MotoGP 2022. GP of Portugal, Joan Mir: “Neither like Stoner nor Rossi” – MotoGP exclusive interview with the Suzuki world champion: “Stopping at 27 is too early, but thinking about continuing until 42 is impossible: I’m sure there will be no one who will race until that age”. With Joan we talk about the present, the future, the sea, the mountains, her personality. And much more

April 21, 2022

P.ortimao – I say it right away: I’m a great admirer from Joan Mir. First of all off the track, then as a driver: he is a great guy, I like his character, I like his attitude. On the track, I appreciate his concreteness, his ability to make the most ofalmost always the material he has at his disposal. Today Joan granted a an exclusive interview.

Joan, let’s start with the balance of this start of the championship.

“I’m happy: it is clear that it can always go better, but even worse… I like to start the seasons calmly and finish them at the maximum, rather than the other way around. You have to start by gaining confidence, gaining important points, getting over the initial circuits, the ones I usually like least. This is what I did. Then, race after race, you need to increase the intensity. This has always been my strategy throughout my career. It’s clear that sometimes you start and you have everything to win and you try, other times it’s a bit more complicated “

I don’t know you that well, so maybe my assessment is wrong: you seem less happy to me than in the past. Is that so?

“Actually I feel good, I am happy, I am happy: I do what I like and I am also good at it. It is true that we all want to win and in 2021 I have never succeeded and not even this year for the moment. But I’m not so worried about 2022, I was last season: I’m waiting to get back to the top. I think this season can be good “

How good?

“I can not answer. I wouldn’t have known what to say in 2020 after four races if you had asked me the same question: you can’t know. But we have everything to get back to winning: the rider has more experience than 2020, Suzuki looks competitive. It is true that there is a lot of competition, it is very difficult to be constant at the moment, there are many very competitive bikes. It is important to find consistency and then increase the intensity to get on the podium and stay there in all the GPs. As we did in 2020. We are following that strategy a bit “

Lin MotoGP is it more fun or is it more tiring?

“It depends on the moment. I am happy when the GP is over I have the impression of having done a good job: at that moment I am happy, there I am satisfied with myself. It is clear that when you are working you do not enjoy it that much “

We motorcycle enthusiasts, however, only think about the taste that can give riding a MotoGP: for a rider is it very different?

“That’s it, it’s cool, but when it starts to be your job, it loses some of the fun. In any case, I do what I like: when I get home, I immediately think about going to motocross, training with the bike … But if you have to do it, it’s different than going out on Sunday with the enduro bike “

Do you see yourself as Casey Stoner who quit at 27 or as Valentino Rossi who ended his career at 42? And he would have gladly continued …

“Neither one … At 27 you are very young, but I see myself more like Casey: I think that in these years the intensity you have to put into the races is enormous. Valentino has had a spectacular career, but there was a moment that he could spare himself a little, put in much less intensity than what he has put in the last few seasons. Years go by, you win, you go to the maximum: this extends your career. I think now it is more difficult for a rider to continue up to 42-43 years with MotoGP: I’m sure there won’t be another phenomenon so he can reach 43 years with that passion “

TO about this stress, this speed, this continuous competition, obviously typical of all sports: does it weigh on a 24-year-old boy?

“When you are inside this world, you experience everything very quickly: from the outside it seems something very difficult to bear, but from inside everything passes quickly. Since I started my career, since I was 12-13, it has always been like this: everything very fast, a lot of pressure, year after year. Now I have been in MotoGP for four seasons already, but it seems the other day when I was starting this adventure. And the results we have achieved in three years – a title, a third place – are very good: we must be happy … “

You won’t tell me anything about the future. But how does a driver make a decision?

“Look at all aspects. Sometimes new motivations are needed and for this reason you change House, to extend your career, after many years, perhaps, with the same bike. Motivations are always sought: honestly, I can’t tell you when I am “

But the difficulties that many riders have encountered when changing bikes worry you, is this something you think about?

“It’s a very high risk: you should change at a time you can afford, not in the first or second year of your career. It’s always a question of motivation: it makes a big difference “

You study other sports, is there anyone to be inspired by other disciplines?

“We in Mallorca have a sports figure who represents sacrifice, dedication, hard work: Nadal has won everything that could be achieved. And even today, when you see a game of him, you get goosebumps from what he does. But all sportsmen watch other sports to take an example, I do it “

P.tell us about your helmet, what does your helmet say about you?

“It took me a couple of years to understand what to represent about me to people, now I’m satisfied with the result. I really like the sea, it’s a passion I have: unfortunately I can’t stay there as long as I would like. As a kid, I remember that I spent all day at the sea: I trained in the morning, then I spent my time with friends to go diving with a mask, go with the boat … But I also like the sport that is done in the mountains: skiing, MTB and everything in between. My helmet represents these two passions of mine: there is the mountain, but also the blue which is the symbol of the sea. But they also illustrate how my personalities change when I’m competing, when I’m working or when I’m at home: these are very different aspects of me “

Does the sea relax you, does it give you peace of mind?

“Yup. When I am angry I have to see the sea, or even when I have to disconnect from everything. The sea is tranquility, the mountains are adrenaline: this is the combination I wanted to represent on the helmet “

Let’s go back to MotoGP: what time is it? If you look at it from the outside, what sport do you see?

“One flaw is that there are too many bikes of the same brand, it’s bad to see someone with eight bikes and others with only two. But I really like the balance there, the difficulty in making a difference, no dominator “

What do you expect from this race?

“This is one of the special circuits we’ve always been competitive here, I think it can be favorable to Suzuki, the bike has more potential than in 2021: I think it’s time to take the next step, aim for the podium”

Is Bastianini a candidate for the title?

“Enea has been very good up to now with a very competitive bike: yes, he can win the title”.


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