Live Atalanta – Verona: 0-2 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Gewiss Stadium
    City: Bergamo
    Capacity: 26724 spectators19:21

    Gewiss Stadium
  • At the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo everything is ready for Atalanta-Verona, a match valid for the 33rd matchday of Serie A.19:21

  • The Orobics, returning from two consecutive defeats in the league, are called to a prompt reaction after the elimination in the quarter-finals of the Europa League.19:28

  • The Scaligeri, currently placed in the middle of the table at 45 points, come from the setback suffered away from Inter.19:30

  • ATALANTA (3-4-3) OFFICIAL TRAINING: Musso – Scalvini, Demiral, Palomino – Hateboer, De Roon, Koopmeiners, Zappacosta – Boga, Malinovskyi, Zapata. Available: Rossi, Sportiello, Cittadini, Muriel, Freuler, Pezzella, Djimsiti, Mihaila, Pessina, Miranchuk, Pasalic. Herdsman Gian Piero Gasperini.20:13

  • VERONA (3-4-2-1) OFFICIAL TRAINING: Montipò – Casale, Gunter, Ceccherini – Faraoni, Tameze, Ilic, Lazovic – Barak, Caprari – Simeone. Available: M. Chiesa, Depaoli, Frabotta, Sutalo, Cancellieri, Praszelik, Retsos, Hongla, Veloso, Bessa, Lasagna. Herdsman Igor Tudor20:14

  • After the knockouts against Sassuolo and Napoli in the last two days of the championship, Atalanta could lose three consecutive Serie A matches for the first time in the Gasperini era (since 2016/17). The Goddess in general has not remedied at least three consecutive defeats in the tournament since January 2016 (four, with Edoardo Reja on the bench).19:23

  • The last time these two teams met in Bergamo in the second round of Serie A, Verona won: 1-2 on 19 April 2014, with goals from Massimo Donati, Luca Toni and German Denis.19:22

  • Gian Piero Gasperini relies on the trident made up of Boga, Malinovskyi and Zapata. Still absent Ilicic, Freuler, Mæhle and Toloi, Muriel and Pessina sit on the bench.21:01

  • Igor Tudor recovers Barak and places him in the offensive trident together with Caprari behind Simeone. Coppola and Dawidowicz unavailable, starting from the Veloso bench.20:16

  • Marco Piccinini directs the meeting assisted by the assistants Davide Imperiale and Damiano Margani. The fourth official is Matteo Gariglio. The Var couple is formed by Michael Fabbri and Alessandro Lo Cicero.19:25

  • 1 ‘

    LET’S GO! The first half of Atalanta-Verona begins. The first ball is managed by the guests.21:02

  • 2′

    Caprari with the heel looks for Barak from before, the development of the action goes out in the bud.21:04

  • 3 ‘

    Tameze tries to send the ball into the area towards Barak, Palomino is ready and completes the disengagement.21:05

  • 4 ‘

    Boga enters the penalty area, Faraoni reads everything in advance and stops the former Sassuolo.21:06

  • 6 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! Zapata fishes Malinovskyi well with a through ball, the Ukrainian returns to the left-handed but finds the prompt response of a superlative Montipò! Atalanta very close to the advantage network.21:10

  • 7 ‘

    Zapata physically looms large in the aerial duel without hitting the ball well in the heart of the area.21:09

  • 8 ‘

    Günter becomes the protagonist of an excellent defensive reading by neutralizing Boga.21:11

  • 9 ‘

    WARNED Günter for a hold from behind on Zapata.21:11

  • 10 ‘

    Malinovskyi draws a parable stretched in the middle on the development of a free kick, the visiting rear guard wisely takes refuge for a corner.21:12

  • 12 ‘

    Demiral promptly docks Simeone and goes back to Musso.21:13

  • 13 ‘

    Zappacosta takes the bottom and crosses from the left lane, Casale is attentive and stands out on everyone with his head, clearing the area.21:14

  • 14 ‘

    Caprari sows panic with a dangerous ball inside which Atalanta is saved with difficulty.21:15

  • 15 ‘

    Wonderful restart of Atalanta led by De Roon, Zappacosta tries the conclusion with the plate but does not worry Montipò.21:19

  • 15 ‘

    Unrealistic shot by Malinovskyi from a distance: the ball goes well out of the mirror.21:18

  • 16 ‘

    Ilic chokes the shot from the edge despite having a lot of space around him, Musso grabs without problems.21:20

  • 18 ‘

    Good pace on both sides in this first part of the game.21:19

  • 19 ‘

    Caprari aims the door and tries a pocket at Barak’s address, Demiral understands everything with great anticipation and intercepts the ball by letting his team restart.21:22

  • 21 ‘

    WARNED Casale, guilty of having spread his arm by hitting Malinovskyi on the momentum.21:23

  • 22 ‘

    Atalanta manages possession, Verona lowers the center of gravity.21:24

  • 23 ‘

    Tameze protects the ball well and unloads towards Caprari, who kicks high with his left-handed.21:25

  • 24 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Lazovic serves a ball to kiss on the far post, Pharaohs comes out from behind and slips to hit the post!21:27

  • 25 ‘

    WARNED Palomino for a foul on Ceccherini.21:37

  • 26 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Caprari kicks the free kick from the edge and touches the top of the crossbar.21:28

  • 27 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Simeone frees himself well on a deep ball and seriously engages Musso at the near post!21:29

  • 28 ‘

    Verona presses on the accelerator and puts a strain on the defensive resistance of the orobics.21:30

  • 29 ‘

    Günter pardoned by the referee for a detention on Zapata. The defender already booked risks a double yellow card and Tudor opts for a substitution in order to avoid remaining outnumbered.21:31

  • 30 ‘

    REPLACEMENT VERONA: Günter exits, Šutalo enters.21:32

  • 31 ‘

    WARNED Malinovskyi for a foul on Caprari.20:32

  • 32 ‘

    Malinovskyi medicated in the knee for the previous game tackle.21:35

  • 34 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ATALANTA: Exit Malinovskyi, enter Miranchuk.21:36

  • 35 ‘

    Simeone charges with his head down and ignores Pharaohs on the opposite side.21:36

  • 37 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! Koopmeiners puts his head well on Zapata, who by first intention turns towards the goal and goes one step away from the net of the advantage.21:40

  • 39 ‘

    Race more fragmented and less intensity in the last minutes.21:41

  • 40 ‘

    Palomino helps Scalvini and closes on Simeone effectively with a perfect timing.21:42

  • 42 ‘

    Zappacosta remains on the ground after being accidentally kicked in the face by Pharaohs.21:44

  • 43 ‘

    Zappacosta returns to the field with gauze to stop the bleeding.21:45

  • 44 ‘

    Boga wedges himself in the area leaving Ceccherini in place in speed and serves an interesting ball to Hateboer, who tries in vain to frame the mirror of the goal from a tight angle.21:47

  • 45 ‘

    Three minutes of recovery.21:51

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    GOAL! Atalanta 0-1 VERONA. Sniper Network. Simeone overtakes Musso with the scrape, Ceccherini all alone in the heart of the small area heads into the net and carries Verona forward!

    Look at the player’s card Federico Ceccherini21:51

    Federico Ceccherini
  • 45 ‘+ 4’

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! Demiral smoothes the ball in the area, Zapata takes advantage of it but finds a deviation on his own shooting line with the ball ending in the side.21:52

  • 45 ‘+ 5’

    FIRST HALF END: Atalanta-Verona 0-1. The first fraction is decided by the network at the end of Ceccherini.21:53

  • The first half ends substantially balanced with the guests who unlock the partial thanks to the goal scored by Ceccherini on the excellent flash of Simeone. Both teams often go to the shooting range and create several scoring chances without making the most of the opportunities. Bravo Verona after a couple of hit woods to move forward.22:01

  • In the second half, Atalanta will have to try not to get discouraged and find the common thread after a negative period. The Bergamo players will need the quality of his attacking men to straighten a very complex game well prepared by Tudor. Verona is instead called upon to produce the same amount of play to seek the goal of doubling by taking advantage of the high defensive line of the hosts.22:10

  • 46 ‘

    THE RECOVERY BEGINS, it restarts from 0-1 in the first half.22:08

  • 47 ‘

    Miranchuk aims for the far post, the ball passes between Ceccherini’s legs and ends on the side.22:10

  • 48 ‘

    Excellent play by Caprari, able to jump De Roon and get a foul from a very inviting position.22:11

  • 49 ‘

    Lazovic brushes the cross, Demiral removes the danger of head anticipating Ceccherini.22:12

  • 50 ‘

    Zappacosta takes the left lane and proposes to the center, no companion in tow arrives in time at the suggestion of the outside.22:14

  • 52 ‘

    Easy to read scheme of the orobics, Montipò comes out in a safe grip on the slow cross made by Koopmeiners.22:15

  • 54 ‘

    Solo action by Boga, who jumps three Verona players with a serpentine only to make the last choice wrong.22:20

  • 55 ‘

    GOAL! Atalanta 0-2 VERONA. Own Goal by Koopmeiners. Excellent triangle between Tameze and Ilic, who penetrates the area and forces Musso to overtime at the exit: unfortunately the carom ball on Koopmeiners who throws it into his own goal.

    Look at the player’s card Teun Koopmeiners22:21

    Teun Koopmeiners
  • 56 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ATALANTA: Exit Boga, enter Muriel.22:21

  • 56 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ATALANTA: Hateboer comes out, Pezzella enters.22:21

  • 57 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ATALANTA: Exit Demiral, enter Djimsiti.22:21

  • 58 ‘

    Koopmeiners is booked for a foul on Tameze.22:21

  • 59 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Choral action of the guests who drunk the Atalanta defense: Lazovic devours the 3-0 goal close to Musso! Simeone a few seconds later finds the outside of the head net.22:24

  • 61 ‘

    Ilic slips in the key moment when he loads the shot directed towards the goal.22:26

  • 63 ‘

    Atalanta has suffered the backlash and are in great difficulty.22:26

  • 65 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! On the development of a corner beaten by Muriel, Palomino crushes his head but Montipò relaxes and saves the goal.22:30

  • 67 ‘

    WARNED Ceccherini for an impetuous foul on Muriel.22:30

  • 68 ‘

    On a straight cross in the center, Djimsiti spiked with an unsuccessful header.22:31

  • 69 ‘

    Zapata changes the game towards Muriel, the Verona rearguard is attentive and limits the offensive plot of the Bergamo players.22:33

  • 70 ‘

    Tameze disengages on the lane and dishes the sphere in the middle, Djimsiti intervenes and avoids worse troubles.22:34

  • 71 ‘

    REPLACEMENT VERONA: Ceccherini exits, Veloso enters.22:35

  • 73 ‘

    Atalanta goes all in and tries to push on the accelerator.22:36

  • 75 ‘

    Koopmeiners makes a cross halfway between Zapata and Pezzella, Montipò makes the big voice in the small area and wins the ball.22:41

  • 76 ‘

    Exceptional coverage by Tameze, able to snatch the ball from Zapata and get himself a foul.22:40

  • 78 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Simeone exits, Lasagna enters.22:40

  • 78 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Lazović exits, Depaoli enters.22:41

  • 78 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Caprari exits, Hongla enters.22:41

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