Empoli – Naples: 3-2 Serie A 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match

  • Thank you for following the EMPOLI-NAPOLI 3-2 live broadcast with us, see you in the next round of Serie A TIM.16:55

  • Everything happens at Castellani, especially in the second half where four goals were scored. Napoli took a 0-2 lead up to 80 minutes thanks to goals from Mertens and Insigne. Then Henderson shortens the distance to 10 minutes from the end due to a mistake by Malcuit, Napoli goes into difficulty and suffers pressure from Empoli. At 83 ‘Meret does not postpone and keeps possession until the arrival of Pinamonti who blows him the ball and equalizes. Pinamonti himself scores the 3-2 after four minutes thanks to a restart by Bajrami. Napoli mocked and dream of a faded championship.16:55

  • 90 ‘+ 6’

    End of the match of EMPOLI-NAPOLI 3-2. The three points go to Andreazzoli’s team.16:54

  • 90 ‘+ 4’

    Napoli tries the final assault to resume the game, but Empoli defends itself well and rejects their opponents.16:52

  • 90 ‘

    The referee Marinelli grants 6 minutes of recovery before the end of the match.16:51

  • 90 ‘

    The VAR validates Pinamonti’s goal after the review of a possible offside by Di Francesco who participated in the action of the goal. Marinelli validation after checking VAR.16:48

  • 89 ‘

    WARNED Pinamonti! Marinelli warns the Empoli striker for taking off his shirt after scoring. 01:07

  • 87 ‘

    GOAL! EMPOLI-Napoli 3-2! Network of Andrea Pinamonti. Bajrami runs to the right and puts a cross on the far post for Pinamonti who comes running and slips and scores the goal of the advantage.

    Look at the player’s profile Andrea Pinamonti16:46

    Andrea Pinamonti
  • 87 ‘

    Assisted Nedim Bajrami15:45

  • 85 ‘

    Insigne exits, Ounas enters. Fourth substitution for Napoli.16:45

  • 83 ‘

    GOAL! EMPOLI-Napoli 2-2! Network of Andrea Pinamonti. Very heavy mistake by Meret who does not postpone forward, holds the ball and Pinamonti takes possession of it by taking possession of the Napoli goalkeeper and scoring the equalizer.

    Look at the player’s profile Andrea Pinamonti16:45

    Andrea Pinamonti
  • 82 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! Excellent action built by Empoli with the ball in the center for Bajrami who only sends high and wastes.16:40

  • 81 ‘

    WARNED Stojanović! The Empoli player takes the yellow for vehement protests against the referee Marinelli.16:39

  • 80 ‘

    GOAL! EMPOLI-Napoli 1-2! Liam Henderson Network. Bad lost ball from Malcuit, Henderson all alone in the area coordinates for the shot and diagonally right beats Meret. Empoli shortens.

    See player Liam Henderson’s card16:49

    Liam Henderson
  • 77 ‘

    Mertens comes out, Politano enters. Third substitution for Napoli.16:37

  • 77 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY NAPLES! Insigne-Mertens exchange with the Dutchman who tries to finish at the net, the ball comes out.16:34

  • 73 ‘

    Error of the Napoli players, Empoli’s quick restart with Pinamonti concluding and earning a corner.16:31

  • 72 ‘

    WARNINGS Screws! The Empoli defender enters late on Mario Rui and takes the yellow.15:30

  • 71 ‘

    Anguissa again steals the ball from Zurkowski and leaves it to Osimhen who immediately shoots, but the shot is blocked in a corner kick by the Empoli defense.16:30

  • 70 ‘

    Asllani exits, Štulac enters. Fifth and final substitution for Empoli.16:27

  • 69 ‘

    Empoli tries again with Pinamonti who enters the area and serves a teammate who pulls on Meret who saves. Everything then stopped due to offside of the Empoli attacker.16:27

  • 68 ‘

    Lozano exits, Zieliński enters. Second substitution for Napoli.16:26

  • 66 ‘

    Verre comes out, Bajrami enters. Fourth substitution for Empoli.16:25

  • 66 ‘

    Cutrone exits, Di Francesco enters. Third substitution for Empoli.16:23

  • 65 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! Verre receives the ball outside the area and tries the shot: Meret rejects with his fists for a corner.16:23

  • 64 ‘

    Napoli in control of the game, Spalletti’s men are in possession of the ball in midfield.16:21

  • 61 ‘

    Parisi exits, Cacace enters. Second substitution for Empoli.16:18

  • 61 ‘

    Bandinelli exits, Henderson enters. First substitution for Empoli.16:18

  • 60 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! Cutrone wins the ball and in the opponent’s area tries a right-footed shot from close range, a conclusion which, however, ends up high.16:18

  • 59 ‘

    Empoli who tries with Bandinelli, but the shot is weak and well read by Meret who blocks the conclusion.16:16

  • 58 ‘

    Still Napoli in attack with Insigne on the left who tries the cross immediately rejected by the Empoli defense.16:16

  • 57 ‘

    Empoli try to react after conceding the second goal, but Spalletti’s team seems to be in control of the match now.16:14

  • 53 ‘

    GOAL! Empoli 0-2 NAPLES! Network of Lorenzo Insigne. Great recovery of Anguissa on the indecision of Verre, the Napoli midfielder then serves Insigne on the left, the blue captain crosses the far post with the left-handed and doubles.

    Look at the player’s profile Lorenzo Insigne16:12

    Lorenzo Insigne
  • 52 ‘

    Mertens tries the ball through for Osimhen’s right-footed shot that drifts the defender and tries a powerful but imprecise right-footed shot.16:10

  • 51 ‘

    Napoli faces Vicario’s parts: Lozano flows on the right, the Mexican winger tries a cross for Osimhen which is anticipated by the Empoli goalkeeper.16:08

  • 48 ‘

    First minutes at a controlled pace for both teams who are studying the opponent’s set-up in this second half.16:06

  • 45 ‘

    The second half of EMPOLI-NAPOLI 0-1 begins. First ball played by the hosts.16:03

  • 45 ‘

    Zanoli exits, Malcuit enters. First substitution, at the interval, for Napoli.16:03

  • The first half between Empoli and Napoli was played at high intensity, with the home team trying to make the match, but the quality of Spalletti’s team came out in the final with the advantage signed by Mertens. Good opportunities for Pinamonti and Verre for Empoli.16:02

  • 45 ‘+ 1’

    End of the first half of EMPOLI-NAPOLI 0-1. Spalletti’s team in the lead at Castellani.15:47

  • 44 ‘

    GOAL! Empoli 0-1 NAPLES. Network of Dries Mertens. Fabian Ruiz opens on the right for Lozano, the Mexican puts in the center low shot for the arrival of Dries Mertens who first bags behind Vicario.

    Look at the player’s profile Dries Mertens15:45

    Dries Mertens
  • 43 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! The home team is still dangerous with Asllani trying to finish, a shot that comes out by a whisker.15:44

  • 41 ‘

    Danger for Napoli from the corner beaten by Empoli, direct conclusion on goal by the flag that worries Meret, the Napoli goalkeeper puts out with his fists.15:42

  • 40 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! Verre tries the launch in the area for Asllani who controls the chest and shoots first, Meret overtakes himself and puts in a corner.15:41

  • 39 ‘

    Mertens throws right for Lozano, the Mexican is good at getting in and tries the shot which ends up very high.15:39

  • 37 ‘

    Now Napoli appears a bit in trouble following the attacks of Andreazzoli’s team. Spalletti’s team looks for the construction from behind, but Empoli makes high pressure.15:38

  • 34 ‘

    Dangerous hosts with Stojanovic trying to assist for Pinamonti, the ball too long for the attacker.15:35

  • 31 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! The Azzurri try with Pinamonti who keeps a difficult ball in the field serving Verre in the area, the Empoli midfielder tries the shot but Meret saves.15:32

  • 30 ‘

    Match now in a stalemate, both teams try the ball possession in midfield, but neither can find the right gap to hurt the opponent.15:30

  • 27 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! Pinamonti exchanges with Bandinelli who from the top of the left area takes the ball to the right and frees the shot, a conclusion just wide.15:28

  • 26 ‘

    Napoli again with Lozano from the right, the blue winger tries the cross in the center for Osimhen who tries, but the header is weak.15:27

  • 22 ‘

    WARNINGS Zanoli! The Napoli defender is punished with a yellow card after a late intervention on Pinamonti.15:23

  • 21 ‘

    Empoli immediately tries the answer with Pinamonti who puts an almost perfect ball for Cutrone, the blue striker, however, misses the hook by a whisker.15:22

  • 20 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY NAPLES! Cross from a corner kick for Osimhen’s header that ends up in a corner again.15:20

  • 19 ‘

    Napoli insists with its attacking plots. Mertens on the left tries the discharge backwards for Anguissa who concludes, but the shot is blocked by the Empoli defense.15:19

  • 15 ‘

    Napoli tries again with Lozano who goes away on the right, crosses in the center for Osimhen who hits his head but sends out.15:16

  • 14 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY NAPLES! Osimhen recovers the ball from Luperto, Fabian Ruiz ball that drifts the opponent and concludes with the left-handed surprising Vicario, a conclusion that comes out just wide. 15:14

  • 13 ‘

    Napoli tries the ball in midfield to attack Empoli, the Azzurri close all the spaces well.15:13

  • 8 ‘

    Try the Osimhen thrust on Insigne’s launch, the Empoli defense closes the Napoli striker.15:09

  • 7 ‘

    Andreazzoli’s team attacks very high and tries to put Napoli in difficulty in these first minutes of play.15:08

  • 4 ‘

    WARNED Bandinelli! Late entry of the Empoli player on Insigne. Bandinelli was warned.15:04

  • 3 ‘

    EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! Asllani looks for the cross in the center for Pinamonti’s header, a shot that comes out a little.15:04

  • The first half of EMPOLI-NAPOLI begins. Referee Livio Marinelli of the AIA section of Tivoli directs the match.15:03

  • Spalletti relies on an offensive traction team, with Osimhen as the only striker. Behind the Nigerian striker will act Insigne, Mertens and Lozano. Fabian Ruiz and Anguissa in the median. Zanoli confirmed again on the right wing.15:06

  • Andreazzoli relies on the attacking couple Pinamonti-Cutrone, on the Verre trocar. In the median, however, space for Zurkowski, Asllani, and Bandinelli. 15:06

  • OFFICIAL FORMATIONS. 4-2-3-1 for Napoli: Meret; Zanoli, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Mario Rui; Anguissa, Fabian Ruiz; Lozano, Mertens, Insigne; Osimhen. Available: Ospina, Barba, Malcuit, Tuanzebe, Zielinski, Ounas, Demme, Petagna, Politano, Marfella.15:06

  • OFFICIAL FORMATIONS. 4-3-2-1 for Empoli: Vicar; Stojanovic, Viti, Luperto, Parisi; Zurkowski, Asllani, Bandinelli; Verre; Cutrone, Pinamonti. Available: Ujkani, Fiamozzi, Romagnoli, Cacace, Ismajli, Bajrami, Fazzini, Benassi, Stulac, Henderson, La Mantia, Di Francesco.15:05

  • Spalletti’s team in Empoli to stay connected to Inter and Milan. Andreazzoli wants the best performance of his team to close the championship well.15:05

  • Everything is ready at Castellani for Empoli-Napoli, a match valid for the 34th matchday of Serie A TIM.15:05

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Carlo Castellani
    City: Empoli
    Capacity: 19795 spectators15:05

    Carlo Castellani
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