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Atmofizer Technologies Inc. and Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC.

Atmofizer Technologies Inc. and Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC.

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ORLANDO, Fla., May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recent news from ATMOFIZER TECHNOLOGIES INC. (CSE: ATMO; OTCQB: ATMFF) is compelling for a number of reasons that we will outline here. Atmofizer’s technology cleans the air we share in a revolutionary way using a patent-pending, patent-protected technique that uses “clumping”, essentially grouping all the bad stuff together so they can be effectively neutralized.

This allows Atmofizer to deal with the wide range of dangerous nanoparticles, viruses and bacteria that are typically comprised of the most difficult sizes to manage efficiently and effectively using conventional filters (even HEPA) or neutralizing using lamps. ultraviolet.

In a pandemic-laden world, the importance of this technology is obvious. In a post-COVID world, this is a potentially market-disrupting technology that will potentially be welcomed.

To that end, the aforementioned news is intriguing. First, some really great news about the effectiveness of Atmofizer’s technology:

“Results of independent third-party testing have shown that our patented agglomeration technology reduces the number of particles in the ultrafine nanoscopic range of 0.017 microns to 0.122 microns by 44% at a flow rate of 1.4 liters per minute,” commented company president Whit Pepper. Additionally, Whit Pepper states “this is significant because it demonstrates that our agglomeration technology works to increase particle size, which increases the ability to neutralize these harmful particles with UV light and/or capture them in conventional air filters”. [Source: IUTA e.V. Measurements on Agglomeration Efficiency of the Atmofizer. 2021]

For us, this is great news because at the end of the day, the effectiveness of the cleaning system is crucial – it’s their secret sauce, which has been verified by an independent third party – and not internal estimates.

Also very interesting in the post is the statement that they will be opening their labs, stating, “Atmofizer has opened its own in-house HVAC system innovation research and development lab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. , where it will test its nanoparticle agglomeration technology. for use in residential and commercial ventilation systems. Atmofizer’s experimental model will be tested on different filtration regimes and real-world scenarios to measure air quality improvement and reduced economic and environmental costs. Atmofizer’s clumping technology aims to improve air quality and filtration performance, while reducing energy consumption and total operating costs for homeowners.

First, proactively engaging in these experiences is an important development. Second, one wonders what comes out on the other side of these tests?

If successful, entirely new markets or partners could emerge. Of course, the tests have to go well, have to show that word “efficiency” again, and the partners have to be down to evolve and accept a better mousetrap.

Time will tell if Atmofizer will expand its ability to purify the air we share.

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