The words of Italian about his future and on his contract, “We will talk about it at the end of the season”they put in motion the usual suspects who have been talking and writing about football for years because there is room for everyone.

And so on with the most disparate conspiracies “does it go away?” and invented yellows like not even Simenon. But by now we know them, you know them very well.

There situationas we told you last week, it is instead much simpler and more linear. And the words of Italian at this time almost taken for granted: he couldn’t say more.

Italian has a contract until 2023 with option for Fiorentina until 2024 that the company intends to assert and as anticipated there are no problems because Viola wants to keep the coach strongly e the coach has already decided he wants to continue in purple without listening to sirens and proposals that have already arrived and they will surely come to his new attorney Fali Ramadani.

But then, some will ask, why do they have to see each other at the end of the season if everything is clear?

Obviously, to evaluate the situation after a year of work, talk about what worked, what needs to be done and future goals.

Normal dialectic with the will by Fiorentina of have the technician sign the contract extension at least until 2025 and of Italian to verify if his technical and economic ambitions match those of the company.

Italian is this, its strength is ambition. He works with his head down and makes his teams pay and play, but it has always needed goals, to grow, to raise the barto find new motivations.

When he arrived last year in June, the situation was quite different, he had been asked to rebuild and the reconstruction went much further.

Now, mainly thanks to him, the situation has changed profoundly. At the end of the season we will know if it will be Europe and then you will have to throw the foundations to strengthen the teamto understand where Rocco Commisso intends to aim for the next step, if really the Champions.

And then there will be the engagement is also to be discussed because the Italian made Fiorentina grow, but he too has grown and last year’s agreement will have to be re-discussed.

Normal dynamics, I repeat. Saying we will talk about it at the end of the season does not mean that Italian has in mind to leave as someone wrote or the sinister Ramadani is plotting behind the viola to take the coach who knows where …

I repeat: Italian is fine. The environment is gassing him, it’s engaging and looks a lot like his adrenaline-pumping idea of ​​football. He has understood that at this moment it is also convenient for him to consolidate the path he has just started with Fiorentina. The idea of ​​going to Europe (hopefully) or trying again next year is what he has in mind. He knows that in Florence he can work well, who can come out of this experience even stronger and more mature, perhaps winning something, to then try a top club later on. There will be opportunities, now it is early, I repeat: it is also convenient for him to try to play a purple cycle and not take shortcuts. He won’t do it.

Obviously he expects from Fiorentina the adaptation of the contract to the level of the proposals received from his manager and the coaches fighting for Europe, but also asks for a higher technical level team to continue growth.

The economic aspect should close with the renewal of the contract for around two million, in practice double what he receives today. As for strengthening, it is true that Italian makes everyone perform at their best and many players have grown up with him, but you cannot always go beyond the limits. Three to four players of superior caliber and experience are needed to strengthen the return of Fiorentina among the seven sisters. It is also necessary to give technical continuity to a football project that has just begun.

Obviously, if, thinking absurdly, Fiorentina were to tell Italian that they have no intention of increasing his salary and that the expected players will not arrive from the market, the scenario would change radically. But, in fact, we are absurd. And absurd are those who have hypothesized a break from the words of Italian which instead are nothing but normality and also the desire not to lose even an ounce of energy in the most delicate phase of the season.

The coach is focused on the Italian Cup and the race for Europe, he wants to finish triumphantly and is pushing the whole group to scrape the barrel of resources.

For the rest there will be time, perhaps the comparison can also take place in the presence of Rocco Commisso that it should return in May and his coach is absolutely enthusiastic. Then, let’s also say this, in football we have seen many and the future is always a hypothesis, but today there is not one signal in a million that makes me doubt or suspect something. From La Spezia, I say this for the umpteenth time, the Italian got divorced when he realized that the agreements would not be respected taken for strengthening. No doubt.

I have no doubts even about the possibility that Fiorentina can win the Italian Cup final. It will not be easy to overturn the result and to say it is trivial. The return away (and what a trip) will complicate things for the rule of the goal that is still valid in Italy. Having said that, as I have argued since the beginning of the season and as I told you even before Naples, this team can play and win with everyone. Juventus suffered in the first leg too, the victory on an own goal was an injustice, zero to zero the fairest result. Several things have changed since then. Fiorentina already brilliant and gamerhas grown, it is a more mature team and above all it is reaching the top of the athletic condition. In reverse Juventus resultatist and without play, she got physically worse, wrapped up around the Dybala affair now a ghost in the field, and the already poor ideas have worsened. On Saturday against Bologna, for example, the draw was undeserved and daring, eleven against nine.

The premises count for little, it is true, but the chances for Fiorentina are there and not a few.

I expect a lot of Juve cheerful therefore defensive, the thing he does best. The 4-4-1-1 could be an idea, but also the 3-5-1-1 to better close the game on Fiorentina’s wings.

The Viola will have to keep the pace high, above all, it will be essential to spin the ball quickly, play first and make a very compact pressing. With the high defense and the closing of the passing lines you will have to isolate Vlahovic as happened with Osimhen in Naples. Sara fundamental Nico Gonzalez and his ability to give superiority numerical, but also Cabral’s physicality could help a lot. Of course, paying attention to the restarts of Cuadrado and beyond, at least they succeed well at Juve.

Who will play?

You have to win, but I don’t expect an unscrupulous team. Balance is needed, if anything fast players like Ikonè can come in handy during the race.

Odriozola and Bonaventura will they come back?

I doubt they can both play, two recovered in the field together I do not see them. But Italian will try to the last.

It would help plus Bonaventure after Castrovilli’s injury, but it’s a difficult decision.

Then let’s put nine names: Terracciano, Milenkovic, Igor, Biraghi, Torreira, Duncan, Gonzalez, Cabral and Saponarafor these I spend my hand on the fire.

Right-back Venuti or Odriozola?

Perhaps the first from the start with the Spaniard ready to enter to give freshness and speed. Immediately Odriozola, however, if Bonaventura were not ready.

So who in place of Castrovilli?

Without Bonaventure it is Maleh the most normal solution. It has leg and fits without the ball. What if he played instead Amrabat in front of the defense with Torreira aheadin the role of Castrovilli?

I throw it there, but in Pescara it was ten … Two days to decide.

About Castrovillithe investigations today will say something more about his knee, unfortunately we believe we are not mistaken in predicting that his season is over here. From injuries like this, even if there was no need for surgery, you do not heal in a month. Such a pity for him and for Fiorentina which had regained its quality and was growing.

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