Euronics flyer “Surprise Discounts” and “WOW!” with Galaxy A52s and many electric bikes

Euronics flyer & quot; Surprise Discounts & quot;  and & quot; WOW! & quot;  with Galaxy A52s and many electric bikes

Vezio Ceniccola

Vezio Ceniccola

More news for the leafletsor Euronics. After introducing you to the offers of the promo “Double VAT discount“available in the Bruno Group stores, today we are talking about two other very interesting promos. The group CDS proposes the “Surprise Discounts“until April 28, where they stand out Galaxy A52s at € 299 and HP 15 EG0045NL at € 599, while in the group’s stores The Milky Way find the promo “WOW!“which focuses on electric mobility and will run until April 27.

If the Euronics offers are not enough for you, we remind you that on Amazon there are many discounts not to be missed, such as those dedicated to the smartphone OPPO A74 5G and the notebook TECLAST F15Sboth for less than € 250 thanks to the discounts of the day.

In the galleries below you will find all the Euronics flyers complete for the groups mentioned at the beginning. We advise you to check the last pages of each Euronics flyer in which points of sale it is valid.

Below you will find the button to go to the Euronics online store, the one to subscribe to ours Telegram channel offers and the one to discover the best ones Amazon offers of the day.

Update 15-04-2022 at 11:12

Three new flyers valid in these weeks are added to the collection. To be precise, it is the one dedicated to “Surprise Discounts“and at”Special Information Technology” in stores Novaboth available until April 28, and the new flyer “Special Mobility“active in the group’s stores Tufano until April 27. You can browse them in the galleries below.

Euronics Flyer “Surprise Discounts” – Nova

Euronics “Speciale Informatica” flyer – Nova

Euronics “Special Mobility” flyer – Tufano

Euronics “Surprise Discounts” flyer – CDS

Euronics flyer “WOW!” – The Milky Way

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