Lukic another double penalty. Praet illuminating. Bremer as usual flawless. For Sanabria finally an away goal. Unfortunate Pjaca

Dennis Praet

Dennis Praet

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Milinkovic-Savic: 5.5 Blameworthy on three goals, but on de Roon he could have done better. Muriel from eleven meters slowed his run-up and shot centrally and although he touched the ball as he dived to the left, he was unable to prevent him from entering the goal (17 ‘). Hateboer, served in depth by Muriel, concluded with power under the crossbar scoring, but was offside (20 ‘). On a corner kicked with a low shot by Muriel, de Roon right-footed him by putting the ball at the corner of the posts (23 ‘). He rejected Pessina’s shot served in the area by Zapata (26 ‘). He anticipated Hateboer in the box (42 ‘). de Roon, served by Muriel, attempted the shot, but did not cause him problems having sent the ball very high (48 ‘). Muriel’s free-kick aimed at the far post went out (54 ‘). Hateboer, caught in the area by Zappacosta, did not frame his goal (56 ‘). On a pass from Rodriguez, pressed by Zapata, he missed the raise (67 ‘). Boga’s central shot was not successful: he did it easily (75 ‘). Pasalic served by Muriel escaped Lukic and pierced him (78 ‘). Muriel from the penalty spot displaced him (84 ‘). On a free kick taken by Muriel, Demiral came out anticipating (90 ‘+ 4’).

Zima: 5 The mistakes on Atalanta’s last two goals weigh, if he hadn’t committed them his performance would have been more than enough. He anticipated Zappacosta in the area served by Muriel (25 ‘). He crossed, but out of size for all his teammates (30 ‘). He prevented Zapata from finishing by closing the gap (57 ‘). He gave way to Pasalic who scored the goal of 3 to 4 (78 ‘). He kept his arm wide, trying to get the ball away in the area and caused the penalty in the final 4 to 4 (84 ‘). (From ’86’ Djidji: ng He stopped Boga, served by Pasalic, in lateral foul (90 ‘+ 1’)).

Bremer: 6.5 He checked Zapata, as usual a guarantee. He removed Muriel’s cross for Zapata (2 ‘). On Scalvini’s throw for Zapata he prevented the Colombian from becoming dangerous (9 ‘). With his head in the middle of the area he removed Zapata’s cross for a corner (48 ‘). He lost an aerial duel with Zapata (53 ‘). He prevented with his head that Hateboer’s ball placed in the middle created dangers (74 ‘). Another amazing finish on Muriel served by Boga (81 ‘).

Rodriguez: 6 His foul on Zappacosta which resulted in the first penalty for Atalanta, but then avoided defeat in the final with a decisive intervention: in the end he compensated. He spread his foot and fouled Zappacosta in the area and the referee awarded the penalty to Atalanta (16 ‘). He countered Pessina, but the ball ended up in a lateral foul (60 ‘). In the area he blocked Zappacosta’s shot (90 ‘+ 5’).

Singo: 6 Well for what he pushed, much less for the defensive phase after he had to and could do more. He has verticalized for Praet on the occasion of the goal of Sanabria (4 ‘). He moved the ball away to avoid danger (39 ‘). He exchanges with Lukic, but then the cross is rejected with punches by Musso (51 ‘). He threw long for Ricci but he was offside (56 ‘).

Curls: 6 He worked hard, but on some defensive occasions he appeared a little in trouble. He reached the edge of the area and served Sanabria (10 ‘). He closed de Roon before he entered the box (12 ‘). Launched by Praet it was anticipated by Musso (22 ‘). His ball for Praet (29 ‘) is interesting. He was offside on Singo’s long ball (56 ‘). (Since ’59 Pobega: 6.5 He got into the game well and got himself a penalty. Served in the area by Praet, he was knocked down by Toloi and earned a penalty (62 ‘)).

Lukic: 7 By now he is the penalty taker, two others, and he is not wrong, too bad for having let Pasalic escape when scoring, however his game is largely positive also for the balance he gave in the middle of the field. He is in a moment of grace and scores another brace by beating Musso twice from eleven meters. The only flaw in having let Pasalic escape who then scored. Served in depth by Praet he was closed by Zappacosta (29 ‘). He brought Turin back on a tie by scoring, as he had already done with Spezia, on a penalty kick: he threw hard and sent the ball to the edge of the post to the left of Musso who hit the right side to dive, but didn’t get there ( 36 ‘). He swept away Zapata’s low cross (38 ‘). He exchanges with Lukic, but then the cross is rejected with punches by Musso (51 ‘). Another penalty for Torino and he returns to the spot and with a central shot at half-height he beat Musso (63 ‘). Served by Sanabria, Freuler, anticipating him, scored an own goal (68 ‘). Pasalic let slip when he scored (78 ‘).

Aina: 6 Contrary to Singo he did better in the defensive phase and less in the offensive one. He was not surprised by Zapata’s attempt to serve Pessina (44 ‘). First he prevented the ball from coming out and then crossed it, but the ball ended up in the arms of Musso (66 ‘). He closed Hateboer (72 ‘). On the lineout he made a mistake and gave the ball to Pasalic (73 ‘). He hindered Muriel who failed to serve Zapata (76 ‘).

Praet: 7 Illuminating, for this reason it is essential for Juric. He received the verticalization of Singo and resisted the pressure of Djimsit reaching the bottom and crossing in the middle for the rushing Sanabria (4 ‘). The ball put in the middle by Pjaca was anticipated by Djimsiti (13 ‘). He got down and threw Ricci (22 ‘). He received from Ricci and served in depth Lukic (29 ‘). He served in the Pobega area (62 ‘). He blew the ball to Scalvini (65 ‘). He served in the Sanabria area on the occasion of Freuler’s own goal (68 ‘). (From ’86’ Seck: ng He launched himself forcing Zappacosta to make them foul (90 ‘+ 2’)).

Pjaca: 5.5 Little was seen and then he got hurt, haunted by bad luck. He put a ball in the middle for Praet (13 ‘). For a knee problem he had to leave the pitch (30 ‘). (From ’31 Brekalo: 5.5 Little incisive. He entered without even having time to warm up. He was stopped in lateral foul (87 ‘)).

Sanabria: 6.5 Finally an away goal. A lot of substance. He broke the deadlock by picking up Praet’s cross and depositing the ball into the net from a few steps away (4 ‘). He did not arrive on Ricci’s ball because he was intercepted by Zappacosta (10 ‘). Served in the area by Praet, he expanded and put in the middle for Lukic (68 ‘). Pressed by Pasalic he ended up serving Demiral (71 ‘). Demiral anticipated him and served Musso (78 ‘). (From ’86’ Pellegri: ng).

Ivan Juric: 6 He prepared the game well, but as usual he comes out in the end with regret for the goals conceded by his team. However, he managed to stem Atalanta’s motivations which were very high also because he knew the result of Fiorentina, who had lost four to zero against Udinese shortly before, and thus winning with Turin could have overtaken both the Viola and Lazio, who were paired with Fiorentina two points ahead of her at 56.
With Praet back at his disposal and already tested in the final match with Spezia, he immediately gave him back his place as a starter, a sign that he considers him fundamental for the game. For the rest, in the second of three games in nine days and with the strongest opponent playing a place in the Europa League, compared to the previous game he opted for Aina instead of Vojvoda confirming all the others, also because Mandragora is he was hit by a flu syndrome and was not called up like the injured Fares, Izzo, Warming and Zaza plus Edera who recently joined the Primavera to allow him to accumulate minutes after the very long forced stop. So Milinkovic-Savic in goal, a defensive line formed by Zima, Bremer and Rodriguez, Singo and Aina on the flanks and in the center of the field Ricci and Lukic, on the Praet and Pjaca trocar and Sanabria in attack.
His team approached well and broke the deadlock after 4 minutes, but then Atalanta got under the draw and then taking the lead, however, their team did not give up and at the end of the first fraction they grabbed the draw again. In the second half, his team did not give up until the end, but there are still other mistakes on the goals conceded that have sparked a more than possible victory.

ATALANTA: Musso: 5.5; Scalvini: 5.5 (from ’69 Mihaila: 5.5); Palomino: 5.5; Djimsiti: 4.5 (from ’46 Toloi: 5); Hateboer: 6; de Roon: 6.5; Freuler: 5 (from ’69 Pasalic: 7); Zappacosta: 6.5; Pessina: 5.5 (from ’69 Boga: 6); Zapata: 6 (from ’78 Malinovskyi: ng); Muriel: 7.5.
Gian Piero Gasperini: 6.

Referee Rosario Abisso: 5 Lights and shadows and the Var had to help him. He awarded the penalty, confirmed by the Var, to Atalanta for Rodriguez’s foul on Zappacosta (17 ‘). He did not validate Hateboer’s goal because he was offside (20 ‘). He had no doubts in giving the penalty to Turin for Freuler’s foul on Sanabria and warned the Bergamo player (35 ‘). He cautioned Lukic for stopping Muriel (52 ‘), he was a moment late. He did not give weight to Ricci’s protests for an alleged foul received by de Roon on Singo’s long pass (55 ‘) and neither to those of Zapata who complained of a push from Bremer (59’). He awarded a second penalty to Torino for Toloi’s knockdown of Pobega (62 ‘). He cautioned Pasalic for a late entry on Praet (71 ‘). The Var signaled him the foul with the arm, held wide, of Zima in the area and after going to the monitor, the ball was also fake on the thigh of the grenade, he awarded the penalty to Atalanta and then he cautioned the player (83 ‘).

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