suit you, thus bending their growth and development according to your tactical needs. Naturally, the more the player in question is emblazoned, the more levels, and consequent experience points, he will be able to earn, an interesting feature that in some way links the game with real football.

Currently, the Dream Team mode unfolds in a couple of timed events, both against the CPU and against other users drawn from the Net, competitions that bestow credits and training points for each match won. A little bit to keep the interest high in the long run, but in this initial phase that’s enough to give yourself an excuse to test, in practice, the gameplay of eFootball 2022.

The (terrible) starting players

Physics management, beats AI

Also in this case, although the philosophy that already animated the original version of the game has been preserved, there is no shortage of drastic changes. No more physical defense with the left trigger, to begin with, replaced, with the same key, by a sort of lock-on on the ball carrier, exactly as happens in FIFA (if you are still looking for it, you can find it on Amazon now at a very affordable price).

The right backbone is called doubling, a function to be used only when necessary, as it will discover you in other parts of the field. With A, or X if you prefer, it is activated pressing, a command that at the moment seems a bit unbalanced given its extreme effectivenessso much so that any attempt at dribbling is almost completely useless.

A little healthy Premier League

The relative ease with which it defends itself, in the face of the enormous effort with which offensive strategies are painted, clearly distinguishes eFootball – nevertheless, we repeat, the suffocating effectiveness of pressing will certainly have to be revised. Accomplices slower animations, and in some cases even unnecessarily cumbersome, compared to FIFA, building an offensive action is often the result of exhausting phrasing. It loses its spectacularity, its rhythm, but lovers of tactics and strategy can only get excited about creating a scoring action with an unexpected deep pass after a long construction from below.

In this sense, they give further depth to the gameplay i Sensational passes and shotswhich must be loaded in combination with one of the triggers, particularly effective athletic gestures, but which take longer to be performed successfully.

With the complicity of a Unreal Engine finally at easedespite the general show does not leave you speechless at all, especially due to the aforementioned unconvincing animations in some cases, eFootbal 2022 manages to entertain and, above all, to offer something significantly different from the competition. The ball, above all, is not glued to the player, but follows credible, coherent trajectories, not at all constrained by predetermined algorithms.

Unfortunately, all the other clubs are in the database but you can only try them in training

Unfortunately, another flaw of this v1.0.0, the I.A of teammates and opponents does not reflect the liveliness and unpredictability with which the ball moves on the playing field. Often lazy in the restart, they prove rather insensitive to sudden changes in the direction of the ball due to collisions not calculated with other athletes. This, inevitably, in addition to mortifying the ambitions of realism of the game, also negatively affects the experience, often made more frustrating and less fluid precisely by the excessive automatisms that tirelessly move the players on the field.

However, as already suggested, despite some défaillance, despite some flaws, despite something still to be fixed, eFootball 2022 in this new guise it has character and offers something unique. Also Dream Team mode is an interesting reinterpretation of FUT that, at least in some ways, breaks away from certain practices more similar to gambling than to something that has to do with the world of video games.

The road is still long, especially as regards the available modes, but since it is a free-to-play with a great desire to grow, after the disastrous debut, we can say that the basics, with a few months of delay on the schedule, have finally been erected.

How much and how this project will grow, at this point, depends more on Konami than on the fans of the unforgettable PES.

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