Excellence, Livorno-Figline live. LIVE

Sensational at the Picchi. The Livornoon the first day of the poule promotion ofTuscan excellencehas been exceeded for 2-3 from Figline at the end of a game where everything has happened. The amaranth harakiri was sensational, overturned in the final by the guests, who took advantage of the numerical inferiority of Angelini’s men (Luci and Torromino expelled). Now, Vantaggiato and his companions, will not be able to make a mistake against Tau in the match scheduled for next Sunday at Porta Elisa in Lucca.

Livorno-Figline 2-3: the report cards

Livorno-Figline 2-3, the chronicle

Angelini chooses the usual 4-2-3-1, with Pecchia, Bellazzini and Gelsi acting behind Vantaggiato. In the middle of the field is Gargiulo with Luci, while in defense there is space for Palmiero on the right, with Russo, Giampà and Franzoni completing the department. The guests start the match with intensity and put Livorno in difficulty, which, forward, manages to be seen only at 15 ‘, when Bellazzini sows panic in the penalty area before serving Gelsi, who however weakly hits from an excellent position. However, it is Figline, on 26 ‘, who gets closer to scoring, with Vezzi’s conclusion from two steps that the amaranth defense manages to deflect in a corner at the last minute.

The Gialloblù pressed hard on the accelerator even at the start of the second half and in the 49th minute, deservedly, they found the advantage with a header by Marabese, who makes the most of Calosci’s precise cross from the left. Three minutes the episode that changes the match: Welcome stops Bellazzini at the edge of the area and the referee waves the double yellow. The numerical superiority revives the amaranths, who at 58 ‘are equal with the header of Advantage, which makes the most of the precise cross of the newly entered Torromino. Picchi becomes a bedlam and Livorno, three minutes later, takes the opportunity to overtake again with the Toro di Brindisi, who coldly transforms the penalty granted for a handball on Palmiero’s attempt.

The race seems in total control of the amaranths, but first Lights at 75 ‘(double yellow) and then Torromino at 78 ‘(direct red for a slap to an opponent) give numerical superiority to the opponents, who take advantage of it to overturn the outcome of the match with Saitta at 81 ‘and the header of Privitera at 87 ‘. A resounding knockout for the amaranths, who will not be able to make a mistake next Sunday against the Tau.

Livorno-Figline 2-3, the match report

Livorno (4-2-3-1): Mazzoni; Palmiero (83 ‘Ghinassi), Russo, Giampà, Franzoni; Lights, Gargiulo (57 ‘Torromino); Pecchia, Bellazzini, Gelsi (88 ‘Ferretti); Advantage. Available: Pulidori, Ghinassi, Torromino, Pulina, Sailors, Nunzi, Giuliani, Frati. Herds Angelini
Figline (3-5-2): Burzagli; Banchelli, Benvenuti, Saitta, Calosci (75 ‘Orpelli); Privitera, Degl’Innocenti, Minocci (78 ‘Minocci); Bouhamed (55 ‘Bettoni), Vezzi (71’ Mirante), Marabese. Available: Simone, Gori, Sesti, Grandi, Matteini. Herds Becattini
Referee: Labruna di Pontedera
Networks: 49 ‘Marabese, 58’ Vantaggiato, 61 ‘rig. Advantage, 81 ‘Saitta, 87’ Privitera
Note: corners 6-5, yellow cards, Luci, Gargiulo, Saitta, Franzoni, Ghinassi, welcome expelled, Luci, Torromino, recovery 1 ‘, spectators 2.425

Livorno-Figline 2-3. THE FINAL


95 & # 39; Mazzoni header, advanced on the development of a free kick, ball wide

92 ‘Last attempts by Livorno

90 ‘Five minutes of injury time allocated

88 ‘ REPLACEMENT IN LIVORNO Ferretti takes the place of Gelsi

87 ‘ GOAL OF THE FIGLINE Privitera beats Mazzoni with his head on Degl’Innocenti’s punishment


84 ‘ Mirante! Mazzoni is saved in two stages

83 ‘ REPLACEMENT IN LIVORNO Ghinassi takes the place of Palmiero

82 ‘ REPLACEMENT IN LIVORNO Marinai takes the place of Bellazzini

81 ‘ GOAL OF THE FIGLINE Saitta bags on the short rejected by Mazzoni on Degl’Innocenti

80 ‘Everything is happening at Armando Picchi in this second half

79 ‘ SUBSTITUTION IN THE FIGLINE Fioravanti takes the place of Minocci

78 ‘ TORROMINO EXPELLED What naivety for the former Terni, who slaps an opponent: direct red

75 ‘ SUBSTITUTION IN THE FIGLINE Orpelli takes the place of Calosci

75 ‘ EXPULED LIGHTS Double yellow for the number 8 amaranth

74 ‘Livorno now under management

71 ‘ SUBSTITUTION IN THE FIGLINE Mirante takes the place of Vezzi

70 ‘Last twenty minutes of the race at the Picchi

66 ‘ Torromino! Livorno close to the trio with the conclusion of the number 7 which ends at the bottom of a nothing

65 ‘ Goal canceled at Figline for offside


61 ‘ GOAL OF LIVORNOOOOOOOOO! Vantaggiato beats Burzagli from the spot!

60 ‘ SAITTA WARNINGS On the penalty episode

60 ‘ PENALTY FOR LIVORNO! Hand ball on Palmiero’s turn attempt!

59 ‘Armando Picchi is now a bedlam

58 ‘ GOAL OF LIVORNOOOOOOOOO! Advantage! The Brindisi Bull heads the cross of the newly entered Torromino!

57 ‘ REPLACEMENT IN LIVORNO Torromino takes the place of Gargiulo

55 ‘ SUBSTITUTION IN THE FIGLINE Bouhamed exits, Bettoni enters

55 & # 39; Angelini’s line-up is now pressing

53 ‘ EXPELLED WELCOME Double yellow for the yellow-blue number 3: Livorno now in numerical superiority

50 & # 39; Deserved the advantage of the Gialloblù, who had also approached this second half better

49 ‘ GOAL OF THE FIGLINE Marabese heads in making the most of Calosci’s precise cross

48 ‘Ball possession by the guests in this start of the second half

46 & # 39; Immediate corner in favor of Figline

46 ‘The second half has started


45 ‘One minute of recovery assigned

43 & # 39; Bellazzini leaves a left from the edge, the ball just wide

40 ‘Degl’Innoccenti from the edge, ball deflected for a corner

37 ‘Cross by Calosci, ball directly into Mazzoni’s arms

34 & # 39; Contracts the maneuver of Angelini’s men, who often resort to the long throw

30 ‘Better guests at this stage

27 ‘Bouhamed’s header, ball on the bottom

26 ‘ Vezzi! What a chance for the Figline! Conclusion from two steps of the Gialloblù center forward, the amaranth defense manages to deflect for a corner

25 ‘The intensity of the rain increases at the Armando Picchi stadium

22 ‘Advantage from distance, easy save by Burzagli

21 ‘Conclusion from the edge of Vantaggiato, ball countered by the yellow-blue defense


17 ‘Insidious cross from the left of Calosci, ball that ends on the bottom

15 ‘ Opportunity for Livorno! Bellazzini slalom in the penalty area, the amaranth playmaker serves Gelsi who, however, from an excellent position, hits weakly

13 & # 39; The amaranth formation in this start was not very good: Figline started the match with great intensity

10 ‘First corner in favor of the guests


8 ‘Insidious free kick by Degl’Innocenti: ball that crosses the whole small area before ending up on the bottom

7 & # 39; Very fragmented game in these first minutes


3 ‘First stages of study between the two teams

2 ‘The game is played under heavy rain at the Armando Picchi stadium

1 ‘The match has started

– Welcome to the direct text of Livorno-Figline, a competition valid for the first day of the Tuscan Excellence promotion poule


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