LIVE MN – Inter-Milan (3-0): Rossoneri out of the Italian Cup

LIVE MN - Inter-Milan (3-0): Rossoneri out of the Italian Cup

Defeat difficult to digest, once again the Rossoneri create a lot but do not affect. The goal problem continues, a very cynical Inter takes advantage of it: after Lautaro Martinez’s brace in the first half of the game, Gosens (or Kalulu’s own goal) closes it. In between, many opportunities for Leao and his teammates, and even a goal canceled against Bennacer. Reluctantly, however, Mariani’s call seems to be right, Kalulu at the time of the Algerian’s shot is in an offside position and is in the eye of the Nerazzurri goalkeeper. 3-0 quite a liar but which highlights all the problems of the team’s last period: when the defensive solidity was lacking, the formation of Mr. Pioli was unable to put the match back on the right tracks. Milan eliminated from the Italian Cup, Inter goes to the final.

96‘The match ends, Milan eliminated from the Italian Cup.

96‘Milan still one step away from the goal. Blow from outside of Theo, ball to the side.

95‘Another goal missed by Milan, yet another match. Krunic cross from the left, Giroud heads his head and Handanovic watches as the ball comes out by a whisker. It is definitely not the evening of the Rossoneri who cannot even find the goal of the flag.

ninety two‘Another great opportunity Kessie missed. From a very favorable position he lets go a half-shuffled shot that doesn’t find the door.

91‘Tomori was warned for a foul on Barella.

90‘There will be six minutes of injury time.

89‘A very good opportunity for Messias from a super favorable position, the Brazilian instead shoots at Handanovic.

87‘Cross from Theo’s left for Giroud, the Frenchman can’t find the goal from a few meters.

85‘Change for Milan: outside Rafael Leao, inside Marko Lazetic. Absolute debut with the Rossoneri shirt for the Serbian born in 2004.

84‘Leao tries an unlikely cross from the right winger, the ball that arrives lemme lemme in the arms of Handanovic.

83‘It could instead be an own goal by Kalulu, who had desperately sacrificed himself to counter the opponent. Hard to tell from the pictures.

82Inter goals. Brozovic goes to the bottom and puts in the middle for Gosens: the German with an empty net can’t be wrong. The match closed, the Nerazzurri in the final.

77‘Double change for Inter: out of Bastoni and Perisic, in D’Ambrosio and Gosens. Physical problems for defender number 95.

75‘Cross by Leao for Giroud, Bastoni intervenes but leaves the ball in the middle: Messias pounces on the ball but ends inaccurately with his head.

74‘Change for Inter: outside Calhanoglu, inside Vidal.

73‘Double change for Milan: outside Bennacer and Calabria, inside Krunic and Gabbia.

71‘Brahim Diaz unleashed, impregnable across the board. He reaches the limit and serves Theo on the left, but the Frenchman’s cross is inaccurate. On the overturning of the front, Kalulu’s major intervention on Calhanoglu.

70‘Double change for Inter: out Lautaro and Correa, in Dzeko and Sanchez.

68‘Goal disallowed for offside by Kalulu which according to Mariani influenced Handanovic’s vision. However, the Nerazzurri goalkeeper remained completely motionless, as usual.

66‘Amazing goal from Bennacer but Mariani goes to VAR.

65‘Bennacer leaves, barrier. Punishment kicked badly, wasted opportunity.

64‘Diaz between the lines, dribbling and foul conquered. Free kick from the edge for Milan.

61‘Madness of Messias who loses an incredible ball in attack and gives Inter the counterattack: Theo returns and closes in speed.

60‘AC Milan forcing, but the Rossoneri players’ conclusions crash on the Nerazzurri wall.

58‘Great play by Brahim Diaz who fights with Perisic and recovers the ball in attack: ball in the middle, the Nerazzurri defense takes refuge in the corner.

56‘Rossoneri who are struggling to make themselves dangerous forward despite the two goals to recover. Inter closes with effectiveness and serenity.

53‘Leao eats Calhanoglu in dribbling and starts on the counterattack: ball to Kessie who incredibly slips. Disastrous match of the Ivorian.

51‘Inter counterattack with Lautaro: the Argentine enters the area and shoots, Maignan takes refuge in the corner.

50‘Important leap from Brahim who leaves Calhanoglu on the spot and asks Giroud for one two: Skriniar fouls AC Milan’s number 10, booked.

48‘Milan punishment from the trocar. Theo beats, Kessie spits with his head: Handanovic blocks without problems.

46‘Leao’s incomprehensible opening for Messias, ball directly into a lateral foul.

46‘The recovery begins. First ball for Inter.

– Double change for Milan: out of Saelemaekers and Tonali, in Messias and Brahim Diaz.

The first forty-five minutes were two-faced for the Rossoneri: immediately below with Lautaro’s right-footed shot, they tried to manage the ball while waiting for an opening. Inter ends well and Milan is never dangerous until half an hour. Then Leao and Theo light up and dangers arise: Handanovic, Skriniar and Perisic miraculously save the Nerazzurri. Nerazzurri who find the second goal in the final, always with Lautaro: Correa serves him in depth, Tomori misses the offside and the Argentine all alone in the area beats an innocent Maignan.

47‘End of the first half.

46‘Problems for Bennacer who remains on the ground after chasing Perisic across the board. After a few seconds the Algerian resumes.

45‘There will be a minute of recovery.

43‘After having missed the draw on several occasions, Milan now find themselves two points down. Rossoneri who continue to pay for the great imprecision, unfortunately become a habit, in the last meters.

40Inter goals. Lautaro face to face with Maignan is not wrong. Another sleep from Tomori who leaves the Argentine center forward in play.

39‘Incredible percussion by Theo, who asks for one two and enters the area: closed, puts in the middle, Kessie arrives but Perisic saves on the line.

35‘Calhanoglu cross, pushes the Rossoneri defense away. On the rejected Barella tries the great volley, high above the crossbar.

34‘Incomprehensible decision by Mariani: Theo makes a phenomenal recovery on Correa to the limit, with the Argentine tripping the Rossoneri full-back. The referee reverses the foul and warns the AC Milan player.

33‘Leao points Darmian on the wing, jumps him cleanly and is knocked down by the Nerazzurri: still no yellow card.

31‘Milan one step away from a draw. Great recovery by Tonali on Barella, the number 8 sorts it for Leao who goes into the area and puts her back in the middle: Sandro always arrives with the platter, the conclusion with a sure shot is deflected by Giroud’s back. Wasted opportunity, what bad luck.

30‘On Theo’s cross he pushes the defense away, Saelemaekers tries the volley and hits it very well from the edge: Handanovic is saved in some way.

29‘Foul by Perisic sliding on Theo on the edge of the area. Blatant protests by the Croatian who even goes hard with the referee: Mariani chooses not to extract any card.

27‘Milan close to scoring with Leao! High recovery by the Rossoneri, ball to the Portuguese who enters the area, goes to the left and shoots on Handanovic’s foot. He could have finished better, ball for a corner.

25‘Leao tries to break through on the left with a shot in speed: the Nerazzurri tripled him and neutralized him.

24‘Leao tries to take advantage of an imprecision of the Nerazzurri defense, but Handanovic comes out in time and moves away.

23‘Rossoneri struggling to manage the ball.

21‘Great recovery by Kalulu on Calhanoglu, then the Nerazzurri number 20 commits a foul. Correa gets nervous for no reason and takes it out on Calabria, Mariani restores calm on the pitch.

20‘Lautaro dribbles Kessie on the trocar, the Ivorian knocks him out. Dangerous penalty for Inter. Calhanoglu tries, ball on the barrier.

19‘Scheme on a free kick that fails, then Theo recovers the ball in attack with Lautaro letting himself go: for the referee it is a foul.

18‘Leao misses two in midfield, knocked out by Barella: do it. Then Correa goes after Kessie when the game is stopped and ends up on the ground. Quite avoidable Argentine script.

16‘Excellent exchanges between Kessie, Leao, Tonali and Giroud, with the Frenchman who throws the number 79 deep: the control in the area of ​​the midfielder is, however, of the horror ones, and the ball ends out. Potential wasted opportunity.

14‘Calhanoglu shot from outside, Calabria deflects for a corner. Previously Tonali had remained on the ground for a stomp, a “step on foot”, by Skriniar. The referee continued, making a mistake: the Slovakian’s intervention was also punishable with a yellow card.

12‘Milan counterattack with Kessie and Saelemaekers: the Belgian serves the midfielder in depth, who tries the surprise shot from a tight angle in the penalty area. Strong shot but the ball ends up only on the outside of the net on the pole of a careful Handanovic.

9‘Nice exchange by the Rossoneri on the opponent’s trocar, with the ball reaching Theo on the left: the Frenchman’s cross, however, is slow and inaccurate. No problem for the opposing rearguard.

8 ‘ Rossoneri who seem to have suffered the blow. Milan who now holds possession, Inter are waiting compactly ready to restart. Really difficult game start.

6‘Cross from Kessie from the right to Giroud, Skriniar closes for a corner. Milan trying a timid reaction after the goal suffered cold. Nothing done on the corner.

4‘The hypothesis of extra time lapses: with this Inter goal the match will be decided, in one way or another, within 90 minutes.

3 ‘Inter goal. Lautaro Martinez with a right-footed shot inside the penalty area. Very strong blow, nothing to do for Maignan who he had tried to divert.

2‘Very first kicks of the match, the two teams study.

1 ‘ Kick-off of Mariani, the Derby begins! The first ball of this return semi-final is for Milan.

– The two teams enter the field: AC Milan uniform, classic Nerazzurri shirt for Inter.

Friends and friends of MilanNews.itwelcome to San Siro! It is the evening of Derby della Madonnina, Inter And Milan compete in the second leg semi-final of Cup Italy after the 0-0 first leg! A very hot and eagerly awaited match, 90 minutes (or more), which are worth a final and which could also lead to the championship where the championship fight is closer than ever! Stay with us and with our live text to not miss the emotions of the match, from the first minute to the final whistle!


INTER (3-5-2): Handanovič; Škriniar, de Vrij, Batons; Darmian, Barella, Brozović, Çalhanoğlu, Perišić; Correa, Martínez. TO avail.: Radu; D’Ambrosio, Dimarco, Dumfries, Ranocchia; Gagliardini, Gosens, Vecino, Vidal; Caicedo, Džeko, Sánchez. Annex.: Inzaghi.

AC MILAN (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Calabria, Kalulu, Tomori, Hernández; Bennacer, Tonali; Saelemaekers, Kessie, Leão; Giroud. TO avail.: Mirante, Tătăruşanu; Ballo-Touré, Cage; Bakayoko, Castillejo, Díaz, Krunić, Messias; Lazetić, Rebić. Annex.: Pegs.

Referee: Mariani di Aprilia.

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