Long weekend of April 25: where to go in Emilia Romagna. Event Guide – What To Do

Bologna, 22 April 2022 – Excursions to ghost villages in the Apenninesextraordinary openings of Rococo castles, bird watching in the citynavigations between forests, picnic overlooking the millenary Tiberius Bridge, tastings, trekking, English breakfast in the foyer of a theater, flying kites on the sea, tour of art City and courses of intertwining of marsh grass. The weekend of April 25th the Emilia-Romagna people will be spoiled for choice to enjoy spring, with many unmissable events available. Here are the most interesting divided by province.

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Weather forecast for bridge 25 April in Emilia Romagna: unstable weather and rains


If you love the good food, from 22 to 24 April he arrives “Food. So Good! Festival of Flavors of Italy and the Apennines “, dedicated to good food throughout Italy. From Friday to Sunday, in the city, they will cook with many courses and workshops, even for childrenthey will meet great chef, you will hear stories about the best foods, including “alchemical” wines and puff pastry. This year the focus is dedicated to the Apennines, its flavors and also its recipes, maybe just those forget the mountain tradition. The kitchen will also become an opportunity to talk about slow tourism and small villages. Among the promoters and patrons there are, in addition to Confcommercio, Emilia Romagna regionViviAppennino and Lega Ambiente.
For info: https://www.festivaldeisaporiditalia.it


Sunday 24th April we leave for a suggestive adventure, that of trekking in the ghost villages on the Modenese Apennines, between natural gorges and secret corners. The now uninhabited agglomerations of Magrignana, Riolocasella and La Lezza and the beautiful mill of the Teggiola, perched on the vertiginous “ravine” of the Rio Lezza. The duration is about 4-5 hours, including stops. The excursion does not have particular difficulties. The CAI trails in the area have steep uphill and downhill stretches, but they are not difficult from a technical point of view. Also suitable for beginners, as long as they are well equipped, and for children aged 12-13 who are used to walking. You can bring your own four-legged friend. Departure at 9 from Magrignana di Riolunato which is an hour and 20 from Modena. Cost: 18 euros.
For info: http://www.laviadeimonti.com/escursioni-e-trekking/gite-in-calendario/

Reggio Emilia

Saturday 23 April appointment with the legendary Pietra di Bismantova, in the Reggiano Apennines. The monolith was a sacred site for the Celts, a place of meditation for medieval hermits and today is a challenge for hikers. It has a bizarre and mysterious shape: it is an impressive stone that Focus magazinea few years ago, included in the list of 10 most beautiful mountains in the world. On Saturday 23 April, at 9 am, a guided hike starts to climb to the 1,047 meters of the summit. Departure from Castelnovo Monti (Reggio Emilia). Follow the normal route and walk on the Cai 697 path. The length is 7 km with a difference in height of 500 meters. The normal ascent route does not present too much difficulty. It is an excursion on varied terrain, sometimes rocky, but not very steep and not too difficult, with the exception of the demanding (but optional) variant on the “Blue path”. Cost: 20 euros.
Info: http://www.laviadeimonti.com/


Sunday 24 and Monday 25 Aprila journey to discover Parma to discover the true soul of art City. A possibility offered by the “Parma City Tour“, At 10.30 and 15.00. A pleasant guided walk of a couple of hours through the most fascinating streets and views. The tour starts from Garibaldi square and it all takes place outdoors. Costs: 10 euros, family (2 adults and 2 children) 30 euros. This tour can be combined with the visit to the underground world of the ancient aqueductbuilt by the Duchess Maria Luigia in 1841. The path of tunnels “The Gallery of the Fountains”Develops four meters below the Municipal building in Piazza Garibaldi and it can be done only in April. Perfect for those with the spirit of an archaeologist. Full ticket: 10 euros.
For info: https://www.parmawelcome.it/it/scheda/organizza-il-tuo-viaggio/esventure/tour-culturali/parma-city-tour/


Sunday 24an unmissable opportunity: the chance to visit the little one Palace of Castelnuovo Fogliani, open only seven days a year for guided tours. The castle is a Rococo “favor” designed by Luigi Vanvitelli (the same architect of the Royal Palace of Caserta) which rises on a slight slope half a kilometer from the Via Emilia, in the territory of Alseno (Piacenza). Sunday is the first of these free extraordinary openings, at 15.30 and at 17 (then it is repeated every last Sunday of the month until September). The tour includes a visit to the church of San Biagio, to the rooms full of frescoes, colors, stuccos and cherubs, love knots, flowers and charming birds’ nests, to the sumptuous double flight of honor staircase and to the Italian garden embroidered with trees and flowers. The Royal Palace is open all year for events and is part of the Circuit of the Castles of the Duchy. There is a free parking area for campers.
Info: https://www.castellidelducato.it


Sunday 24th April is the last chance (resumes in November) to participate in an unforgettable experience of bird watching in the city, in the Massari park. Birdwatching is the hobby of those who love to scrutinize, hidden among the trees, the bird species in their natural habitat. On Sunday, with a little luck, they can be spotted woodpeckers, owls, tits, birds of prey, parakeets and finches, who have found their dimension in this corner of Ferrara and live undisturbed. In recent years, the species that have left woods and forests to move to urban environments have increased. We leave at 9, possibly armed with binoculars, from the entrance of Corso Porta Mare and the walk of about 5 kilometers begins. Duration: 2 hours and 30. Cost: 12 euros for adults, 8 euros for under 14s and students.
Info: https://www.ferraraterraeacqua.it/it/ferrara/scopri-il-territorio/itinerari-e-visite/visite-guidate/birdwatching-urbano


You want to feel, for a day, like the Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace? Sunday 24from 9, in the foyer of the historian Galli Theater of Riminia typical one will be set up English breakfast prepared as in the Royal Palace, among white tablecloths, eggs, bacon, jams and teapots. The ‘English breakfast’ will be served among the golden griffins in the foyer of the Galli Theater with a “front row” view of the medieval square of Rimini. The nineteenth-century theater of Rimini was inaugurated by Giuseppe Verdi. Destroyed by the bombs of the Second World War, after 75 years it was returned to the city, in 2018, thanks to a very important philological reconstruction intervention. English breakfast hours: first round: 9-10.30. Second shift: 10.40-12. Admission: 16 euros. If you want you can combine the guided tour of the Theater (both Sunday 24 and Monday 25). Ticket 5 euro Info: https://teatrogalli.it/

If, on the other hand, you prefer to be outdoors, you can choose to do a picnic with a view of art on the millenary Tiberius Bridge in Rimini. The tablecloth is spread and the baskets are opened in a frame full of green and colors, the square on the water, a space where you can relax. Baskets, placemats and cutlery are provided by some restaurants in Borgo San Giuliano. You just have to choose between the menus offered: cold cuts and cheeses with a bottle of Romagna wine, croutons, tagliatelle, piada or seafood salad, tagliatelle with clams, mixed fried and potatoes. Prices range from 20 to 38 euros. Picnics on the water take place every Saturday and Sunday in April and May, from noon onwards. From June to September every Thursday from 6pm onwards. Info: https://emiliaromagnawelcome-rimini.trekksoft.com/it/activity/299412/tiberio-picnic


In the small and ecological Marsh Herbs Museum in Bagnacavallo (20 minutes from Ravenna), you can learn a weaving herbs and branches to create bags and baskets. In the weekend of 23 and 24 April you will be able to follow a weaving workshop (9.30 am, duration 6 hours). In the cost of 45 euros, lunch is included in the Locanda dell’Allegra Underpants, with many early twentieth-century knickers hanging from the ceiling. In the museum park there is one parade of reed huts, perfectly reconstructed by the last master hut. The museum enhances the stubbornness of the inhabitants of this area in exploiting the scarce resources available and creating an eco-sustainable economy with them.
Info: https://www.ravennaexperience.it ›nature

Still in Ravenna, but a Cervia, the city is colored by thousands of kites. Come back ‘Artevento ‘the great International Kite Festival that will fill the city with colors and poetry Pinarella di Cervia beach from 22 April to 1 May. Every day the show shines in the sky with static and acrobatic kites, group evolutions of thousands of art, giants and ethnic kites, acrobatic performances in time to music, aerial photography demonstrations, kitesurfing. And then again, exhibitions, workshops, night shows. And to play and browse the latest news here is I “Gardens of the Wind” and the “Fair of the Wind”. For Artevento kite flyers from all over the world arrive in Cervia. It is the most colorful and long-lived festival in the world, it has been held in Cervia since 1981 and is also an ecological event that promotes wind art, sustainability and peace.
Info: https://artevento.com/


Monday 25th Aprilto the Ridracoli lakea journey to discover the surrounding forests, in the municipality of Bath of Romagna (Forlì Cesena) in e-bike (for rent). Just a minimum of training in the legs and a little familiarity with the electric bike and fun is guaranteed. The route is a circular route, it starts at 10 in the morning fromHydro Museum of the Waters of Ridracoli and touches very beautiful points of the valley. You cycle quite easily for 32 km, altitude difference 860 meters. In the cost of 45 euros, bike rental, helmet and qualified MTB guide are included. Those who do not pedal can enjoy the very blue Lake of Ridracoli in all its spring splendor and sail it with the electric boat (5 euros). The tour lasts 45 minutes and runs every hour. If you want, you can disembark at the Cà di Sopra Refuge and then agree with the boat the recovery time for the return. Reservations by April 23 at 370-1338368.
Info: http://www.ridracoli.it ›boat-on-the-lake

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