LIVE READINGS – Empoli-Napoli 3-2 (44 ‘Mertens, 53’ Insigne, 80 ‘Henderson, 83’, 88 ‘Pinamonti): sensational collapse of Napoli!

LIVE READINGS - Empoli-Napoli 3-2 (44 'Mertens, 53' Insigne, 80 'Henderson, 83', 88 'Pinamonti): sensational collapse of Napoli!

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16.54 – IT ENDS HERE!

93 & # 39; – Naples on the attack in these recovery minutes. All forward looking for equal.

90 ‘- 6 minutes of recovery are granted.

88 ‘- GOAL OF EMPOLI! Lightning fast counterattack of Empoli after a corner kick from Napoli. Bajrami starts again at great speed and a suggestion to kiss for Pinamonti on the far post: in a split the number 99 arrives before Malcuit and pushes to the bottom of the bag!

85 & # 39; – Substitution for Napoli: outside Insigne, inside Ounas.

83 ‘- GOAL OF EMPOLI !!! Huge mess of Meret on the construction from below: the Napoli goalkeeper holds too much ball, then when he returns he finds Pinamonti’s leg in front of him; the ball hits the attacker’s leg and ends up in the bottom of the bag!

82 ‘- Stojanovic is booked for protests.

80 ‘- Malcuit loses a ball at the exit, recovered by Zurkowski. Touch for Bajrami, then in the rebound with Rrahmani the ball reaches Henderson: right right that beats Meret!

77 ‘- Another change for Napoli: outside Mertens and inside Politano.

73 & # 39; – Viti trims a shot to Mario Rui and gets a yellow card.

71 & # 39; – Conclusion of Osimhen, countered for a corner by an Empoli defender.

69 ‘- Some physical problems for Asllani, who calls the change: in his place inside Stulac.

68 & # 39; – Substitution also for Napoli: outside Lozano, inside Zielinski.

66 ‘- Double change for Empoli: outside Cutrone, inside Di Francesco. Bajrami also enters for Verre.

65 ‘- VERRE! Torpedo di Verre from outside the area: Meret is careful in the center of the goal and deflects high over the crossbar.

61 ‘- Double substitution for Empoli: outside Bandinelli, inside Henderson. Cacace also enters in Parisi’s place.

58 ‘- Mertens widens for Insigne wide on the left. On the return touch, Viti intervenes.

56 & # 39; – Cutrone regains the ball on Mario Rui and leans on Stojanovic: right to cross from outside the area that ends on the side.

53 ‘- GOOOOOL OF NAPOLIIIII !!! Anguissa recovers the ball high and quickly flips the front. Percussion and touch for Insigne, all alone in the box: first intention left foot and ball in the net!

50 ‘- Central percussion of Verre to look for the Pinamonti cut anticipated by Rrahmani.

48 ‘- Long run to look for Pinamonti, but Meret goes out and anticipates the ’99 class.

46 ‘- Change at half-time for Napoli: outside Zanoli, inside Malcuit.


The first fraction ends 0-1 at Castellani. Better Empoli, dangerous on several occasions, Naples too staid and imprecise until the end of the first half finds the play of Mertens that unlocks the score. Teams in the locker room

15.47 – The first half ends

45 ‘- One minute of recovery granted

44 ‘- GOOOOOOL OF NAPOLIIII !!! Lozano cross from the right, feint in the center of Osimhen’s area that passes for Mertens who finds the winning right pot that beats Vicario.

41 ‘- Asllani still dangerous, this time from the flag. Ball towards the goal, Meret deflects over the crossbar.

40 ‘- ASLLANI! Chest control and shot on the near post by the Albanian midfielder, Meret is attentive and says no.

39 ‘- Lozano’s bad shot from inside the area: his attempt ends up in the stands.

38 ‘- Deep ball for Pinamonti, with the right timing. He understands everything Juan Jesus who disengages himself at best.

36 ‘- Insigne unloads on Fabian, who tries to go to Mertens in the area but misses the measure of the passage.

34 ‘- Stojanovic’s beautiful descent on the right, cross in the center to look for Pinamonti but the ball is too long.

30 ‘- The first thirty minutes of this match have gone, Napoli a bit too staid so far.

27 ‘- Bandinelli tries with his right, his shot goes out on the bottom.

25 ‘- After a long maneuver Mertens widens for Lozano but his cross is rejected by the Empoli defense.

21 ‘- Zanoli warned for a detention on Pinamonti launched in the open field.

20 ‘- On the development of a corner kick Osimhen jumps higher than anyone and hits the ball with his head, but finds the lucky deviation of a defender who avoids Empoli from conceding a goal.

15 ‘- Lozano works a nice ball on the right, cross for Osimhen who heads off but the ball ends high over the crossbar.

13 ‘- FABIAN! Osimhen snatches the ball from Luperto on the edge of the area. Insigne widens on the right for Fabian who falls on the left and kicks. Shot throttled on the first post that ends just wide.

11 ‘- Duel between Zurkowski and Mario Rui, push from the Pole and punishment in favor of Napoli.

9 ‘- Mertens finds Osimhen on the right, defends Viti who sends the ball to a corner kick.

7 ‘- Parisi receives on the left, gains the bottom but undergoes the precise retreat of Lozano.

4 ‘- First yellow of the match: Bandinelli booked.

3 ‘- PINAMONTI! On the development of a corner kick the ball reaches the center of the area for Pinamonti who from a few steps and all alone sends a little to the side of the head.

1 ‘- Mertens serves Osimhen vertically, his cross crosses the area but finds no companions.


14.57 – The teams enter the field.

14.55 – Aurelio AndreazzoliEmpoli coach, before the match against Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli, of which he was a collaborator, spoke to Dazn’s microphones: “The relationship with Spalletti has seen us sharing many happy moments. The reference is always to a happy relationship”.

14.50 Luciano SpallettiNapoli coach, lives his special challenge, as a former, against Empoli and tells his emotions to Dazn: “It’s like going back to a university made by kids. Indeed, in one of the best universities in Italian football. Empoli has launched players, managers, coaches. It is the Oxford of Italian football. For me it is exciting to come back here because I remember my years here very well. In addition to the rector of Corsi, there are teachers of all levels, who have also been my collaborators and have taught me a lot, like Andreazzoli and Bianconi. Our references are ourselves, our history, the shirt that we wear, the passion of the Neapolitans and the emotional participation they have “.

14.35 – In the pre-match of Empoli-Napoli, the blue full-back Mario Rui spoke to Dazn’s microphones: “It is certainly not the most positive moment we have faced so far. Another type of result was needed, but we hope to have a great result today and continue to hope for our dream“.

13.52 – The formations of Empoli-Napoli are official, a match of 15 valid for the 34th matchday of Serie A. Spaletti dissolves the last doubts and lines up Napoli with a 4-3-3. Meret is still chosen among the posts, while in the right lane he recovers Zanoli, who with Rrahmani, Juan Jesus and Mario Rui completes the defensive package. In midfield the couple Fabian-Anguissa on the sides. In front Mertens will join behind Osimhen, with Lozano and Insigne at the sides.

EMPOLI (4-3-1-2): Vicar; Stojanovic, Luperto, Viti, Parisi; Bandinelli, Asllani, Zurkowski; Verre; Cutrone, Pinamonti. All: Andreazzoli.

NAPLES (4-2-3-1): Meret, Zanoli, Rrahmani, Jesus, Mario Rui, Anguissa, Fabian, Lozano, Mertens, Insigne, Osimhen. Herds Spalletti.

13.45 – The blue bus with Napoli on board arrived at the Castellani stadium in Empoli, where at 3 pm Spalletti’s team will face the hosts. Lots of Neapolitan fans waiting for the Azzurri outside the Tuscan stadium

How many absences
Not only the suspended Koulibaly, but also the injured Di Lorenzo and Lobotka to whom Elmas was added this week and yesterday also Ghoulam due to an overload. Yesterday not even Zanoli, Di Lorenzo’s replacement, did not train due to an indisposition, and in the morning Spalletti and his staff will evaluate him before making a decision. Ospina returned instead, but it should be up to Meret again. “You let those who exist and you have to win games with those who are there”, Spalletti cut short, aware in any case that he has many choices and a qualitative level obviously superior to the opponent.

Doubts of training
Juan Jesus will join Rrahmani in the center of the defense, with Mario Rui on the left and Malcuit on the right should Zanoli not recover. In the median Anguissa and Fabian could act with Demme in the trio of midfield and therefore another exclusion for Zielinski would appear. In attack with Insigne and Osimhen Lozano seems to be the favorite once again, after the good performance with Roma, compared to Politano. There is no lack of rumors this time about a use of Mertens, but it now seems more a suggestion than anything else, after the words of the technician in the last conferences.

“Do you believe it? We have the possibility and also the duty to believe in it, taking responsibility for what is happening. But we believe in it.” Luciano Spalletti does not want further missteps, after the last two home games, and on the eve of the match in Empoli he insists on the duty to close in the best possible way, obviously with the aim of locking up the Champions League and not having any further regrets. In the press conference we never go into detail about Andreazzoli’s Empoli, victorious in the first leg albeit at the end of an extremely episodic match, but the problem never as much as in this phase is the performance of Napoli and certainly not the Tuscans who moreover they haven’t won in 16 games (that is, from the first leg to Maradona). Spalletti’s team, however, will try to restart from the extraordinary external performance that sees him first away with 37 points, the best defense (12 goals conceded) and only one defeat, and there seems to be nothing else in the thoughts of the coach: “Foregone future? My future is called Empoli, my present is called Empoli. For the rest there will be a way to talk at the end but it is not important. then a passage on ADL after the issue of discontent over changes revealed in the last conference: “He does it like others, but with hindsight it is too easy to talk about changes”.

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