Has TCL placed the Best Buy TV for 2022 too? Here are the C Series TVs in preview and our measurements

2022 is set to be a very interesting year for television sector. The landing of the QD-OLED technology he shuffled the cards and brought the various brands to play aces. As we have seen Sony put the panels QD OLED on its top of the rangeSamsung them usebut leaving the scepter of top of the range to solutions Neo QLEDwhile LG has showed the muscles in the OLED field pushing their panels to maximum performance.

TCL confirms its strategy

From the bottom left corner and clockwise: TCL C73, C83, P73, C63

There was therefore great expectation to see live there TCL’s new TV range and there was no shortage of surprises. In an event at its showroom in Vimercate, TCL has in fact showcased its own new C Seriesthe one in which the Chinese brand often most at ease, with a interesting mix from the point of view of the characteristics and the final quality / price ratio.

TCL C93 And C83 QLED Mini LED 65 inches

For the C series we find all QLED panels which, in the case of the two top-of-the-range series C93 and C83, are accompanied by Mini LED backlight. A feature that unites TVs TCL C93, C83 And C73 that of having a 144 Hz panelwhich allows it to present itself as very interesting alternatives even for those who want to play with their TV.

Audio system 2.1.2 signed Onkyo

There TCL C93 series the little flower among the TV TCL 4K Mini LED and adds a Integrated audio system signed Onkyo with scheme 2.1.2which also sees a rear subwoofer And two speakers oriented towards the ceiling at the top of the back cover, of course to offer Dolby Atmos audio. The Mini LED panel claims 2,000 nit (peak) brightness and very advanced function control local dimming with nearly 2,000 zones in the 75 “cut (1.080 for the 65” cut that we have seen displayed and measured).

TCL C83 QLED Mini LED 65 inches

The brothers Mini LED Series TCL C83 they will offer themselves at a more competitive price, always with 144Hz QLED panel, but reducing the number of local dimming zones, in this case in the hundreds. The bouquet of supported HDR formats, which include HDR10 +, Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ.

As we said, the new one C73 Series combines a 4K resolution panel with classic type backlight and 144Hz refresh rate. As older brothers sees the presence of HDMI 2.1 ports (indicate as 144 Hz And 120 Hz), functions dedicated to gaming (ALLM, 144Hz VRR And Freesync Premium) and support for all HDR standards.

All new TCL C Series, including models C63 they are based on the latest platform Smart Google TV and they have audio developed in collaboration with Onkyo. All TVs feature 8-domain VA LCD panels, as you can see from the image above.

Two new Smart TVs with Google TV complete the lineup presented by TCL: the P73 Series, which boasts Ultra HD technology with wide color gamut, and the P63 Series that will come later. At the presentation we saw live a 55-inch P73, which we had the opportunity to measure with our instrumentation, in collaboration with Emidio Frattaroli of AV Magazine.

TCL C63: the Best Buy of 2022?

I must say that this year the TVs we made preliminary measurements during the first contact at the presentation events surprised us all positively. We were curious to see the behavior of these TCLs, especially after the first steps into the world of the Mini LED, in which the brand was indeed a pioneer, had not been without stumbling.

Let’s start with some considerations on the top of the C93 range, present at the event in a 65-inch version and therefore characterized by structure Mini LED with 1,080 backlight zones. TCL’s European marketing has – very pompously – presented “a 16-bit backlight control on individual pixels“, accompanied by a precise control of the quality of the individual Mini LEDs, with great uniformity of light and chromatic yield.

Beyond the definitions of marketing, visually the new C93 looks like a clear step forward on the yield frontespecially on the depth of blacks and onabsence of blooming (which instead heavily afflicted the former X10 that we had seen in the factory in Poland). Quite frankly, if they would play a joke on you by telling you that an OLED TV, only a very careful eye or careful analysis could reveal the hoax.

What sure is these new TCL TVs they ‘fire’ a large number of candles per square meter in terms of maximum luminance. In particular, the C93 series, thanks to the high number of backlight zones, surprised us in the measure of the maximum luminance in increasing areas. Compared to other Mini LED TVs on the market, which only express maximum image brightness on large enough areas, TCL C93 has shown very interesting peaks already from 1% of the area with a value of 921 NIT, arrived at 1,452 NIT with the sample at 25% of the screen area.

From this point of view the difference with the younger brothers of the C83 series, always represented by a 65 inch, very evident visually, with some halo present in transit areas, even if at the limit of perceptible for those who want to enjoy a film and not a nerd like us, who is often more interested in detecting defects rather than enjoying the content. The C83 series has an interesting fact that it also comes in a 55-inch format which allows you to position the TV to one street price appealing to a wider audience. In terms of maximum luminance, the TCL C83 also surpassed its sibling’s peak, coming closer to 1,500 candles per square meter, always at 25% of the area. It must be taken into consideration that both models will arrive later in the year and that we are not facing the definitive results of commercial products, but of pre-production samples. C93 still has room to pull off the nails with the definitive firmware.

TCL C83 QLED Mini LED 65 inch Gamut

The two top of the range C93 and C83 have shown, in Cinema mode, performance that is decidedly in line with the standards on the front of the range curve, practically perfect. The color rendering is also decidedly good, with one DCI-P3 color space coverage over 96% for both models (96.45% for the C83 And 96.94% the C93).

We know that the top-of-the-range models represent a small slice of the market in terms of volumes and that the bulk of sales are in the more accessible segment. here that TCL C63 plays very heavy cards.

TCL C63 QLED Mini LED 55 inch Gamut

For a TV that should show up around 749 of price list in the 55-inch cut and which will be available in sizes from 43 “to 75”, we have found very interesting performances. Maximum luminance of 375 candelas per square meter, well reproduced gamma curve And color rendering with 94.5% DCI-P3 color space coverage.

TCL C63 QLED Mini LED 55 inch Range

The model is also interesting ‘Budget‘TCL P73, always present in the 55 “cut. It is a TV with Wide Color Gamut technology: instead of exploiting a Quantum Dot layer on the panel (as happens in QLEDs) it adds red and green phosphors with a narrower spectrum inside the white LEDs in the backlight, in order to provide the panel with a better spectrum and, consequently, get more saturated colors out of the LCD filter. TCL declares a 90% DCI-P3 color space coveragea value that we have actually measured, with even a few decimals of advantage (90.95%). An interesting result for televisions that will be offered on the market starting from 499 .

First contact with the TCL C Series 2022 TV range: conclusions

TCL is confirmed to have important cards to play in the mid-market range. In particular, the P73 series can be a good choice for those on a tight budget, but want a fairly wide gamut. To have a hundred euros more in your pocket the most sensible choice is certainly that of the TCL C63 TVs, which will probably have, in terms of street price, very attractive prices, combined with very important performances for the segment. TCL C73, thanks to the 144 Hz panel winks at gamers.

The two top-of-the-range TVs C93 and C83 instead play on very difficult terrain: although they have significant performances in terms of color, maximum luminance and black rendering, they clash with the OLED solutionswhich in this 2022 are expanding in terms of cuts and ranges and which for many cinema fans could remain the favorites.


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