MILLION DAY AND EXTRA MILLIONDAY EXTRACTION / Which are the winning numbers today 23 April 2022: the five

In the evening today, Saturday 23 April 2022, it is time to attend Million Day and Extra MillionDay draws, with the sincere hope that the time has come to celebrate the 212th millionaire in the history of the game, after the win dated 12 April and recorded in Mercato San Severino, in the province of Salerno. The winning five will stand out between these lines as soon as they are published on the official websites. Valuable advice for everyone: do not throw away your ticket without careful checking, as there are two competitions to keep an eye on since the Extra MillionDay entered the scene. In addition to finding space and location on the columns of “”, the winning numbers can also be consulted at all the Italian betting offices and on the official MillionDay website. Alternatively, there is the MyLotteries application, as well as the Mediavideo Mediaset page 782.


14 – 15 – 16 – 18 – 51
(The winning numbers of the Million Day competition are published on the official website of the state monopolies we decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers, and we invite you to check directly on the site of monopolies and / or in betting shops)


22 – 37 – 38 – 42 – 44
(The winning numbers of the Extra MillionDay competition are published on the official website of the state monopolies we decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers, and we invite you to check directly on the site of monopolies and / or in betting shops)


Let’s now analyze the ranking of the late numbers of the Million Day, which can allow you to select which ones to place your bet on before today’s evening. The top five sees 19 in first place, missing from 55 draws. There are 37 shifts of absence instead for the 2, which is thus in second place in the ranking. The third step of the podium is occupied instead by 24 (29). Finally, to close the shortened ranking are the numbers 50 (26) and 52 (23). A completely similar speech for the Extra MillionDay, for which the first statistics are available: at the top of the ranking of latecomers 10 (38) and 9 (31) stand out, and, six lengths away from the latter, 48 (28). Finally, in fourth and fifth place are 15 (26) and 34 (25).


The ranking of frequent numbers of Million Day will ensure that you readers will be able to carefully choose those to whom you can entrust the chances of winning in this lottery. At the top of the ranking is 55, which has collected 45 appearances. Behind them, alone, we find 28, who has collected 42 appearances so far. In third place is 53 (41). The top five of frequent numbers, in cohabitation, are completed by 45 (40) and 30 (39). As for the Extra MillionDay, we note that 33 (9) is at the top of the ranking of frequent numbers, followed by 11 and 36 (7) and an interesting double at 6 (52 and 47). ). However, there could be a reversal in terms of hierarchies, with related overtaking from the rear, starting from 20.30 today.


Today, Saturday 23 April 2022, the extractions of the Million Day and Extra MillionDaycharacterized by the hope that theirs five may prove to be successful. More than ten days have passed since the last millionaire win and we cross our fingers in the hope that the time is ripe to elect a new lucky winner. Moreover, we remind you that, with the same five numbers selected for the Million Day, you have the opportunity to participate in a second drawing of 5 numbers, obtained from the 50 remaining after the first drawing.

Any type of coupon (single, multiple or system) can be combined with the Extra MillionDay. The costs of the bill, however, vary according to the bet: in the first case, the price to be paid is 1 euro, while in the second the rate is linked to the individual bets chosen. Finally, in the third, each combination generated by the system is worth one euro. Bets are accepted up to 20.20 for the competition of the day, while you can play from 20.35 onwards for the following day.


What are the Million Day rules? Let’s analyze them together, in such a way as to dispel doubts and understand in its entirety the mechanism of a game which, we anticipate, consists of a few simple rules. In a nutshell, we tell you that it is enough to choose five numbers included in the number ranging from 1 to 55. After that, it will be necessary to wait patiently for the draw to understand if luck has decided to reward your bets.

There are three types of bets in all: starting with the single bet, based on the compilation of a bill with five numbers chosen at the cost of one euro. Alternatively, there is a plurality, with which multiple single bets are performed in the same bet slip. Finally, we conclude with the systems, which includes a selection from 6 to 9 numbers and requires to indicate the type of preferred system between integral and reduced. The first guarantees all single bets that can be combined with the selected numbers: the cost may be subject to variations (ranging from 6 to 126 euros). The second, on the other hand, gives life to only a part of the possible single bets, which can be combined with the numbers identified: the costs are limited in reference to the integral system and you have the opportunity to win at least one thousand euros. For more details, consult the website


How much do you win on Million Day and Extra MillionDay? And what are the prizes up for grabs? A double question that many players ask themselves and to which we give an immediate answer, referring to the data published on the official online portal of the competition. With the Million you have the chance to grab up to one million euros guessing five winning numbers, while the reward is equal to one thousand euros if you guess 4. By decreasing the total of the numbers intercepted, the amount won inevitably decreases: 50 euros with the “3” and, with two numbers correctly predicted, they pocket two euros.

With a “5” to the Extra MillionDay, however, we appropriate the tenth part of the Million Day prize pool (100 thousand euros). With 4 points you get to 1,000 euros, with 100 euros that go into the pockets of those who make a “3”. With two numbers guessed, you can take home 4 euros. The prizes are shown net of withdrawal applied on winnings of 8% and are added to those possibly obtained through traditional extraction.


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