Google Pixel 6a – 5 biggest rumors you need to know

This coming week could present us with the Google Pixel 6a, if rumors about Google’s launch plans for its next budget phone are to be believed. Google organizes its annual report Google I/O Developer Conference starting Wednesday, May 11, and many Google watchers believe the Pixel 6a will be one of the stars of the event’s keynote.

Supposed specs of the Google Pixel 6a

Screen size: 6.2 inch OLED
Refresh rate: 60Hz or 90Hz
CPU: Tensor
Rear cameras: 12 MP main; Ultrawide 12MP
Front camera: 8MP
Battery size: 4,800mAh
Wired charging speed: 30W

Showing off a cheaper version of its Pixel phone at a developer conference isn’t out of place for Google. After all, that’s where the original Pixel A-Series phone, the Pixel 3a, debuted in 2019. And a number of signs have emerged strongly suggesting a phone launch is imminent, not the least of which are n is not the Pixel 6a recently presented to the FCC for regulatory approval.

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