LR Vicenza: the “son” disaster of improvisation and incompetence

Three days from the end of the abyss, the hell of the C series is one step away. Nowadays only mathematics keeps the red and white alive, and consequently there are few (very few) fans who still believe in the “miracle” that could lead to staying in Serie B. Moreover, if over 35 days the team always has, we always reiterate, occupied a position in the standings from direct relegation, falling into the hell of the third series would be nothing more than the logical result of what the field has mercilessly highlighted.

When you live a bankruptcy season like the one still in progress, there are many mistakes, and just as many are responsible. The players who go to the pitch and the coaching staff have their faults, but it is clear to everyone that this season’s sporting shame has the hallmark of a property that hasn’t even mistaken one right. Starting with the confirmation of Di Carlo on the bench in the summer with whom the fiduciary relationship had probably failed, a context that led to the exoneration of the Cassino coach on the fifth day after as many defeats. What happened during the summer retreat in the Plateau is a mystery that (perhaps) one day will be clarified, the fact is that the start of the season was disastrous with all the players in the squad (both new and confirmed) who, also due to an embarrassing athletic condition, they performed well below their capabilities. The choice to replace Di Carlo with Brocchi was another obvious mistake since the situation has never actually changed despite some jolts such as the victory in Pordenone and Crotone and the one at “Menti” against Alexandria had given hope for that unfortunately never materialized. The sporting agony continued even when the turnaround took place that led to the exoneration of the sports director Giuseppe Magalini guilty of having conducted a “market” deemed inadequate and characterized in fact by various errors such as, among many others, the purchase of the various Brosco, Calderoni and Taugourdeau, chased two months and which should have been the pivot of the midfield (which ended up even “off the list”), as well as saying no, a technically inexplicable choice, when Daniel Bessa arrived. Federico Balzaretti arrived in the role at the beginning of November and directed the January transfer market, also committing a long series of mistakes that the field has mercilessly highlighted. It is difficult to say whether some unsuccessful choices (Teodorczyk, Lukaku, Da Cruz, Boli, De Maio in primis) were the result of little experience or the limited budget available, the fact is that the revolution (yet another …) of the January market did not bring about the much hoped-for turning point. Moreover, if in a team that needs to obtain immediate results you go to insert players who were “out of the squad” or who had not played for months, you cannot hope that they will immediately give the decisive contribution that was needed to change the disastrous trend of the team.

We stop here so as not to push the knife further into the wound, but the facts are there for all to see. However, we cannot fail to reiterate that Serie B is a difficult championship, in which you need competence and maybe even a project that allows you to work for the present but above all for the future. In Vicenza, this property has instead put on stage the theater of improvisation, a situation that in football always leads you to sink. Where the much-heralded project, the Atalanta model, and the Serie A goal to be conquered in five years is at home, we do not know because in addition to the many chatter and being “confident” we have not seen anything else. The sporting disaster is witnessed by the fact that the technical future is so black that, for the umpteenth time, the team has to be completely redone. Young people aside (Pizzignacco, Alessio, Mancini, Sandon and Cester), the players under contract are just over a dozen (Grandi, Confente, Brosco, Pasini, Padella, De Maio, Ierardi, the off “list” Taugourdeau, Zonta, Zarpellon, Greco, Dalmonte, Giacomelli, Longo and Jallow) but many of these have deeply disappointed and it is difficult to think that they can wear the red and white shirt again next season. It is clear that after two ruinous “markets”, the team will have to be completely redone, confirming that this property has never had a project or, even more serious, has never been able to develop it. Many, even among insiders, speak of an inadequate budget for the category to aim for the goals that the square of Vicenza deserves, but in football, those who invest more do not always win and the history of the “lob” world does remembers it. It is clear, however, that if you have built a group with the fifth to last installment of salaries in the category, you must have competent managers, who know football like the back of their hands and who find young prospects at low costs given that widening the strings of the bag there is no great desire, nor availability. And competence is the great absent in this club, because in football no one is infallible, but if making a mistake is the norm, the custom, it is obvious that you are not going anywhere. If we then add a limited budget despite a company among the wealthiest and wealthiest in the category, and a passion, a pathos that we honestly never perceived, the picture is complete.

And if on a technical level the disaster is there for all to see, from the point of view of communication with the fans it has become worse. The deafening silence was the choice of the company that evidently decided that it was not required to explain, much less to talk to those who sit on the steps of the “Menti” paying season tickets (hoping we can return to subscribe them) and tickets and it is the heart pulsating in a square that is “undergoing” the worst season in its history. This would already be serious, but if we add the unqualified “middle finger” shown at the Curva Sud during the match against Ternana and the qualification of “beggars” given to the fans outside the stadium, among other things after one of the few games won , the picture is complete. Not understanding that in football the union and the compactness of the environment are essential to achieve important goals, is very serious. A club without the support and support of its fans has no future, and if this is not understood, the situation is even more serious than it seems. For this property, the Rosso family and minority shareholders obviously included, the time has come to communicate to the red and white people what their intentions are for the future. Because the Vicenza supporters deserve respect and clarity, something that at the moment, at least we do not see.

And it makes us laugh, but we would have to cry bitterly, going to reread one of the many statements (dated February 2022 ed) of this property: “aWe have brought competence, seriousness, management, vision and education in the behavioral style“. Perhaps no comments would be needed but instead, very humbly, we would like to suggest that this is the time for self-criticism, to apologize to the fans for a failed season from all points of view. In life, as in sport, mistakes happen to everyone, but if you learn from mistakes and if you have the humility to admit the blunders, the mistakes made, you can create the conditions to try to start again. If, on the other hand, the arrogance and the idea that no one can afford to judge and criticize the “destruction” of this season wins, then there is no future.

(photo of Il Giornale di Vicenza)

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