Naples – Rome: 1-1 Serie A 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match

  • From Diego Armando Maradona that’s all, a good continuation of the evening. Until next time.21:05

  • On matchday 34, Spalletti’s team will visit Empoli while Mourinho will be awaited by the former match at Inter.21:05

  • Mourinho guesses the changes, El Shaarawy equalizes Insigne’s opening penalty in full recovery. A fair result, after a hard-fought match, more tense than spectacular, a point that is of little use to both teams. Protests by the Giallorossi over a contact in the area between Zaniolo and Meret. Injuries for Lobotka, Sergio Oliveira and Zaniolo.21:03

  • 90 ‘+ 9’

    OVER! Napoli-Roma 1-1, Di Bello’s triple whistle.21:00

  • 90 ‘+ 7’

    Veretout punishment, Pellegrini’s weak header, Meret blocks.20:58

  • 90 ‘+ 6’

    Perez throws it in the area, Rrahmani moves away in advance on Abraham.20:57

  • 90 ‘+ 4’

    El Shaarawy in the area for Perez, too deep, Meret makes the ball his own.20:55

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    Forcing of the Giallorossi, Azzurri in difficulty.20:54

  • 90 ‘+ 2’

    Perez wastes a restart, wrong finish for El Shaarawy.20:53

  • 90 ‘+ 1’

    GOAL! Naples-ROME 1-1! El Shaarawy network. Pellegrini’s cross, Afena-Gyan’s veil, Abraham cleverly extends for El Shaarawy who places the right in the lower corner, Meret is beaten.

    See the card of the player Stephan El Shaarawy20:54

    Stephan El Shaarawy
  • 90 ‘

    Eight minutes of recovery.20:52

  • 88 ‘

    El Shaarawy in the corridor for Afena-Gyan, timely closure of Koulibaly.20:49

  • 86 ‘

    Substitution Nicolò Zaniolo Felix Afena Ohene-Gyan19:49

  • 86 ‘

    LAST CHANGE ROME. Zaniolo forced to go out, remnants for Afena-Gyan.20:48

  • 85 ‘

    Problems also for Zaniolo, game stopped.20:47

  • 84 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ROME. All-in by Mourinho: Perez for Mancini.20:45

  • 83 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF NAPLES. Spalletti covers himself: the former Juan Jesus for Insigne.01:56

  • 83 ‘

    LAST CHANGE NAPLES. Relay attack between Osimhen and Mertens.20:44

  • 81 ‘

    Zaniolo reaches the bottom, Rrahmani takes refuge in the corner.20:42

  • 80 ‘

    Restart of Osimhen who shoots from his own half, enters the area and shoots on the outside of the net.20:41

  • 80 ‘

    Zaniolo hits from the left, Koulibaly is well positioned.20:41

  • 78 ‘

    EXPELLED Fuzato for protests from the bench.19:50

  • 76 ‘

    Immediately El Shaarawy vertically for Zaniolo who anticipates Meret, the goalkeeper overwhelms him, Di Bello lets it go.20:37

  • 75 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ROME. Mourinho plays the El Shaarawy card, outside Zalewski.20:37

  • 75 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ROME. Sergio Oliveira limps out, Veretout enters.20:36

  • 74 ‘

    Elmas touches behind for Zielinski, central low shot, Rui Patricio without problems.20:35

  • 73 ‘

    Sergio Oliveira on the ground, game interrupted.20:34

  • 71 ‘

    WARNED Zaniolo for protests.20:33

  • 71 ‘

    Attempt from outside Elmas, central, Rui Patricio curls up on the ball.20:32

  • 69 ‘

    Zielinski is free at 20 meters, left to the side, not by much.20:30

  • 68 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF NAPLES. Lozano leaves the field in favor of Elmas.20:30

  • 68 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF NAPLES. Demme takes over from Fabian Ruiz.20:29

  • 66 ‘

    Bank of Abraham for Pellegrini, decisive intervention by Mario Rui.20:29

  • 66 ‘

    Punishment by Pellegrini, Mancini head does not frame the door, just out.20:27

  • 65 ‘

    Insigne’s punishment, Rui Patricio grabs in high grip.20:26

  • 64 ‘

    WARNINGS Insigne for protests.20:25

  • 62 ‘

    WARNED Lozano for misconduct.20:24

  • 62 ‘

    Lozano collapses in the area on Ibanez’s pressure, then reacts to Zalewski, a fight ensues.20:24

  • 61 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY ROME! Karsdorp calibrates from the right, Abraham devours the tie in front of Meret, crushing badly with his head.20:23

  • 60 ‘

    Insigne hits from the left, his cross crosses the whole area without finding deviations.20:21

  • 58 ‘

    Launch for Pellegrini, who started in an offside position.20:20

  • 56 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF NAPLES. Lobotka can’t go on, Zielinski enters.01:56

  • 55 ‘

    Muscle problems for Lobotka, game stopped.20:17

  • 54 ‘

    Sparks between Karsdorp and Insigne, Di Bello restores calm.20:15

  • 52 ‘

    WARNED Zanoli, rude intervention on Sergio Oliveira.20:13

  • 50 ‘

    Tense cross by Mkhitaryan, Karsdorp in a slip does not get there.20:11

  • 49 ‘

    Anguissa breaks through in the area from the right, Mancini careful on Osimhen.20:10

  • 47 ‘

    Filter by Lozano for Osimhen, right dampened for a corner by Mancini.20:08

  • 46 ‘

    THE SHOOTING BEGINS. Napoli-Roma 1-0, a maneuver by the Azzurri.20:06

  • 46 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ROME. Cristante remains in the locker room, space for Mkhitaryan.20:06

  • Spalletti must avoid drops in rhythm and concentration; Mourinho needs to raise the level of quality in the finishing phase.19:54

  • Balanced and hard-fought fraction, with few real goal chances, unblocked by Insigne’s penalty (the contact between Ibanez and Lozano evaluated at the VAR); the Giallorossi hit a crossbar on a free kick, Pellegrini’s shot deflected by Osimhen.19:53

  • 45 ‘+ 5’

    END OF FIRST HALF. Napoli-Roma 1-0, Insigne decides from the spot.19:50

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    Ankle problems for Zalewski, play temporarily stopped.19:48

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    Karsdorp reaches the bottom, Abraham is late in the center area.19:47

  • 45 ‘+ 1’

    Zalewski focuses from the left, weak low shot, easy prey for Meret.19:46

  • 45 ‘

    Three minutes of recovery.19:46

  • 42 ‘

    The Giallorossi are struggling to get to the shot, the blue rearguard always attentive.19:44

  • 40 ‘

    From corner, Cristante’s header, high.19:40

  • 39 ‘

    CROSS ROME! Punishment by Pellegrini, Osimhen spits with his head backwards, the crossbar saves Meret.19:41

  • 37 ‘

    WARNED Koulibaly, impetuous on Zalewski.19:38

  • 35 ‘

    Osimhen slips off to the right, gaining a corner.19:37

  • 34 ‘

    Long postponement for Zaniolo, Lobotka is ahead.19:34

  • 33 ‘

    Lozano talks with Insigne, Ibanez takes refuge in the corner.19:34

  • 31 ‘

    Pilgrims for Abraham, wrong control at the edge of the area.19:32

  • 30 ‘

    Phrasing of the Giallorossi, the blues keep the pressure high.19:31

  • 28 ‘

    Prolonged action by the Giallorossi who do not find room to shoot.19:28

  • 26 ‘

    Lozano advances centrally, right walled by Ibanez.19:26

  • 24 ‘

    Anguissa widens the game for Lozano, stopped for a corner by Ibanez.19:24

  • 23 ‘

    Cristante’s cross, Mario Rui heads away.19:23

  • 21 ‘

    Restart of Zaniolo who, doubled, loses time for the conclusion.19:22

  • 20 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY NAPLES! Insigne serves the overlap of Mario Rui, Osimhen’s paw rejected by Smalling, Rui Patricio is ready on Lozano’s right.19:21

  • 19 ‘

    Lozano crosses low from the back, Mancini clears the area.19:19

  • 17 ‘

    WARNED Cristante, stomp at Lobotka.19:17

  • 16 ‘

    Osimhen hits low for Lozano, anticipated by Mancini.19:17

  • 15 ‘

    Ball turn of the Giallorossi, high pressing of the Azzurri.19:16

  • 13 ‘

    Zalewski looks for space on the left, Zanoli concedes the first corner of the match.19:13

  • 11 ‘

    GOAL! NAPLES-Rome 1-0! Insigne’s penalty. Rui Patricio guesses the corner but does not get there, Insigne cold from 11 meters.

    Look at the player’s profile Lorenzo Insigne19:12

    Lorenzo Insigne
  • 10 ‘

    PENALTY NAPLES! Di Bello after reviewing the images assigns the penalty to the Azzurri: Ibanez’s foul on Lozano.19:10

  • 9 ‘

    Di Bello is called to the VAR to review the images.19:10

  • 8 ‘

    Protests of the Neapolitans, the check of the VAR is awaited.19:09

  • 7 ‘

    Lozano falls into the area on pressure from Ibanez, Di Bello pushes on.19:07

  • 6 ‘

    Phases of study at the start, the two teams face each other on the median.19:06

  • 4 ‘

    Zaniolo snaps to the right, Koulibaly contains him.19:04

  • 3 ‘

    Zalewski on the ground, playing stopped for a few moments.19:03

  • 1 ‘

    START Naples-Rome, ball to the Giallorossi.7:00 pm

  • The warm-up phases are over, soon the start of the race directed by Di Bello.18:32

  • Mourinho chooses Pellegrini-Zaniolo to support Abraham. Zalewski in place of El Shaarawy on the left side, Mancini is back in defense.18:27

  • The former Spalletti opts for Lozano in the trident completed by Osimhen and Insigne. Anguissa preferred to Zielinski in the median, Meret between the posts.18:24

  • 3-4-2-1 for Roma: Rui Patricio – Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez – Karsdorp, Cristante, Sergio Oliveira, Zalewski – Zaniolo, Pellegrini – Abraham. Available: Fuzato, Kumbulla, Spinazzola, Maitland-Niles, Vina, Bove, Veretout, Afena-Gyan, Perez, Mkhitaryan, El Shaarawy, Shomurodov.18:29

  • Here are the formations. Napoli with 4-3-3: Meret – Zanoli, Rrahmani, Koulibaly, Mario Rui – Fabian Ruiz, Lobotka, Anguissa – Lozano, Osimhen, Insigne. Available: Marfella, Idasiak, Tuanzebe, Juan Jesus, Ghoulam, Demme, Zielinski, Elmas, Politano, Ounas, Petagna, Mertens.18:32

  • The Neapolitans, to restart after the stop against Fiorentina and not lose the lead train, face the Giallorossi, in a winning streak of 11 games and eager to shorten the Champions League area.14:05

  • At Diego Armando Maradona everything is ready for Napoli-Roma, the thirty-third matchday of Serie A.13:54

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Diego Armando Maradona
    City: Naples
    Capacity: 60240 spectators13:54

    Diego Armando Maradona
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