I’m not just the reality TV mistress

From the nuanced dream of becoming a journalist to a career on TV, from the endless soap with Alex Belli to the wishes for his career. Soleil Sorge is told in the round in a long interview with Fanpage.it.

If there were the tools to draw up a ranking of the most talked about television characters in recent months, Soleil Rises he would not steal anything by placing himself on the podium. Miss Italy, Beijing Express, Men and Women, The Island of the Famous, GF Vip, her name is a record-breaking resume where the reality show voice dominates. But there is more, given the role of Soleil Sorge in the soap with Alex Belli, what beyond the gossip has been defined an excellent experiment of “soapization of reality “, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish the real from the fake. The familiarity with the small screen, the enormous firepower on social networks, the young age and the exotic nuances of speech, make Sorge a perfect prototype of the contemporary VIP, with further career ambitions that he told us in this long interview.

Influencer, TV face, columnist, reality lady. But what exactly do you do in life?

I work in the world of communication and entertainment, but I would not define myself as a mainly television character, precisely because my life is a set of things due to the evolution of our world.

So is television secondary to you?

Today TV certainly allows you to work, but it is not the permanent place to be except for the older characters. It is a great passion for me, however social networks allow a personalization of one’s world that expands the communication possibilities of each of us.

People talk about you as a journalist too, but is not registered in the register. Can you explain this to us?

It was a dream of mine to turn pro. From the moment I started working for magazines and also AS Roma, I found myself at a crossroads: to continue along the classic path, or to work with my image by collaborating with brands, which is something that journalism prevents you from. because in conflict with the profession. Faced with this choice I had to decide and, although journalism and writing remain my passion, I thought that my communication model could be different.

The fine line between reality and soap opera has been the backbone of your GF Vip. Did you perceive this construction from the inside?

Reality as a program decides to tell the reality of people put in a bubble, of whatever kind it is. Everything that happens is taken and compressed, as happens in a movie trailer, to collect the most interesting parts for the audience. I believe that the GF Vip was so passionate about it, but from inside we had no perception of it.

The authors seem to be the true soul of programs like GF Vip. How heavy is their “writing”?

It wasn’t the authors who wrote what we should do, but the opposite: they write on the basis of what happens in the program, be it a breakdown, a story, a fight. They go to catch the most interesting points and try to tell them in the most captivating way for the viewer, because let’s remember that we are still in the entertainment world.

Soleil Rises at GF Vip, 2021

Soleil Rises at GF Vip, 2021

What escapes, therefore, those who believe it is a beautiful and good play?

A fundamental factor to take into account are the conditions in which you are placed, extrapolated from everyday life, the comfort zones, the people you would ask for advice. These are conditions that create an increase in the perception of one’s emotions in the human being, making them more accelerated and intense. I also fell in love in one of these reality shows and it was an intense love that we felt even once we left the program.

If it’s not fiction, then what is a reality show?

It is an intensifier of emotions and I believe that the anthropological and behavioral interest within a reality show comes from exactly there. The comparison is a holiday with friends, when everything is more intense and accelerated. When you return to your everyday life it seems almost a dream, a distant reality from yours. But it brings a lot, the bonds you make in that context remain with you even when you return to everyday life.

Behaviors and constructed situations you will have seen for sure.

We often think of fiction in reality shows as a constructed situation and stories, which is very rare and paradoxical, because it is very complicated to build a situation out of nothing in that context. On the other hand, what can be distorted is the individual, a person who can decide to place himself in a certain way, rationing his own behaviors and smoothing them out to determine situations.

A few examples?

I think of Nathaly Caldonazzo, who came into the house with the express desire to provoke different people on different situations, certainly a bit for fun, since she was actually a very pleasant and interesting person. Another example is Patrizia Pellegrino, who entered with a very heavy clip with her leg stretched over me and then minimized everything when I introduced myself. In short, it is a direction that a person chooses to take independently, not at the behest of the authors. There are those who are better than others at creating situations, but it is more of a personal condition. A bit like in life.

Being lovable and nice, you don’t seem to care. Is that a fair impression?

Yes, I have no interest in being a necessarily nice and lovable person. I know I am, I know my strengths, but when I find myself in front of a comparison I don’t have the necessary need to be a sweet and good person. I grew up in a society where you always had to prove that you were worth and be something. Having reached “a certain age”, that is, no longer a child and having created my ego, I realized that I do not feel the need to demonstrate, but to be. If people understand it well, if they come up with another idea, that’s fine too. I’m interested in being myself.

After Miss Italia there were Men and Women, Beijing Express, The Island of the Famous, the GF Vip. Is reality a career?

It certainly is, because it gives you a way to get paid and work, but then reality shows end and it doesn’t necessarily give you the visibility, light and positioning you were looking for. I think they are an experience to do if you work in the entertainment world, but also in life regardless. Beijing Express, The Island of the Famous, I would recommend them to anyone. Even Big Brother, maybe not six months, are all paths that give you something and offer a possibility of inner deepening.

In competition at Miss Italia in 2014

In competition at Miss Italia in 2014

The one with Alex Belli was the soap opera of the year. What happened?

There was a beautiful relationship with a wonderful person that I would no doubt bring out into my life as a friend.

What changed then?

The commodification of our relationship, the constant wanting to reiterate this story of a possible triangle, when I had never been interested in having even a relationship with him beyond friendship, detached me, leaving me perplexed about the possibility that there was a search forced of certain situations. If our friendship is over it is because when you know a person and you become attached to them, some events make you change your mind about those people.

Are you sorry that it went like this?

Yes, undoubtedly.

Not even sporadic messages on Whatsapp now?

No, unlike many other people I have been in contact with, from Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano, to Katia Ricciarelli.

As far as the limit is concerned, your story has tickled the belly of the country, prompting the public to look out on topics such as “polyamory”. Was it wanted?

Absolutely yes, in our small and without presumption it was what we were trying to do, to be able to somehow shake up society in feeling free to love and be ourselves. We were aware of what was happening and I think I have to take responsibility if the whole affair between me and Alex has come at some point to communicate something wrong and wrong. When it comes to “polygamous love”, that was not necessarily the message. It would be fine if he was someone else’s role model, but he wasn’t mine.

Before joining GF Vip you said you were in a relationship with a mysterious character. Is this a continuing story?


Will it remain mysterious?

In a world where everyone is interested in creating love stories, I am interested in putting it aside and keeping it as private as it should be.

After Big Brother you are in La Pupa and the Nerdy. The transition from competitor to columnist now seems to be an automatism of the TV.

It doesn’t seem to me to happen very often. Surely there was the case of Tommaso Zorzi, who had great personality and irony, many factors for which he lent himself to the role for the Island. I think it is a direct consequence of what you show in a reality show, I tried to show myself at 360 degrees and I hoped an opportunity would come, that someone would also notice my working skills.

Competitor, then columnist. Management seems a natural consequence. Are you hoping for it?

It has always been my secret dream, from studies to tests in the bedroom, to lead for my soft toys, to the experiences as a moderator of recent years. Actually I hope so, I can’t wait.

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