Two defeats were enough to restart the mud machine fueled by the usual defeatists, nothing short of long and short-term pseudo journalists, fake experts, people who talk about football without culture, just because there is freedom of speech and the language is in the mouth, many of them self-defined as Fiorentina fans.

A depressing and unacceptable spectacle not because it is criticized (it is the thing most dear to me) but because of how it is done, for to destroy and that’s it, inappropriatelybaseless, out of time and in the wrong ways, when Fiorentina still has its destiny in hand and he is fighting to go to Europe after a season that is perhaps not defined as exceptional.

A incredible situation, difficult to explain with logical-football reasoning, perhaps psychologists would be needed. But good.

All this for an elimination from the semifinal of the Italian cup (where you came by surprise anyway) and a defeat in Salernocertainly ugly and unexpected, but that is part of the game and of the moment that I will then try to explain.

Suddenly (but not so much) Italian has become a coach to be questionedFiorentina is a team of brocchi, nothing or almost nothing works anymore, everything is lost.

But can it be? Of course not.

And all this while around, in the world of real football, it continues to be said that Fiorentina are the revelation team of the season, that Italian is the emerging coach, the most interesting of all. As Marcello Lippi reiterated yesterday morning in an interview with Radio Rai, someone who seems to me to be quite competent, experienced and successful.


Unfortunately, this evil of “so much worse, so much better” seems incurable …

The Della Valle were also contested when they arrived three times in a row, fourths… Then maybe there were other non-football implications, but not today. Which?

What is in dispute today? What is there to throw overboard today? What is there not to understand today?

I thought that the football culture had grown in the meantime, I counted in the new generations and instead nothing. Maybe it’s worse.

But nobody asks the question that this defeatist attitude only hurts to your favorite team?

Nobody understands that in moments of difficulty it is necessary to understand, to lend a hand with warmth and presence?

I say this not out of a priori naive do-goodness or proximity to someone, I’m even on Rocco Commisso’s black list and that’s okay with me.

I say this because all you need is intellectual honesty.

Today we are in the presence of a football project that has begun to work well, which has perspective. I see a good and modern coachwhich has laid the foundation for doing important things, there is one team following him and it is going beyond its technical value.

If I then look at the numbers, and I look at them, this team has 21 points, TWENTY-ONE, more than last season. A year ago Fiorentina were fighting to save themselves, if they win tomorrow night with Udinese they are fifth, ahead of Rome and Lazio. And anyway it is always there.

But what do you want?

I have also heard that this position is simply where the history of Fiorentina places it …

Real phenomena, history never went on the pitch …

So I ask myself and I ask you: can’t you miss it in Salerno?

It hurts, very badly, but football is extraordinary for this too, there is never anything taken for granted, but the explanations for this unexpected defeat are there and afterwards we will try to give them, the criticisms for the performance must be there, but not such as to call everything and everyone into question. To blow the bank.

A Tafazzian game that annoys me because it has no logic and only risks hurting. I say these things, in my small way, to try to bring everything back to a reasoning that goes beyond the belly. Stimulate reflection and hope for a reaction: I hope that tomorrow evening at 6pm the stadium can be filledthat even those who did not plan to go now, after this defeat, go to support his Fiorentina.

It counts more to be there tomorrow night than in another match, perhaps more interesting, of greater appeal. Against Udinese it is essential to give Fiorentina a push to help them get back on track quickly and there is a lot to count on the extraordinary Viola people who understand certain situations straight away.

Win tomorrow night it would mean putting yourself in front of the group in the sprint, take that meter of advantage that with four days to go would mean a lot. Regaining energy and self-esteem would be the consequence.

That said, it is clear that losing in Salerno hurt. I repeat. But it can happen in a team like this that from the beginning of the season is going beyond its potential, which plays a well-studied and collective football: organization and clarity are always needed to function.

There are times instead when going beyond becomes impossible, the lack of clarity and speed become lethal and players who seemed phenomena, when the game doesn’t work they go back to being normal players. Especially after so many weeks at the maximum and after a not just psychological backlash such as the overall undeserved elimination from the Cup after the two comparisons with Juve.

I add that no team can give the three starting midfielders to anyone. Inter, for example, lost Brozovic for three games and went haywire.

At Fiorentina the director (Torreira), the link between midfield and attack (Bonaventura), quality and dynamism (Castrovilli) were missing. And if you read the names of the three Salernitana midfielders, I don’t think they are much weaker than the three deployed by the Italian.

Seeing together Amrabat (director is not), Maleh (last year he played in B) and Duncan (must have strong people nearby) I understood why the Italian in Turin risked the Ikonè move in the middle of the field, a move that then did not work: an attempt to find that quality that none of these three midfielders possess. In Salerno there were no other solutions and the emergency midfield affected the fluidity of the game, putting everyone’s performance in crisis. Gonzalez and Ikonè are also poor, even if they could still give more individually. Tired defense, we have seen Igor.

Such a tender must be criticized, analyzed, but immediately archived. It was not supposed to be the picklock to start blowing up all the consolidated certainties that must be such and of which I have already spoken.

Incidentally, none of the fierce critics, those who contested the sale of Vlahovic, this time remembered that this team is so solid that it even managed to go beyond even the sale of its goalscorer with a higher average-points. Thanks to the Italian, the group and the company that put him in the right conditions and that these days could also say something to point out and defend the great work done.

And so, in the bad weather of these days, here it is the name of Italian turns even more, with Napoli in the lead. From the series “if they don’t want it in Florence we will gladly take it”.

As I have already written, as far as I understand, the coach is fine in Florence, he loves this team and this public, he wants to stay, it is a great experience, he is ready to renew if the value of his work is recognized, he would not mind opening a Gasperini style cycle. But I guess that some exaggerated stuff read and heard certainly did not please. But those in football know how to go further: on the pitch and with work.

Also there release clause present in the coach’s contract as revealed yesterday Sara Meini, healthy bearer of news, it is not to be considered negative as immediately commented by the usual suspects.

You know how much you respect Italian, but with all due respect, do you know a president ready to pay ten million clause to get a coach?

Not even for Guardiola …

So what are we talking about? What controversies do we mount?

Italian only has to be applauded and accompanied with energy and positivity from all the fans in the final sprintwith the knowledge that anyway the season would be extraordinary even without Europe (was not in the goals) and can still become a absolute masterpiece winning the cups.

Of course, with absences it is more difficult, I just said it, but this team will try to the end. He has the strength and the mindset. Luckily it was recovered Odriozolaexample of the superior player, e if Bonaventura were to succeed tomorrow evening, the midfield would find at least one leader technical and character. The training done in Salerno bodes well …

And then there is Torreira who already has started working on the field again, hopes for a miracle and in any case is doing everything to recover against Milan on Sunday. Ten days for his injury are few, but it doesn’t cost to hope and he will try. As a true leader.

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