Her parents separated 3 weeks ago. Now this Pensacola teenager is accused of killing his mother.

A Pensacola teenager has pleaded not guilty to charges of killing his own mother.

David Allan Ohlson, 18, is being held without bail at the Escambia County Jail on charges of second-degree murder with a firearm. His attorney, Sharon Wilson, filed motions with the court this week, entering Ohlson’s plea of ​​not guilty, dropping the indictment and demanding a jury trial.

According to the arrest report filed with the Escambia County Clerk’s Office, Ohlson admitted to shooting and killing his mother around 1 a.m. on April 8 at their Bellview home. During his interview, he told Escambia County Sheriff’s Deputies “of all the people he planned to shoot, he didn’t expect his mother to be one of them.” .

Escambia sheriff’s deputies say Ohlson’s father, David Aaron Ohlson, 43, or Aaron Ohlson, called to report the shooting, saying his son shot his wife but it was ‘accidental’ . When they arrived at the scene, they found David Ohlson’s mother in the living room with a gunshot to the abdomen. She was taken to hospital where she died in surgery.

Original story: ECSO: Father saw 18-year-old Pensacola son shoot and kill woman with shotgun

The victim’s name is redacted in the arrest report at the request of her husband. Florida law allows victims’ families to decide whether the person’s name should be made public, but Aaron Ohlson has referenced the death of his wife, Adriana Ohlson, 48, in numerous social media posts on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as frequent posts about her concern for her son.

“Your homies came to see you today son!! They hung around your room, they stayed and hung around!! It felt good that it hurt so much that you weren’t there and neither was your mom,” posted Aaron Ohlson on his Facebook page on April 28, followed by a series of sad and crying emojis.

According to the arrest report, Aaron Ohlson told deputies that he and Adriana had separated three weeks earlier and that he was living with relatives. He said his wife called him around 12:30 a.m. on April 8, because their son was ‘playing badly’ and she mentioned a gun, but he couldn’t remember exactly what she had. said. Ohlson said he started driving to their home on Princeton Drive and on the way his wife called him back to say “things had calmed down”.

When he arrived, Ohlson reported that he saw his wife standing in the living room and their son, David, was sitting cross-legged on the floor. Ohlson said her son then raised a shotgun, pointing it first at him and then at his mother. As he walked towards the teenager, Ohlson said he fired the shotgun at her and immediately dropped the gun.

“The father picked up the shotgun and secured it inside his truck outside the house and came back and called 9-1-1,” the sheriff’s deputy wrote. “The father said David Allan Ohlson had psychological issues, but he said he wasn’t sure what those issues were.”

David Ohlson told MPs that ‘his life fell apart about three weeks ago when his parents separated’, and that recently his mother had lost ’empathy’ for him, and he believed she was going go. He told investigators they had an argument earlier in the day when she returned home and he thought she was “very cold” towards him. Ohlson said he got angry and decided to retrieve the shotgun from a safe in the house and put it in his car with the intention of killing a friend of his mother.

David Allan Ohlson, 18, is charged with second-degree murder with a firearm after admitting to shooting and killing his mother, pictured in the screenshot, on April 8, 2022.

David Allan Ohlson, 18, is charged with second-degree murder with a firearm after admitting to shooting and killing his mother, pictured in the screenshot, on April 8, 2022.

However, Ohlson said he couldn’t go all the way and hadn’t even left the driveway, so he took the gun back into the house and pointed it at his mother and him. -even while they were arguing. He also told deputies that the situation calmed down before his father arrived and he unloaded the shotgun, but when his father arrived he loaded a bullet into the chamber, raised the shotgun, pointed it at his mother and pulled the trigger.

“David Allan Ohlson also said he had no right to shoot his mother for words,” the report said.

On April 9, the day after Adriana Ohlson died, her husband posted a number of photos of his wife, son and family to his social media accounts, including a photo of himself and by Adriana Ohlson on Instagram with the caption:

“Adriana you are my forever and ever ♥️❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ you and David are all I want and all I need!! I don’t know how to move on I’m frozen I’m scared I’m completely collapsed 😪 but right now our boy needs us!Send help from above please baby we need to stay strong cause our boy is a “big strong bear 🐻” you from there “Up and me from here! Let’s make this baby, boy needs us! Don’t worry about me, I’ve been hurt since I was a kid and one thing I know how to do is live hurt!” Our son needs us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Allan Ohlson, 18, is charged with second-degree murder with a firearm after admitting to shooting and killing his mother, pictured in the screenshot, on April 8, 2022.

David Allan Ohlson, 18, is charged with second-degree murder with a firearm after admitting to shooting and killing his mother, pictured in the screenshot, on April 8, 2022.

On Facebook, Ohlson also announced information about his wife’s funeral, which took place in person and online April 22 at First Pentecostal Church in Pensacola. The service is available on the church’s website. According to friends and family members who spoke at Adriana Ohlson’s “Homegoing Celebration,” she was originally from Recife, Brazil, and had a large extended family there, but had built a life in the United States as the wife and mother of their only child, David Allan Ohlson. The Ohlsons’ 20th wedding anniversary was December 26, 2021.

Much of the service was given in English and Portuguese, Adriana Ohlson’s native language. Her relatives describe her as a devout follower of Christ who attended both the First Pentecostal Church and a local church with a Brazilian congregation. One of the attendees read his obituary at the service.

“Adriana was a devoted and loving mother to David Allan Feijo Ohlson,” the woman billed as Sister Duce said. “She supported and encouraged David in all aspects of his life. Her love for her family and God is a shining example of what a faithful mother and servant should be. She had a beaming smile, a friendly personality and an outgoing nature. She will be missed and remembered by so many people who were lucky enough to know her. »

Adriana Ohlson’s older sister, missionary and special education teacher Soraya Barbosa, came from Brazil to represent her sister’s family at the service, speaking on behalf of their mother, stepfather, siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins.

“Adriana was loved by everyone,” Barbosa said in her condolences. “God is good. When ‘Drica’, the Brazilian nickname for Andriana, arrived in the United States, I gave her a Bible as a parting gift. I had prayed that she would find salvation, until one day, maybe months later, she called me and told me she had given her life to Jesus.… Since April 8, Adriana has been celebrating eternal life alongside her savior .

Adriana Ohlson’s sister-in-law, Sarah Hayles, tearfully recalled how special she was to her friends and family, especially her son, who appeared to need extra care.

“So many people knew and loved Adriana,” said Sara Hayles. “She had such a friendly and caring personality. She was an amazing mom who went above and beyond for her son. She was a kind and fun aunt who taught my children all about the colors of carnival and the beauty of Brazil.

Adriana Ohlson’s estranged husband Aaron Ohlson also spoke at the service. In the video, he first appeared to struggle as he stepped onto the podium and briefly rested his head on his arms before speaking for over 20 minutes. He said his late wife was attracted to him the night they met at a club in Pensacola because he had a Jesus pendant on his necklace and she thought he was going to church.

Ohlson said his wife saw potential in him that none of his friends or even his own mother saw in him and despite their warnings that he was ‘problem’ and possibly not worth his time, they got together. heard and got married a few months after they met. Two years later, he said they were blessed with the “wonderful” birth of their son, David, in 2003, and how tenuous her pregnancy was when Adriana Ohlson was bedridden for five months.

“Doctors told me to be ready to lose one or the other, maybe both,” Ohlson said. “So it went on for months in my mind and I thought it was bad enough, but I didn’t lose any of it and we spent the next 18 years devoted to our son, my son, David Allan , which was his pride and joy and mine still are.

Ohlson said that for the next 18 years they both focused on David and their family and it was “all work, really little play and all work because we both understood that to go anywhere in life, it takes constant work and dedication”. According to their social media accounts, Adriana was primarily a stay-at-home mom who also spent time working at her local churches, and Aaron Ohlson has worked at Southway Crane & Rigging since 2015. On Instagram, he describes himself as a “musician” . Hard worker. Love life. Family man. Pensacola boy ya hoid!!

Ohlson has had many photos of him and his son together on social media for years. A post, dated September 7, 2015, shows a photo of David Ohlson, then 11 years old, holding a semi-automatic weapon in a gun shop with the caption: “Little drummer and his 50 friends! #223 #street sweeper #Proudpapa.

According to the latest court filing from the state’s attorney’s office, David Ohlson murdered his mother, but not with “premeditated design.” Prosecutors also filed a motion asking the young man to “provide evidence of any alibi” for his defense. His next court date has yet to be set. In the meantime, friends and family of Adriana Ohlson say they are praying for peace and healing.

“I know we are all dealing with this tragedy today in the best possible way,” said First Pentecostal Church senior pastor Brian Kinsey. “We are facing one of the worst things that can happen to a family and it breaks our hearts.”

This article originally appeared on Pensacola News Journal: Pensacola teenager charged with killing his mother after parents split

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