Lottery receipts, weekly draw of 21 April 2022: winning tickets

Lottery receipts, today, April 21, 2022, there was the forty-sixth weekly draw. The winning tickets relative to the codes are published in the document downloadable from the website but the canonical tweet with the winning city is slow in coming. Win 15 awards of 25,000 Euros for buyers and 5,000 euro for sellers.

There Lottery receiptsthat of today, April 21, 2022Is the forty-sixth weekly draw and the sixteenth of this year.

The tweet of the usual profile of Monopoly Agency and the Customs Agency to announce winning tickets and cities long in coming.

To know receipts codeswhich entitle you to prizes, you can still download the appropriate document from the lottery portal.

Up for grabs 15 awards of 25,000 Euros for buyers and 5,000 euros for merchants.

As expected, the winners will receive ae-mail for certified mailPEC, or a registered mail.

Within 90 days the same must apply for the prize awarded, for safekeeping.

Lottery receipts, weekly draw of 21 April 2022: winning tickets

A deal with the lottery receipts extractions management is the ‘Customs agency.

The usual profile tweet Twitter Agency official, with the announcement of the tickets and of winning citiesLong in coming.

In any case, codes winning tickets are available through the lottery portal. You must click on “Extractions” and then in the section “Results of the draws of 2022”.

Then you have to click on link relating to the draw of the day.

Through this link you can download the document that shows the sequences of numbers and letters that indicate the tickets that have won the prizes up for grabs, in this case in the forty-sixth weekly draw of the receipt lottery of 21 April 2022.

Receipt lottery – Drawing of 21 April 2022
The winning tickets of the forty-sixth weekly draw.

The instructions relating to the weekly lotteries, and not only, were indicated in the determination of the last 28 May of the Customs and Monopoly Agency.

Right away the 15 weekly winning codes:

  • 3BIWB006914 1003-0127;
  • 99MEY022595 1228-0006;
  • 1003-0106 3BSDP001146 90900013;
  • 53MN2021763 0701-0045;
  • 1006-0106 3BSDP001196 00200010;
  • 99MEY045766 0969-0012;
  • 99MEX082628 0806-0018;
  • 99MEX200904 0954-0003;
  • 0971-0082 3BSDP001650 00380003;
  • 96MKR000909 1335-0078;
  • 99MEX040640 0959-0039;
  • 1063-0023 53SNS303363 30900008;
  • 1452-0171 53SNS303292 00310016;
  • 2CITP000606 1183-0099;
  • 1219-0013 88S25000942 09802072.

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On the first weekly draw, the Agency had specified that:

“Thursday 10 June 2021 is the date of the first weekly draws of 2021 among all the fees transmitted and registered by the lottery system from 31 May 2021 to 6 June 2021 by 11:59 pm. Starting from that date, weekly draws will be made every Thursday, for all receipts transmitted and registered by the lottery system from Monday to Sunday, up to 11:59 pm, of the previous week. If the drawing day coincides with a national holiday, the drawing is postponed to the next working day. “

To determine how you can check which are the winning tickets and the Determination of Customs.

Each virtual ticket is identified by a number. These numbers and letters make up the sequence that indicates the tickets drawn.

In some cases theextraction is considered nothing And to repeatin particular if the ticket extracted:

  • It is associated with an already winning consideration during the same extraction;
  • it is associated with a consideration referring to a lottery code of a person not resident in Italy on the date of purchase of the goods and services;
  • it is associated with a canceled or returned fee;
  • it is associated with a fee referring to a lottery code for which the consumer has exercised the right to object to the processing of data or to delete data.

In the Lottery Portal the results of previous extractions are present. However, the lottery code relating to the owner of the extracted tickets is not published.

The winnings are communicated, from time to time, in theSite reserved area.

Lottery receipts of 2022: the calendar of upcoming extractions and how to participate

That of December 30, 2021 was the last draw of the year 2021.

The receipt lottery has been confirmed for 2022.

Who has not yet participated the lottery of receipts, it can still participate in the upcoming extractions.

The first step for participation is to have your own lottery code, a sequence of numbers and letters that is attributed by entering your own Tax ID code in the appropriate section of the receipt lottery site.

They must then be carried out valid purchases from physical merchantsin the period indicated for each vote.

Also for 2022 continuing extractions: the next draw will be on April 28th.

The reconfirmation also concerns the monthly drawings, every second Thursday of the month.

L’annual drawon the other hand, it has not yet been fixed: it must be established by an act of the Director General of the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

For the current year they have been allocated 45 million euro for the new prizes and it is probable that some rules for the awarding of the same will be changed.

The complete calendar of draws for the year 2022 has been published on the lottery portal and can be downloaded from the appropriate section of the site.

There summary table lists all the appointments with the lottery drawings of receipts, provided scheduled for 2022The annual net extraction whose date has yet to be established.

Type Extraction Date
monthly 2022 Thursday, January 13
monthly 2022 Thursday 10 February
monthly 2022 Thursday 10 march
monthly 2022 Thursday, April 14
monthly 2022 Thursday, May 12
monthly 2022 Thursday 9 June
monthly 2022 Thursday, July 14
monthly 2022 Thursday, August 11
monthly 2022 Thursday, September 8
monthly 2022 Thursday, October 13
monthly 2022 Thursday, November 10
monthly 2022 Thursday, December 9
weekly 2022 Friday, January 7
weekly 2022 Thursday, January 13
weekly 2022 Thursday, January 20
weekly 2022 Thursday, January 27
weekly 2022 Thursday, February 3
weekly 2022 Thursday 10 February
weekly 2022 Thursday 17 February
weekly 2022 Thursday, February 24
weekly 2022 Thursday 3 March
weekly 2022 Thursday 10 march
weekly 2022 Thursday 17 March
weekly 2022 Thursday 24 March
weekly 2022 Thursday 31 March
weekly 2022 Thursday 7 April
weekly 2022 Thursday, April 14
weekly 2022 Thursday 21 April
weekly 2022 Thursday 28 April
weekly 2022 Thursday 5th May
weekly 2022 Thursday, May 12
weekly 2022 Thursday, May 19
weekly 2022 Thursday 26 May
weekly 2022 Friday 3 June
weekly 2022 Thursday 9 June
weekly 2022 Thursday, June 16
weekly 2022 Thursday, June 23
weekly 2022 Thursday, June 30
weekly 2022 Thursday, July 7
weekly 2022 Thursday, July 14
weekly 2022 Thursday, July 21
weekly 2022 Thursday 28 July
weekly 2022 Thursday, August 4
weekly 2022 Thursday 11 August
weekly 2022 Thursday 18 August
weekly 2022 Thursday 25 August
weekly 2022 Thursday 1 September
weekly 2022 Thursday, September 8
weekly 2022 Thursday, September 15
weekly 2022 Thursday, September 22
weekly 2022 Thursday, September 29
weekly 2022 Thursday 6 October
weekly 2022 Thursday 13 October
weekly 2022 Thursday 20 October
weekly 2022 Thursday, October 27
weekly 2022 Thursday 3 November
weekly 2022 Thursday 10 November
weekly 2022 Thursday, November 17
weekly 2022 Thursday, November 24
weekly 2022 Thursday, 1 December
weekly 2022 Friday, December 9
weekly 2022 Thursday, December 15
weekly 2022 Thursday, December 22
weekly 2022 Thursday 29 December
Receipt Lottery – All draws for 2022
The complete schedule.


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