Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, all who are coming out of the process

“From Cinderella I became Quasimodo”. If we were in the cinema, for such an interpretation, Johnny Depp would probably have competed for the Oscar again. The problem is that the transformation took place in the courtrooms, during two highly anticipated hearings in which the actor was called to testify in the context of the defamation complaint filed against his ex-wife Amber Heard regarding the allegations of violence. housekeeper. “Never hit a woman in my life,” he began on the stand in Fairfax, Virginia, just outside Washington. The former Pirate of the Caribbean had sued Heard for 50 million dollars disputing an opinion article signed by her on the Washington Post which exposed an experience of domestic violence suffered, without ever mentioning Depp but with clear references to their relationship. A civil trial where Heard’s lawyers have described Depp as an abusive partner and often a drug and alcohol addict, while the actor’s lawyers have pitted against a version of the ex-wife that would be essentially false and focused on ruining his reputation. Both Tuesday and last Wednesday, faced with the questions that have pressed him, Depp has always reiterated that he feels innocent, indeed, in some ways a victim: “I have never beaten Amber in that way, nor have I ever beaten a woman in life my. They were six difficult years, in which one day you are Cinderella and in a microsecond you become the Hunchback of Notre-Dame ».

But this process is just the umpteenth episode – almost a spin-off – of the story that led the couple of actors to face each other to the sound of stamped papers and, consequently, to reveal step by step the most intimate (and sometimes disturbing aspects). ) of their relationship. So let’s try to recap the salient passages of what emerged in the latest hearings.

When Amber Heart revealed she was a victim of violence
During the first session on April 12, the actress’s lawyers said the evidence would prove Depp’s repeated physical and sexual assaults on his ex-wife, and provided extremely shocking details. As the lawyer spoke, Depp shook his head. Subsequently, the star’s spokesperson denied the allegations: “These fictitious claims were never made at the start of Amber’s 2016 allegations and only surfaced years later, once she was sued for defamation after arguing in the her editorial that she was a victim of sexual assault, ”he said referring to the article written by the actress for the Washington Post in 2018, in which he defined himself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”.

Johnny Depp, his relationship with drugs and alcohol and the artfully edited case
Over the past couple of days, as Johnny Depp was heard in the dock, other critical details about the actor’s life and the relationship between the two have surfaced. On Tuesday, April 19, Depp also clarified the relationship with drug or drug abuse: “I took these substances intermittently to calm myself from the ghosts, from the ghosts that were still with me from my youth.” And he went on to explain that they were essential to be able to escape from their personal problems. He told the court that he started using drugs when he was very young, recalling taking “nerve pills” at the age of 11, to “escape the worry and emotions” and the “chaotic nature” of his family life. But he insisted he never took drugs to “party”. Not a detail, given that according to him Heard would have used his drug addiction to create an artfully edited case: “I’m not a maniac who always needs to be high.” While on alcohol abuse he explained that it was a reason for repeated differences with Heard herself: «She has always been quite brutal in telling me that I should stop drinking. She said I was a weakling, a complete disaster. An alcoholic who only knows how to screw things up. His need for conflict and violence exploded out of nowhere. I learned to deal with it as I dealt with things as a child, by withdrawing ».

“I’m obsessed with the truth”
Again on Tuesday, when asked by his lawyers, Depp made it clear that “the truth is the only thing that interests me”, and addressed his ex-wife directly: “The lies will get you nowhere, but the lies will they are based on lies and lies “and admitted that now” I am obsessed with the truth. ” At the same time, he denied ever having been violent with Heard or any other woman, as the actress accused him of beating, choking, kicking her on several occasions during their relationship, and that he would once have sexually assaulted during a fight in Australia in 2015.

Career concerns
In reconstructing the phases of the love affair with Heard, Johnny Depp explained that, from a working point of view, he felt finished after the accusations that were addressed to him and re-launched by all the media: “After the accusations they made Around the world, people believed I was a threat, a cocaine-fueled drunk who beat women. After such accusations, my career is over ». For this reason, beyond how he will end the trial, he declared that the outcome does not matter much to him, “since those accusations have turned into a fodder for the media, I have lost. I lost and will carry those accusations around me for the rest of my life. “

The severed finger and the “letter with blood” written on the house wall
The next day, Wednesday, April 20, the most splatter reconstruction of the whole affair took place, urged by Heard’s lawyers. And that is the description of how Johnny Depp was close to a nervous breakdown after cutting off his finger with a bottle of vodka during a violent altercation with his ex-partner. According to the reconstruction, Amber Heard threw the glass at the actor, causing him to partially sever the tip of his finger. Depp always claimed he cut himself in a door. And the photographs were also shown. “The finger was like the erupting Vesuvius,” he explained while recalling that, according to his reconstruction of him, the incident would have taken place in 2015 in Australia, where the couple were during the filming of the last Pirates of the Caribbean. A rather macabre revelation, as the actor added that he used the blood that oozed from his finger to write “little memories of Amber’s lies” with the blood on the walls of the house where the couple was staying at the time: “The blood was gushing and I think I’ve entered a kind of, I don’t know, a kind of nervous breakdown. Nothing made sense to me. I lied to everyone because I didn’t want anyone to know that it was Mrs. Heard who threw a bottle of vodka at me and cut my finger. I didn’t want to get her into trouble. ‘

The tattoo dedicated to Winona Ryder
Amber Heard stated that Johnny Depp allegedly beat her because one day she felt mocked after she pointed out the weirdness of a tattoo initially dedicated to ex-partner, “Winona Forever”, which the actor had changed to “Wino Forever. “. But the episode was denied by the actor: «It never happened. Why should I be so offended by someone making fun of my tattoo? This accusation makes no sense. I have never considered violence necessary ».

The poop gate
In his trial testimony Wednesday, Johnny Depp blamed Amber Heard for the fecal matter found on the bed after an argument in which he said he would leave her. The ex-wife allegedly blamed her dogs Pistol and Boo for the incident, an explanation Depp said he found ridiculous: “At first I laughed,” Depp explained. “It was all so bizarre and grotesque that I could only react like that.” And then: «They are Teacup Yorkies, they think less than two kilos each. I lived with them, I collected their shit, it wasn’t their stuff, ”he added. The dispute he is referring to is that over Heard’s 30th birthday on April 21, 2016 in one of their penthouses in Los Angeles. It seems that Depp was more than an hour late to the celebration dinner due to a meeting with his financial advisors: they had just told him that “too much money was gone” from his accounts and he was in worse economic conditions. than he believed. Depp said he texted Heard, informing her of her delay. In response, she would ask him to retrieve the wine and weed before introducing himself. After dinner, he explained that he received the silence treatment because he was late and for other reasons. Depp recalled not responding and, when Heard hit him, he would grab her by her shoulders, sit on the bed, and announce that he was leaving. The actor testified that Heard would punch him in the face repeatedly as she tried to get out, but that he would eventually leave her in her apartment as she left to return to her home in the Hollywood Hills. Knowing that Heard would be leaving with his friends for Coachella, Depp believed the next day would be a good time to go back to the penthouse and retrieve his belongings, but when he told his bodyguard to take him there, he The latter claimed it was a bad idea and showed him a photograph sent by his housekeeper: “It was a photograph of the bed, our bed,” Depp recalled. “And on my side of the bed was human fecal matter.”

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