Fiat Campagnola 2023: comes in a summer version [RENDER]

Fiat Campagnola 2023: comes in a summer version [RENDER]

Some love stories never end. Or – as Antonello Venditti sings – they make immense turns and then come back: indivisible, indissoluble, inseparable. However you put it, the name alone Fiat Campagnola immediately arouses a mixture of nostalgia and hope. Nostalgia for the good old days, which never come back (like youth). The hope to see it come out of nowhere one day in a modern version, in step with current fashions.

Strong emotions overwhelm especially longtime fans of the Ingot. Those always ready to defend the cause because it represents the symbol of Italianness in the world. A far less noble than the Ferrari, but therefore felt more in line with its cards. Often it is a passion handed down from generation, from father to son, from grandfather to grandson.

Having been the protagonist of a decades-long career, it is not surprising that the Fiat Campagnola is associated with real moments of real life. Can to remember the first trip made with our girlfriend, who would later become our wife. You can bring to mind a holiday with young children, now adults. Or it may have been the first car bought after years of hard work. Images, sounds, smells thus pervade the mind.

Whatever the particular episode linked to it was, the Fiat Campagnola was also a costume phenomenon. It went beyond mere practical transportation needs. It also had the function of aggregator between four-wheel enthusiasts and the glue between different generations. Consequently, on the forums and the most modern social networks there are those who still talk about it. And a render is enough to send the network into a tailspin.

Fiat Campagnola: what if it returns?

Fiat Campagnola render

On the Fiat Campagnola we cyclically return to talk thanks to the representations of digital artists, some of which are really successful. TO early 2000s a representation had leaked gold color. There was talk of the retirement of the Jeep Patriot and Compass in favor of a brand new crossover, built on the basis of a project developed by Lingotto. From these specimens the proposal voted for theoff-road. And the study also said there was a more refined crossover, with the Lancia brand, the result of the same commercial maneuver. We know the rest very well and we believe it is rather indelicate to put your finger in the sore, in order to avoid hurting especially the “lancisti”.

A decade later the dream could, however, be withdrawn from the drawer. For the Lancia brand we know that Stellantis has in mind to bring it back into vogue, with a Ypsilon conceived from scratch, as well as a couple of members of the “old guard”, namely the Delta and theAurelia. To successfully preside over the premium segment, in the wake of the illustrious glories of the past, the manufacturer intends to take advantage of its industrial heritage. Needless to say, both vehicles of the company, now directed by Luca Napolitano, will be “spiritual” heirs adapted to the contemporary style.

In recent weeks, rumors have also leaked about a new one Fiat Topolino. Indeed, we are talking about works at an advanced stage, shown to a highly selected network of dealers. And there would already be a launch date: the 2023. At the moment there is not enough information to establish if the rumors are correct or in any case conceal a grain of truth. Certainly, never as in this period i revival are on the agenda. And a warm place for the Fiat Campagnola is almost a must.

The history of the Fiat Campagnola

Fiat Campagnola render

He ran theresummer of 1951 when, at the Lingotto factory in Turin, the production of the Fiat Campagnola began. Designed to grab the ban on Ministry of Defencethe off-road vehicle was awarded the contract which provided for the purchase of 6 thousand “vans” by the state: it won over the competitor Alfa Romeo 1900 M Matta thanks to the lower cost.

At first, the leaders had lulled the idea of ​​building Willys’s American Jeep under license, only to think about it later. The 1101 project of Dante Giacosa received general appreciation, so that he shared much of the mechanics with the models 1100, 1400 and 1900. Initially it was assigned the name Alpina (in homage to the remarkable climbing skills of the “AR 51”), but secondly the choice fell on the title of the homonymous song by Carlo Buti.

Interior Fiat Campagnola render

This is because we wanted to make people understand from the beginning the ability to move on rough roads – and mostly dirt roads – of our peninsula. As well as the proximity to the needs of the agricultural people: a working reality even more protagonist of the Italian economy in the post-war period. The vehicle remained in production for over twenty years, receiving continuous evolutions, and was built in over 40 thousand units. In addition, an important page of history was written. In 1952, in fact, an example crossed Africa from South to North in 11 days 4 hours 54 minutes and 45 seconds: a record that, also for geo-political reasons, has never been beaten again.

In 1974 the new Fiat Campagnola. Totally redesigned, yours chassis was profoundly revised. In the course of its honorable activity, up to 1987, the military version AR76 originated. In addition to rural employment and military supplies, several private companies bought it. And a new Fiat Campagnola, donated by Fiat to the Vatican State in 1980 strictly painted in white, was used as a popemobile for almost 30 years, in the service of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

The interpretations of Tommaso d’Amato

Fiat off-road vehicle

In recent times, various renderings have emerged, which hypothesize its appearance in a modern key. In particular, they teased the works of the architect and designer Tommaso d’Amico. The model had compact dimensions of less than 4 meters, so if it were available in the current era it would go to challenge directly Suzuki Jimny. Since first render realized it has leveraged this peculiarity, a potential strength, at least in the eyes of those looking for a model equipped with these characteristics.

The digital artist had therefore repeated imagining what could be the appearance of a variant for i Carabinieri. Needless to say, we are talking about the vehicle specially designed for the weapon. Therefore, with the bodywork having the usual colors and other characteristics of the fleets granted to the Italian Police Forces. In this reproduction, the author clearly took a cue from Jeep Renegade. If it really saw the light, the model would be useful in patrolling activities not only of the Carabinieri but also of other units. This mainly in the most inaccessible areas and in severe winter periods.

Sling for the summer

Fiat off-road vehicle

Presumably fond of the project, d’Amico brushed up the render in a video posted on his YouTube channel. The video shows a Fiat Campagnola adapted to the summer seasonupdated for 2023. The creation draws inspiration from the original solutions, foreseeing cutting-edge materials and today’s technologies. The slightly larger dimensions make it a very spacious car on board, enriched with materials and finishes of excellent workmanship.

Inside, the instrument panel boasts a rather sophisticated infotainment system and state-of-the-art options. Regarding the engine, the render assumes a 250 horsepower 1.9 turbo petrol enginewith four-wheel drive. The bright colors make it very current, ideal for enhancing its aggressive and youthful line. To get a better idea, we report the video below:

Its development cost would be low, as Stellantis has the platform, technologies and engines useful to bring it back to life. The platform STLA Small it would be beautiful than available, equipped with hybrid, petrol engines and even a Full Electric variant. The hypothesis would also tickle overseas, not for nothing Car and Driver she tried to imagine how she would like it to be. First, she would resort to a longitudinal engine: It would provide the right proportions, a premium feel and balanced handling.

The look would recall a Wrangler in reduced versions, with a 175 horsepower four-liter, supported by a 6-speed manual gearbox or an 8-speed automatic. The price list it would range from less than $ 25,000 in the entry level proposal to just over $ 30,000. With the declinations Abarth, hybrid and electric destined to arrive in second instance. Too bad that the chances of actual realization are reduced to a flicker. Fiat currently seems to be focused on something else, although some second thoughts are not to be ruled out, especially if the target audience will bombard it with requests.

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