“Island of the famous 2022”, the story of the ninth episode

These days the rules have changed: the Cucaracha and Tiburon teams are no longer divided, they are united with only one fire to manage, but this has only increased the tensions. We immediately connect with the Palapa where Alvin explains how today there are 41 degrees and no wind. In a video you can see how in recent days the Tiburons have had to give up the fire for 24 hours due to an infringement by Nic. At this the Cucaracha exulted, an attitude that the members of the Tiburon did not like at all. At the center of the controversy especially Estefania, Roger and Blind, who blew Edoardo’s nerves.


– The tension between Edoardo and Blind is skyrocketing but Tavassi is convinced that Jeremias is actually fomenting the boy. According to Guendalina, then everyone has a bit of “the terror of going against” Rodriguez, considered “a power”. Roger himself would be afraid to contradict Jeremias even though he didn’t like him at first. An accusation obviously rejected by the directly concerned.


– Ilary calls Rodriguez in the nomination zone. He says he is feeling a little better and has calmed down. A clip is shown in which he confessed, saying he felt hurt by certain criticisms. He remembers missing for three years to solve personal problems and his anger management. He denies that he is still an aggressive person. “Maybe I’m just hurt and that pain turns him into a face of a str …” he said, reiterating that he is no longer an aggressive person. Back live Jeremias reiterates that his current attitude is only a shield to defend himself.


– It is time to compete for food, which in this case is a “Hunduran casatiello” … It is a question of having to reach a platform in the middle of the sea by walking on poles that are constantly moved by one’s companions. Nicolas and Laura face off. It is Maddaloni who wins and so the Tiburon team eats.


– On Playa Sgamada Marco has shown unexpected resources in recent weeks. Tonight he will be faced with an important challenge. Tonight two members of Play Sgamada will be back in the game: one will be chosen by the public, the other could be Lory if Marco manages to do 12 laps of the island in less than 23 minutes.


– While Marco is running Ilary returns to the Palapa to address the issue of the rupture of relations between Estefania and Guendalina. After the last nominations Estefania blamed Gwendolyn, claiming that her friend (or presumed one of hers) had told her that they had all agreed to vote for Licia, a claim denied by Tavassi. Meanwhile, Marco has completed his challenge and Lory will return to Playa Palapa. We return to the discussion and Licia intervenes claiming that in her opinion the other group had no intention of voting for her.


– The televoting ends and it is time to find out the verdict of the public. Between Jeremias and the Roger-Estefania couple, the castaway who must abandon the Palapa is Jeremias who will then go to Playa Sgamada. Before leaving he leaves his Judas kiss, which is worth a nomination, to Gwendolyn.


– With Lory ready to return to Playa Palapa, Ilary opens a flash televoting between Gustavo, Clemente and Marco to decide who will leave with Del Santo.


– In the last episode Carmen clearly won the resistance challenge against her son. Some of Alessandro’s companions criticized Carmen’s choice not to let her son win by allowing him to eat. In addition, poor Carmen was the victim of a joke made by Edoardo, which forced her to turn for over an hour in search of a non-existent leaf with the mirage of hood and croissant as a prize.


– New confrontation between the teams, with the prize this time the coffee with the mocha. The test consists in carrying as much mud as possible by soaking in a tub and then being “squeezed” by a partner. The Cucaracha team begins, with Carmen, Nick, Guendalina and Edoardo busy collecting mud and being squeezed by Nicolas. For the Tiburon Alessandro, Roger, Laura, Blind and Estefania get muddy, squeezed by Licia. At the weight of the tubs that of the Tiburones is decidedly heavier. So the coffee and the mocha win. In addition, Lory and Marco arrive from the sea and the Tiburons have to decide who to take with them and who to leave to their opponents: they take Marco and so Lory goes with Cucaracha.


– In the last two episodes Ilary did not let Federico, the boyfriend of Guendalina, speak, who is now very worried. La Blasi connects with the Snake Lair where Edoardo and Guendalina are and tells Gwendolyn that there is some news for her. She begins to cry, while Edoardo laughs heartily. There is a tent with a surprise for Gwendolyn but in order to discover it she has to shave her brother’s chest and armpits. She opens the curtain and does not find Federico as she thought but a monitor with a video message from her boyfriend.


– Two leaders will be crowned tonight, one from each team. It was the public who chose who should be challenged. For the Tiburon Alessandro, Estefania and Licia. For the Cucaracha Guendalina, Nicolas and Edoardo. This is the classic endurance test, hanging by the arms. The Tiburons begin: the first to give up is Estefania, followed by Alessandro. Licia is therefore the leader. Now it’s the turn of the Cucaracha. Edoardo falls first, the heaviest, followed by Gwendolyn. Nicolas is the leader.


– Meanwhile, Jeremias arrives on the other island and finds his father Gustavo and Clemente. Time to arrive and Jeremias announces that he wants to leave the island because he wants to go home and hug his girlfriend again. Everyone tries to convince him, but he is adamant and greets everyone.


– Licia and Marco had a hard time integrating into the group, especially for some clashes with Blind and Roger. Marco tries to dilute, saying that he has clarified with Blind and that in this period shooting is easy for everyone.


– We start with the Tiburon team. Alessandro secretly votes Ilona. Estefania and Roger also draw the secret ballot and give it to Staller too, but first Roger bursts into a long cry thinking about his son who turns 11 today. A Blind touches the obvious nomination and he too makes the name of Ilona. Laura also touches the obvious nomination and aligns herself with the others on Ilona’s name. Two secret nominations remain: Ilona herself, who votes for Laura. She is then joined by Licia with whom she has established a very close friendship. Marco, always in secret, votes Ilona. We move on to Cucaracha: Carmen begins, who votes for Marco in a secret way. Guendalina also fishes the coconut of the secret nomination and she also names Marco. The first obvious nomination goes to Nick who names Marco. Lory also makes the obvious nomination and indicates Edoardo. Marco instead votes Carmen in secret. Edoardo also mentions Marco’s name. So Ilona and Marco go into nomination to which are added the nominated by the leaders who are Roger and Estefania and Nick.

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