Elisa Di Eusanio, from the set with Luca Argentero to the theater with a unique work

Elisa Di Eusanio is one of the most popular Italian actresses. We recently saw her on tv in Doc – In your hands where she plays Teresa Maraldi, today she is busy with a very special theatrical project, 1223 Last stop slaughterhouse, which has a national preview on 22 and 23 April at Carrozzerie not in Rome. Together with her the astrophysicist researcher and songwriter Emiliano Merlinin art unòrsominòre.

It is a lucid and delicate journey into the darkest secrets of the intensive livestock industry. A system that makes a profit with the bodies of animals, without names but marked with an identification number. Numbers without identity, numbers that are used to count the profits of the profit, which is obtained from their exploitation.

Elisa Di Eusanio he told us about the commitment to achieve 1223 Last stop slaughterhouse and the important message of awareness that he wants to give with this project. But also of what was it like working on the set of Doc – In your hands with Matilde Gioli and Luca Argentero, waiting to see her in two new films which, however, are still top secret.

How did the idea of ​​your latest theatrical project come about: 1223 Last stop slaughterhouse?
For several years I have been very sensitive to the issue of animal rights, in particular of the intensive livestock industry. I saw a documentary by Joaquin Phoenix which is called Dominion and my life has changed forever. It is as if I had opened my eyes to a theme that I did not know, in the sense that it is very interesting to understand how mass consumers are totally dissociated from the reality of farmed animals, that is, from their path to becoming products. Since I am constantly connected with this problem, for an empathic discourse because I recognize the right to life of all creatures and above all the right to not suffering, I have decided to dedicate part of my artistic and human life to raising awareness on this issue, trying to do connection between people. And, since I’m an actress, the best way to do that is to use artistic language. So I decided to build a show.

A show that uses not one but several artistic languages: can you explain how it takes place?
We use not only the prose, but also the visual artist, the music with the songs on the theme written and performed live by unòrsominòre, my songwriter and collaborator. I also use a language very close to the theatrical conference, disseminating scientific data and notions, but always in an exciting and impactful way. And then I wrote a monologue that tells the very delicate love story between a beef bull and a dairy cow that will find themselves united on the journey of death that leads them to the slaughterhouse in an intensive farming. I will try through this very poetic, almost childish language, close to the primordial feeling of animals, to excite the viewer and make him sensitive to the fact that animals are sentient beings, that is, they do not speak like us but feel, perceive emotions and the world around them. to them, just like us. And then there will also be physical performance to tell the alienation of the operators who work at the slaughterhouse, because this is also an important issue to investigate. In fact, let’s try to imagine a human being who works in such a place, usually for the most part they are non-EU citizens or people who have had problems with justice, they are usually the last ones who find themselves doing a job that every day there brings in contact with the violent death acted by themselves against innocent creatures. So on a psychological level, there is a whole world that opens up.
In this work I have included different types of languages ​​to make the message more direct.

Is there awareness in Italy about animal rights or not?
Surely. We are in a time of great change and greater awareness than years ago and this has been possible thanks to the work of many associations that have carried out undercover investigations within these realities. The sensitivity towards this issue has certainly increased and in fact it is no coincidence that many people begin to prefer a vegetarian diet or in any case to reduce the consumption of meat. But there is still a lot to do and in my opinion we should insist starting from schools and young people who are very attentive to the subject.

Your show is staged in Rome with two dates, but then will you take it around Italy?
Certainly. The dates of 22-23 April in Rome are a preview to test the project, it will also be important for us to understand if it works and where eventually it will be necessary to adjust the shot. Then we plan to stage it all over Italy.

Elisa Di Eusanio Emiliano Merlin unòrsominò

Elisa Di Eusanio and Emiliano Merlin, aka Unòrsominòre

On TV we saw you in the Rai 1 fiction, Doc – In your hands: can you tell us about this experience?
Doc – In your hands it was a truly fundamental experience. In my career as an artist he has given me very important visibility and the possibility of growing and reaching the general public. It is bringing me so much and I hope we will move forward with the third season. For me it was also a wonderful human experience, because I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful team, both the visible and the invisible.

So you found it very comfortable to work with Luca Argentero And Matilde Gioli?
Matilde has become a friend, also because we had already made a film together a few years ago, That’s okay by Francesco Marioni, and in Doc we have consolidated this friendship. Matilde is a very true person, she is a volcano of energy and she is a very sensitive girl. I love it. Luca is the perfect helmsman, because he is really as you see him. He is a good person, polite, polite, he is always a step behind, he never imposes his person on him, he is very keen on teamwork. So when the helmsman is so beautiful, inside and out, the ship can only travel calmly.

You have also recently worked on the series Fidelityhow did you find yourself there?
There, too, very well, because there is Lucrezia Guidone who is a genuine Abruzzese like me. We knew each other before, we have a theatrical journey behind us, there is a lot of esteem and we love each other very much. In Fidelity I mainly interacted with her, so there was a perfect synergy. I also got along very well with the directors, Stefano Cipani and Andrea Molaioli, who are two great professionals.

Do you have any anticipation for your future projects?
I would have them, however, they are so fresh … I can reveal that I am about to return to the set for the cinema, but I cannot say more than that the direction is signed by a woman. There are two films in the pipeline.

Have you always wanted to be an actress?
I didn’t even ask myself the problem, because I was born in an artistic womb because my mother was a choreographer and dance-theater teacher. So my world has been this since I was in her womb and therefore I have not known anything else. Then I was advised to attend the Silvio D’Amico academy, I was a crazy horse, I was full of energy that needed to be conveyed. But everything was natural, I had no alternative.

Do you have a favorite actor or actress?
I have so many that I am always a little frozen in front of this question. I have references that range from the past, such as Anna Magnani, to both more contemporary. So I don’t have a specific reference. I am a very curious person so where there is talent I remain enchanted. I could therefore give you many names, such as Olivia Colman, Judi Dench, Joaquin Phoenix.

I ask you a similar question: Do you have a favorite movie that you would always see again?
Here an infinite case opens. If we keep to the contemporary, I am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino and as soon as I can I review his films.

Elisa Di Eusanio

Elisa Di Eusanio


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