“Obiettivo Terra” photo contest award ceremony on Friday 22 in Rome

Image from askanews web site

Image from askanews web site

Rome, 21 April (askanews) – “Objective Earth” 2022 has also had an extraordinary response this year. The post-pandemic social reconnection inspired the desire to return to fully experience nature and stimulated positive emotions that were reflected in the wonderful shots candidates for the photo contest. A recovery that marks the rebirth of well-being and health, still with the necessary precautions, in front of the enchanting views of our beautiful peninsula. A success that confirms how much the competition, promoted by the UniVerde Foundation and the Italian Geographic Society, is appreciated by amateurs.

The numbers. To select the 20 finalists of the 13th edition of the contest, representative of the environmental, naturalistic, landscape and historical-cultural heritage preserved by national and regional parks, marine protected areas, state and regional reserves, 775 photos were examined. Of these, 753 (97%) were found to comply with the regulation and therefore admitted (the not admitted are 22, equal to 3%). Each participant had the opportunity to submit only one color photo to the contest of which: National Parks (277 photos, equal to 36% of the admitted photos), Regional Parks (351 photos, equal to 45%), Marine Protected Areas (47 photos, equal to 6%), State Reserves (20 photos, equal to 3%) and Regional Reserves (80 photos, equal to 10%).

The awards ceremony will be held on Friday 22 April, from 10:00, and will take place in phygital live streaming, with connection from Villa Celimontana in Rome, the historic headquarters of the Italian Geographic Society, as part of the celebrations for the 52nd World Day of Land. The author of the winning shot will receive the Mother Earth Day Prize worth € 1,000 (one thousand euros) as well as a commemorative plaque, the dedication on the cover of the volume “Obiettivo Terra 2022: Italy loved by Italians” and the honor to see the winning photo on the facade of Palazzo Valentini, in Rome, on display to the public, together with the winning photo of the special mention “Obiettivo Mare”.

The awards ceremony will be opened by introductory speeches by the presidents of the promoters, Claudio Cerreti (President of the Italian Geographic Society), Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio (President of the UniVerde Foundation), Giancarlo Morandi (President of Cobat) and Vincenzo Gesmundo (Secretary General Coldiretti). Following, the institutional greetings of Federico D’Incà (Minister for Relations with Parliament), Loredana De Petris (President of the Mixed Group, Senate of the Republic), Rossella Muroni (Vice-president of the Environment Commission, Chamber of Deputies), Maria Carmela Giarratano ( Head of DiAG Department, Ministry of Ecological Transition), Antonio Pietro Marzo (Commander of Forestry, Environmental and Agri-food Units – Arma dei Carabinieri), Francesco Tomas (Designated Head of Marine Environmental Department, Port Authority Corps – Coast Guard), Giampiero Sammuri ( Federparchi President). Godmother of the 13th edition of the contest will be the TV presenter Rita Dalla Chiesa with the participation of some members of the Jury of experts and representatives of the partners of the competition: Giuseppe Trieste (President of Fiaba Onlus), Fulco Pratesi (Honorary President of WWF Italy), Carmen Di Penta (Director Marevivo), Carmelo Troccoli (Director of the Campagna Amica Foundation), Fiorello Primi (President of the most beautiful villages in Italy), Giuseppe Gisotti (Honorary President SIGEA – APS, Italian Society of Environmental Geology), Antonio Cianciullo (Journalist and writer), Alessandro Magrini (President of the Italian Nature Photographers Association), Silvestro Serra (Director of Magazine and Media Relations, Italian Touring Club), Zeina Ayache (Journalist and host Fanpage.it), Sergio Avallone (Federal Councilor of the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation) , Saul Ripamonti (Co-founder of Pixcube.it network) and with the participation of authors and authors of the winning photos and dir immortalized Protected Areas. The event will be moderated by Gianni Todini (Director of Askanews).

From this year the decree of the Mentions and Special Mentions has been entrusted directly to the partners of the contest: Trees and Forests (in collaboration with the Forestry, Environmental and Agri-food Unit Command of the Carabinieri); Animals (in collaboration with Federparchi); Coastal area (in collaboration with the Port Authority Corps – Coast Guard); Rivers and lakes (in collaboration with the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation); Agricultural landscape (in collaboration with the Campagna Amica Foundation); Geological heritage and geodiversity (in collaboration with the Italian Society of Environmental Geology – APS); Sustainable tourism (in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club).

For the 2022 edition, the Special Mentions have been confirmed: Villages (to the most beautiful photo of a village within an Italian Protected Area, in collaboration with the Association “The most beautiful villages in Italy”); Obiettivo Mare (to the best underwater photo in collaboration with Marevivo); Obiettivo Roma (to the most beautiful photo taken in the Protected Areas of the Metropolitan City of Rome); Parks from the sky in collaboration with Cobat.

The 2022 “Inclusive Park” Prize will also be awarded, in collaboration with FIABA Onlus and Federparchi, to the Protected Area which has stood out in favor of accessibility and usability for people with disabilities and reduced mobility, and two Awards are foreseen extra-competition: the winning shot of the Mention “Agricultural Landscape will win a weekend at the Agriturismo” Il Podere di Assisi “(PG) offered by Terranostra Umbria, of the Campagna Amica network; the” Pixcube.it “Award to the first classified, a special voucher offered by the network for a trip-workshop-reportage to be chosen among the many upcoming events to be held in the natural parks of Italy.

Furthermore, thanks to the renewed collaboration with Pianeta Foresty, 10 trees will be planted again this year in an Italian natural oasis.

The objective of the “Obiettivo Terra” photo competition is to support the daily work of the Protected Areas of Italy, oriented towards environmental protection, biodiversity protection, the enhancement of the landscape and the historical-cultural heritage preserved by the villages but also the defense of local characteristics and allow the spread of a truly eco-sustainable and responsible tourism model. The realization of this ambitious project was supported by Cobat (Main Partner of the competition) and Bluarancio (Digital Partner) and in collaboration with: FIABA Onlus, Marevivo, Campagna Amica Foundation, Italian Touring Club, SIGEA-APS Italian Society of Environmental Geology, Association “The most beautiful villages in Italy”, Earth Day Italy, Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation, SOS Terra Onlus. The 2022 edition of “Obiettivo Terra” received the moral patronage of: Senate of the Republic; House of Representatives; Ministry of Ecological Transition; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Ministry of Culture; Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies; Metropolitan City of Rome Capital; Roma Capitale, Prefecture of Rome; Federparchi; Federculture and all the National Parks of Italy, with the adhesion of the Corps of Port Authorities – Coast Guard and the Forestry, Environmental and Agri-food Unit Command of the Carabinieri. Media Partners: Askanews, Italpress, Teleambiente, LifeGate, Opera2030, Trekking.it, Eco in Città. Technical Partners: Pixcube.it, Pianeta Foresty, @racne.

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