LIVE TJ – AGNELLI: “With Allegri I have a long-term plan. I’m out of Juve? I’m serene, I’m having fun. Del Piero is always welcome. Chiellini has a place in society.”

During the event “Il Foglio in Milan“, spoke the Juventus number one Andrea Agnelli. “These are voices that many have listened to. I am very serene, I do not pay attention to these rumors: I am basically serene, I know what we do and I know that I have fun and it is the most important thing”

It will be a good match against Inter in the Italian Cup final.

“Every trophy counts, I think the most important of all is the championship because it captures the best of the season. The Champions League has more appeal but every title counts.”

Are there any regrets in the course of the season?

“Those who do not win bring regrets: there have been negative moments, what has an effect is that Juventus-Inter has led to diametrically opposed judgments on the two seasons. I don’t think about the budgets, but I think about the next match. At the conclusion of each competition, you come back. to zero and you need hunger and will to get to the bottom of the next goal. This concerns everyone, from managers to those who take the field or in the sports halls “.

Will Allegri remain at Juventus?

“There is a long-term project, we knew that this year would be difficult and having regrets for not winning the final is a good omen for the future”.


“He’s a top-notch and ideal CEO.”

Juve are the only club to have a second team, is that something you need?

“We give the boys the opportunity to express themselves in a very physical championship like Serie C. This is certainly much more effective than inventing new categories or applying off-quotas “.

Is the farewell to Dybala the result of excessive financial demands or do you think he gave everything for Juve?

“He gave everything for Juve, the decisions are the daughters of the moments. In December I would have said that Dusan Vlahovic at Juve was impossible, in January when we started talking about it I thought it was very difficult for January. Resources are limited and you have to choose where to invest them: we have Vlahovic, De Ligt, Locatelli. Making an unsustainable offer would not have been correct for the company and for Dybala himself, who has to make the last step in his career. “

The new Champions?
“We saw an extraordinary match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, yesterday they won Liverpool with a great attacking game. This is not just an Italian theme: the Premier League is traveling towards 4.2 billion a year. UEFA is wait 5.2 billion. We have two competitions that will generate 28 billion in the two reference cycles. This suggests what space the others will have: slowly the Premier will attract all the talent. The Super League is already there: now we risk having two in Champions League final, one in the Europa League final playing with a Scotswoman. This is vertical polarization. And then there is the horizontal one: let’s look at the championship winners. PSG, Bayern Munich, Legia Warsaw. We have immobilized football. with this football system “.

Will it be possible to win the Champions League victory for an Italian team?
“In the last ten years, only Ajax have gone to one of the non-big five leagues in the semifinals. Villarreal have made an exploit but what counts is those who confirm themselves year over year in the quarter-finals. The exploits are there, we can have who will arrive. until the end also next year but the virtuous circle is created season after season “.

Lapo’s words on Allegri?
“For me the Max project is valid, with Lapo we joke: he intervenes with some interesting jokes”.

What did Allegri report?
“One of the main objectives was to restore solidity. The match against Inter makes us regret not having won the Scudetto, not being happy with the path is difficult. We have a long-term path, we get to know each other with Cherubini, Nedved, with the staff and we know what we want to achieve. Having regrets bodes well towards next year. “

The Superalloy?
“The Superlega project has two significant moments: on the one hand there is the sharing of twelve clubs that have signed a 160-page agreement. We asked for a dialogue with UEFA and FIFA as a first point. The definition of competitions is another theme: that what is sobering is the vehement reaction of the international institutions, some clubs got scared and backed away. To have a legal battle of this caliber you have to have broad shoulders and believe that the currently organizing model may have revisions. UEFA is regulator, judge, commercial operator, monopolist and gate keeper. It is not a modern organization and the appeal to the Court is to have free competition in the free market. All functions cannot be centralized in a single operator: we will peacefully await the judgment of the Court of Justice European. Now the dialogues are interrupted, evidently. Ceferin saw this as a personal attack but it is not, time will be gallantuom or”.

Del Piero?
“Del Piero is always welcome: now he lives with his children in Los Angeles, has boys who go to school and has a happy life. He is welcome in Juventus every time, joining the club means changing his lifestyle. Alessandro is happy with that. he’s doing and he’s happy as a commentator. “

“Buffon has never been an example: when you talk about Superman it is difficult to be an example … Giorgio said he has a couple of reflections to do at home and in society. Now let’s think about ending the season well, at the Cup final. Italy and afterwards we will make the necessary reflections. Giorgio has been in the company for a few years, he just has to decide when “.

Suarez case, capital gains case, the Superlega: how do you survive these moments?
“It was a complicated year but in this way we respect the investigators, we demand the same. We are confident that the work has been correct, we are listed on the stock exchange, we have external auditors. It is to be seen how certain news is commented on at certain times and in others “.

Who wins the Scudetto?
“Two points in four days, anything can happen: I hope for a collective suicide and for Juventus to win …”.

San Siro?
“I have already been criticized in the past but I’m used to: San Siro has had its day. It has sacrificed Wembley in the name of the new Wembley. I have been to Sampdoria-Barcelona many years ago and also to the new one. There is no comparison, l ‘Italy will always need a stadium with more than 60,000 spectators, a real reflection is needed if it should be in Milan or Rome. of activity. The National team in one stadium? Yes, very identifying. The Allianz Stadium? It has had a growth of 700% compared to the former Municipal. Today we are around 70-80 million, in the absence of other investments it is ours In Milan, with the same capacity, however, it has users who spend more than in Turin: we are comparable with Stamford Bridge and Parco dei Principi and they invoice 50% more than us but they are London and Paris and in France c is one of the oldest and most obsolete states in Europe Reality is fundamental, I have always suggested to Inter and Milan to have individual stadiums: in sporting terms it is not ideal, even if at an economic level I can understand it. But it does not allow you to have the symbolism of the stadium owned, see Bernabeu and Camp Nou “.

The great exes in the clubs?
“Thinking that having been a great sportsman means being a great manager, is not a direct axiom: in Milan, Maldini has a prominent role but alongside him he has an CEO with great CV like Ivan Gazidis. He is a strong reference and then there is Ricky Massara who is a strong sports director. Maldini fits in perfectly. For Pavel Nedved I did the role of tutor but he had Marotta and Paratici: you entered him with them, he understood the dynamics off the pitch. What they say is’ I didn’t think it was that complicated ‘or’ I didn’t think there were so many things to do ‘. It is necessary to have figures like this “.

What future for Italian football and what to change after the elimination of Italy from the World Cup, to prevent it from happening again?
“It will be necessary to be careful not to be seized by the desire to change federal rules and regulations, the problem is at the base. If we go back to the generation of 2006, it is the one that grew up from the street. Today it is difficult to send the kids to play on the street, now c “Something Federal is needed on the Swiss, Belgian, French models, that is to say that allows young people to compare themselves with the same category. the visions are ten years old and not everything is resolved overnight “.

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