I tried the famous trainer’s 8-week exercise program

I consider myself in pretty good shape. I eat well, exercise regularly and hydrate often. I accepted the fact that to be in your thirties means I’m not as sharp as I used to be, but I’m still able to finish pretty rigorously home workouts with relative ease. At least I’m going through them.

So when I heard that celebrity fitness trainer Simone De La Rue had posted a new home workout that claimed to transform your body in just 8 weeks, I was intrigued. His client list includes names like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garnier and Reese Witherspoon – all of whom have a few decades on me, which made me think it would be difficult, but manageable.

What happened next was a truly humbling experience.

How Much Does Simone De La Rue’s 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan Cost?

The Body by Simone 8-week transformation program is available on the new Body by Simone digital platform. Based on its bestseller, the digital version of the 8-week program is available for a one-time payment of $99. Continued access to the platform beyond eight weeks is then available for $19.99 per month.

The equipment used during the 8 week program varies depending on whether you select the beginner, intermediate or advanced option, but light weights (3-5 lbs) and resistance bands are staples everywhere. Although the workout is designed to be effective when using modified elements, it is recommended that participants purchase the Body By Simone Basic Pack for $59.00 which includes a variety of resistance bands, a Pilates ball and glide discs.

What is Simone De La Rue’s 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan?

The 8-week transformation program is available at beginner, intermediate or advanced level. The Beginners Program is for those new to training and consists of 30-40 minute workouts starting three days a week. The Intermediate program consists of 40-60 minute workouts starting four days a week, and the Advanced program consists mostly of 60-minute workouts, five days a week.

Workouts alternate between cardio dancestrength-based classes that target specific body parts and full-body workouts that work each muscle slowly and strategically, using a variety of dumbbells and resistance bands. These iconic bodybuilding moves were designed by De La Rue to tone arms, abs, glutes and thighs. Regardless of the experience level you choose, you will gradually progress to more classes per week. Purchasing the 8-Week Transformation also gives you access to the platform’s meal planning options, as well as a feature that allows you to track your measurements and progress through photos. Once you’ve completed the program, you can either level up to the one you completed or customize your own workouts on the platform, which has thousands of training sessions offered on demand.

body by simone workout
Small strategic moves with light weights really got the burn.

My Experience with the 8 Week Total Body Makeover Plan

After reading the descriptions of the three experience levels, I decided to select intermediate. The app then asked me to decide which days of the week I wanted to train (a minimum of four). Having done virtual workouts For the past two years, I’ve expected to be able to navigate forward to get an idea of ​​upcoming workouts (and select the class I was in the mood for each day). I was surprised to find that was not possible. Workouts should be done in the exact order they are offered to you. When you log in, your only option is to do the workout scheduled for that day. If you miss a workout, you have the option to come back to it to catch up. But you are not able to advance or skip a workout in favor of another in the program.

My first intermediate level workout was Arms, Butt & Core. It was divided into equal parts arm exercises with light weights, dance cardio and strength training with a short cool down at the end – about 50 minutes in total. Weighted arm exercises caused the burn using only 3-pound weights. I was surprised how quickly seemingly simple movements became tiring, like holding light weights in front of you and rocking them slowly up and down or doing triceps kickbacks with a much lighter weight than I am used to. The cardio part was a welcome change from the smaller, slower upper body movements that had my arms on fire. By the end of the cardio portion, however, I was out of breath and felt my energy levels drop dramatically. Moving through the bodyweight exercises that tested my heartI felt my whole body shaking and struggling for stability.

The next day I was aching all over and logged on hoping for a cardio class that wouldn’t push my muscle groups to complete fatigue like they had been the night before. I didn’t have that luck. The second day lasted an hour lower body workout called Hips, Thighs & Buns, where I squatted, stretched, and worked out with resistance bands, with interspersed cardio intervals. Again, the moves felt easy, but sacred. We placed a resistance band around our ankles while lying horizontally on the floor with both legs stacked on top of each other, then slowly moved the top leg up and down. We also got on all fours and worked the glutes kicking each leg up and back. I barely made it through this workout and decided to take the next day off to recover.

One day off turned into three, and when I logged back into the platform, I found that I was late. Luckily, one of the classes I had missed was dance cardio – an hour-long mostly cardio-based workout that consisted of fun dance sequences which is repeated throughout.

From there, I fell into a pattern that I couldn’t break free of during my 8 week trial, no matter how hard I pushed myself. At the start of each week, I left fresh and eager to go again, ready to tackle whatever new workout the platform had in store for me. By the second workout of the week, I would be in too much pain to attempt a workout on days 3-5. I would try to do one more workout to end the week, averaging three in total – one less than the recommendation intermediate level.

The program also includes weekly video tips. For example, something like: “Now that you’ve mastered the first week, you’re probably feeling stronger than ever – don’t give up and make sure to focus on your form.” Meanwhile, I was limping, barely making it through practice. (Thanks, Simone.) I started skipping the tips because I couldn’t hear them due to the sound of my screaming muscles.

Although I was proud to have made it through the 8 week transformation, I just couldn’t get over the pain those hour long workouts produced and it was a real hurdle to my progress.

I was so grateful for some fun dance cardio classes to give my burning muscles a break.
I was so grateful for some fun dance cardio classes to give my burning muscles a break.

What I liked about Body By Simone workouts

At the end of the 8 week transformation, I felt physically stronger and could see slight differences in the muscles in my arms and lower body. If I had been able to complete the entire program as it is designed, I am convinced that I would have obtained better results. And there were tough toning classes that I could see myself sprinkling into my regular exercise on days when I had the motivation to really push myself.

For those who find it difficult to select a workout when using a new platform, this one takes all the mental burden out of deciding what to do. Although there were days when I desperately wished I could choose a different workout to spare my sore muscles, not having to spend time selecting a workout was effective and saved me time. You simply log in and press play.

Finally, if you’re serious about the workouts, $99 for an expertly-designed two-month workout routine (which also offers tools to track your progress and a detailed meal plan) is a steal. .

What I didn’t like about Body By Simone workouts

This workout is incredibly tough. In retrospect, I wish I had chosen the beginner level – even though I am quite an active person and consider myself an intermediate level of fitness. The program is designed to transform your body in 8 weeks – and that inevitably means you’ll be pushing yourself hard for every workout during that time. Although I stayed with the cooling and stretching before and after each workout on my own, working on the pain was a challenge that I couldn’t overcome by trying this workout.

The only thing I would change about the platform itself is that the class descriptions don’t list the gear you’ll need, so you should make sure you have all your gear nearby before you start the video. Not knowing what equipment is needed ahead of time was a downside for me. Although the workouts are designed to be changeable depending on the equipment you have, knowing what is going to be used ahead of time would help reduce the scrambling during class to get creative with the things you don’t have. not readily available.

I recommend this workout for:

  • Seriously motivated people who do well by following strict plans
  • Anyone willing to make a strong commitment to see a change in their body
  • Those who suffer from workout decision fatigue and want someone to tell them what to do

People who like to try celebrity-endorsed trendy workouts

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