LIVE TJ – LAZIO-JUVENTUS WOMEN 1-5 ENDS HERE. Manita bianconera with two goals from Caruso and Pedersen, Staskova in goal. Scudetto ever closer

90 ‘+ 2’ – ENDS HERE. Match dominated by the Juventus Women who win with a resounding 1-5 against a proactive and at times dangerous Lazio. The goals bear the signatures of Caruso (brace), Pedersen (brace) and Staskova. After this victory, the bianconere are getting closer and closer to the Scudetto.

90 ‘- Two minutes of recovery reported.

88 ‘- MANITA BIANCONERA! STASKOVA, on Caruso’s assist, finds the goal and drops the five.

86 ‘- LAZIO OPPORTUNITY: Visentin gets rid of Gama but wastes with a bad shot on the bottom.

81 ‘- JUVE OPPORTUNITY: Staskovainfiltrated inside the opposing area, tries to shoot at goal but Ohrstrom opposes.

77 ‘- New replacements for the Juventus Women: Panzeri (out Lundorf), Rosucci (out Caruso).

76 ‘- Timid biancoceleste attempt with Fridlund from a distance, but April para without problems. Meanwhile, fresh forces for Lazio: Cuschieri (out Castiello), Labate (Fridlund).

67 ‘- New changes for mister Montemurro: Linen (out Sembrant), Nilden (out Hurtig)

64 ‘- BLACK & WHITE POKER! Cross from the left of a phenomenal Cernoia, Pedersen scores his brace.

62 ‘- Lazio made the first changes: Le Franc (out Di Giammarino), Pezzotti (out Heroum).

61 ‘- First substitution for the bianconere: outside Grosso, inside Bonfantini.

59 ‘- The Juventus Women drop the trio! Cernoia opens to Hurtig who goes into the area and passes to Caruso, good at placing her on the net. Double for the bianconera and eighth goal of the season.

58 ‘- Hurtig scored but the goal was canceled due to a hand ball by Staskova.

52 ‘- Another Juventus advantage! Cernoia looks in the middle and crosses, CARUSO is good at proposing an unstoppable shot for Ohrstrom. This is Arianna’s seventh league goal.

50 ‘- JUVE OPPORTUNITY: test it directly from the flag CernoiaOhrstrom pushes back with his fists

46 ‘- Let’s start once again!


45 ‘+ 1’ The first half ends with a free-kick beaten by Lazio which disperses to the bottom. IT ENDS HERE – Fun and close competition between the two teams; Visentin responds to Pedersen’s goal.

45 ‘- Allotted one minute of recovery.

40 ‘ – The bianconere are still dangerous with a wild one Staskova who sows panic with a really insidious left, but Ohrstrom sends for a corner.

37 ‘- JUVE OPPORTUNITY: Hurtigtriggered by Boattinattempts a left diagonal but Ohrstrom saves

33 ‘- LAZIO OPPORTUNITY: Visentin finds the space to kick and pulls out a dangerous left that ends just wide.

31 ‘- LAZIO OPPORTUNITY: Aprile saves a long-range shot from Heorum.

28 ‘- LAZIO DRAW! The biancocelesti equalize the score with VISENTIN, good at taking advantage of Sembrant’s defensive uncertainty, which swells the net behind April. All to be redone for the Juventus Women.

26 ‘- JUVE OPPORTUNITY: Ohrstrom smanks for a corner a shot from behind Giulia Grosso.

16 ‘- JUVE OPPORTUNITY: Staskova a shot comes out of the cylinder that is first printed on the crossbar and then hits the post without entering the goal. Thrills for Lazio!

11 ‘- THE BIANCONERO ADVANTAGE ARRIVES! On the day of his birthday PEDERSEN gives himself the first goal of the season taking advantage of a mess in the opponent’s area.

6 ‘- JUVE OPPORTUNITY: Cernoia serves on the left Lisa Boattin who fires a really deadly left-handed torpedo but Ohrstrom sends for a corner.

1 ‘- LAZIO OPPORTUNITY: it immediately becomes dangerous with a poisonous free-kick beaten from the edge by Ferrandi who takes the crossbar, then saves Gama sweeping away the sphere.

1 ‘ – The Juventus Women they beat the first ball of the match. It begins!


13.13 – The two teams are on the pitch.

12.55 – UPDATE

The start of the match was postponed until an ambulance arrived“. This was announced by the Juventus on Twitter.

12.35 – The kick-off has been postponed due to the absence of an ambulance at the “Mirko Fersini” stadium in Formello



LAZIO (4-3-3): Ohrstrom; Pittaccio, Foerdos, Falloni, Vigliucci; Castiello, Ferrandi; By Giammarino; Fridlund, Visentin, Heroum.

Available: Guidi, Natalucci, Pezzotti, Savini, Le Franc, Cuschieri, Santoro, Groff, Labate. Annex Basins.

JUVENTUS WOMEN (4-3-3): April; Lundorf, Gama, Sembrant, Boattin; Caruso, Pedersen, Grosso; Cernoia, Staskova, Hurtig.

Available: Forcinella, Nilden, Panzeri, Lenzini, Rosucci, Giai, Bonfantini, Arcangeli, Beccari. Annex Montemurro

12.05– Good morning and happy Sunday friends of Tuttojuve.comwelcome to the direct text of Lazio-Juventus Women, race valid for the 20th day of women’s Serie A that will be played in this ‘lunch time’. The team of mister Montemurro he wants to get a victory to further consolidate his first place in the standings, an important pass for the Scudetto, and they will face Lazio in search of the three points to get away from the relegation zone. The match will be directed by Mr. Francesco Carrione of Castellammare di Stabia, assisted by Giorgio Ravera of Lodi and Francesco Romano of Isernia with Gaetano Alessio Bonasera of Enna fourth officer.

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