Isa’s opinion on the ninth episode of the reality show

So, I’m honest, a little bit of the abandonment ofIsland 16 from Jeremias Rodriguez I am sorry.

Basically the Belen’s brother is one of those characters so angry, controversial and quarrelsome that, as you well know, I think it is useful to preserve to create spice in reality TV, especially in the early stages.

Precisely for this reason its release leaves me a little bitter in my mouth, because I think it was another month or so we would probably have seen the two factions slaughtering each other very soon to the sound of throwing rotten chariots.

Having said that, however, I find that in his interest the choice to leave was the best, indeed let’s say that probably the best choice ever would have been to not take part in yet another reality show. Self Jeremias with this Island he wanted popular approval and he wanted to prove that he is no longer the irascible and angry person known in previous reality shows, well, I would say that the mission is not quite successful, that’s it.

island 16

Maybe he didn’t have blatant and violent reactions but, here, I agree with him when he says he still has a lot of work to do. Yup, Jeremìyou still have a lot of work to do, maybe you will be ready in time for theIsland 26who knows.

Therefore, his choice to leave the program is legitimate (if I were a friend / relative / agent of his, I would have advised him to give up because little or no good was coming out, and considering that the reality show will last until the summer, with its release in the ninth episode people will no longer remember that he was a competitor in a few weeks), the whining about the burden of bearing the surname is less legitimate Rodriguez which forces him to be targeted by bad audiences for 15 years.

Now, assuming that obviously the web is full of shit (consider shit written in capital letters, because on social networks there is really disgust of disgust) and that any insult that goes beyond legitimate criticism is condemnable, but I am to the victimization of the poor Rodriguezforced to suffer the nasty comments of the envious audience, I can not attend.

If the whole family of Belen has become famous, with honors and burdens that this entails, it is because she WANTED to do it knowingly, it is useless Jeremias says he ‘found himself in the middle’ because, in short, it does not seem to me that various brothers and relatives of, he asked, Robert De Niro go to reality TV and end up on gossip magazines. Yet the surname DeNiro it’s just a pin heavier than the surname Rodriguez. The relatives of the Hollywood stars manage to maintain their privacy and their common life, even the Rodriguez.

If you do eighty reality shows each, share your life on social networks full of followers, and end up on the weekly magazine of Alfonso Signorine one cover yes and the other as well, you didn’t find yourself in the middle, you did everything to find yourself in the middle, which is different.

Then, I repeat and repeat, that the web is full of unjustifiable comments and beyond any logic is very true, but that so many people criticize Rodriguez simply because, perhaps, he considers their space on TV undeserved or the success obtained as a result of Belen, it seems legitimate to me. And, honestly, if you get all the pros of that success obtained as a result, you have to accept the cons too (always excluding the comments of the fools, but the fools also make black actors, writers, scientists and anyone who comes within range, so those must be circumscribed a priori). The victims of the system are definitely others, dear Jeremiascertainly not i Rodriguez.

island 16

Anyway, for himself and for his reputation he was right to leave, and it almost would have been good if he had brought dad with him too. Gustavo that yesterday in that televoting with Clemente Russo And Marco Cuculo it picked up just 5% of the votes, which even stuff Katia Ricciarelli he did a lot better, and that Mario Ermito he felt his one percent preference shake.

In all this I wonder how it is possible that in the current cast there are competitors to their 100th reality show, and instead we had to wait until 2022 to see for the first time Edoardo Tavassi!

I do not know if within a month I will end up not putting up with it, eh, in reality TV I do not exclude anything, it has happened to me so many times that I leave with so much enthusiasm for a competitor, only to end up not putting up with it, but he and Gwendolyn are OBJECTIVELY reality animals, and if Guenda I already knew her and it was already certain, Edward it was a wonderful surprise!

The most beautiful thing, in my opinion, of the brothers Tavassi is that on the one hand you see them really incarnate, involved, pissed off, on the other hand you have the conscious perception that in the end they don’t give a damn about anyone and are just there to have fun and make shows. I perceive an underlying lightness in them that makes me appreciate them completely because this is, in my opinion, the right spirit with which to participate in reality shows: do not hold back, have your say, argue if there is to fight, but do not take never too seriously, do not get angry to the point of losing control, do not get swallowed up in the dynamics of the program but be able to navigate on it while continuing to have fun.

For now I like them very much and it must also be said that they win pretty easy because, frankly, those who, in the other team, clash with them, are just differently nice.

But we want to talk about how hateful it is Estefania Bernal? Maaaaamma my!

island 16

Here aunt Lory Del Santo he had seen us long from the start, huh.

I do not know about you but I, after the discussion had why the team of Tiburon in gne gne gne children mode, she had started to enjoy dinner, complete with delightful verses, next to the other team left on an empty stomach, I really had itchy hands when the Bernalafter winning the reward test, he repeated the scene starting to grumble of enjoyment for the Honduran casatiello in the face of the other team left with an empty stomach.

I mean, but you were told a second ago that it is not nice to envy others who are in extreme conditions and practically do not eat a cabbage, and you do it again a minute later?

I don’t know, I find it just unbearable, a viper. Obviously, precisely because she is unbearable and a viper I don’t want to eliminate her, eh, but she and her pseudo-boyfriend of hers, who in terms of her personality plays with it. Cuckoofor me they are just a concentrate of poison.

island 16

And of Blind do we want to talk about it? Another mega blunder I took!

He seemed so expensive when he showed up and instead maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamma mia! For heaven’s sake, I continue to have maximum respect for his past and his past, but until now in this one Island nothing else seemed to me other than the cavalier servente di Jeremias. A little boy with little character who, in order to stand out, has to strengthen himself by putting himself next to the most dominant personalities. I’m just so curious to see what happens now that the Rodrguez Jr took flight to Malpensa, let’s see if the verve of Blind it will remain intact or return to its shell waiting for another strong personality to cling to.

In nomination Estefania And Roger (but when do these two separate them? They are already unbearable individually, the combo is really lethal) that in any case I hope they do not come out because I want to see to what extent they can make themselves hateful, the country cousin woe to those who touch me because it is so outsiderso for his f ** ks, so disconnected from everything and everyone, that I have completely adopted it (we also add that if they had not been so uselessly fussy with the regulation, yesterday he had also had the stroke of genius during the mud test ), Ilona Stallerwho has to stay just because of the way he smacked his teammates live by saying that ‘what I’m sick and tired is an excuse they use to name me and come out clean‘and, instead, maybe I would sacrifice Marco Senisewho is actually another potential character to me trashone and polemic, but if he has really fasted for days and does not even eat rice, I agree with Edward that ‘we could not make it to the end of Ghandi‘.

Much, as usual, are the usual useless eliminations in which no one comes out but we find them doing ping pong between one island and another at least for another 2/3 episodes. I’m so sleepy.

In all this, however, the reality show has (incomprehensibly) extended it by a month. Another month of semi-fasting for sti poracci. I already have some, like Nicolas VaporidisI see them very thin and very tried, I do not dare to think how those who started the program in March and already seem dying in April could arrive at the end of June.

island 16

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