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Well in advance we were able to try out a couple of hours of the Outriders Worldslayer campaign and we are ready to tell you everything.

Several months have already passed since we got to play and judge New Horizon, the maxi update from last November that added content to the Outriders endgame. Since then we were already aware of the projects of People Can Fly and of the desire to put on the market a real expansion for their NON Gaas looter shooter.

You will have had the opportunity to follow the new Outriders Broadcast in these minutes. As privileged good we had already combed through it properly and even a month ago we had the opportunity to try Outriders Worldslayer for a couple of hours, that is the new campaign coming out on June 30th on all the platforms already interested. Let’s try to clarify all the new elements and our considerations after the test.

The threats don’t stop

Outriders Worldslayer: The new Apocalypse weapons can really make their mark
Outriders Worldslayer: The new Apocalypse weapons can really make their mark

Let’s face it: life on Enoch has never been plain sailing. The Outriders campaign told us about a Promised Land that is anything but welcoming, torn by an anomaly that everything can and which, as if that were not enough, has also made several human beings altered and able to exploit the elements as if they were skilled. Super heroes. After managing to stem the threat in the course of the main story, the feigned tranquility about Enoch is again broken by Ereshkigal’s impertinence, which would also seem to be able to manage and exploit a new power still unknown to anyone else.

Obviously we will have to declare war on this new roommate, trying to put all their knowledge and the desire to continue exploring a planet that is becoming more and more inhospitable. This is the brief premise of the new portion of the campaign, which will also bring a handful of new areas to explore – you go up into the mountains – and a rather interesting insight into what Enoch is and the as yet untold story of its past.

In the course of our chat with the guys from People Can Fly it became clear to us how much their intention was to try to broaden and deepen a lore in which perhaps, initially, even they did not believe they should. The scarce two hours that we were allowed to test were not useful to get a clear and decisive idea about the quality of the weave and the effective duration – we talk about four or five hours -, but at the same time they told us about the usual great ability of the Polish team to combine simplicity and addiction.

We therefore keep the judgment on the narrative part in standby, waiting to be able to put a point also on this new experience, judging instead more the new gameplaywaiting for news on the new endgame system.

Worldslayer for everyone

Given the highly cooperative nature of the game, the people of People Can Fly have seen fit to try to make the return to the game as painless as possible and also the approach to totally new users. For this reason, once the new package is launched you will be able to take back your characters, as well as create new ones and automatically push them to level 30, so that you can immediately face the challenges of Worldslayer. This not only applies to old players but also to new ones, who can decide to start directly from the contents of the expansion, then retracing their steps later through the timeline of the events we already know.

Pax and Ascension

Outriders Worldslayer: The progression will also offer new approaches to the classes
Outriders Worldslayer: The progression will also offer new approaches to the classes

For those who have no idea of ​​the system behind the game, we invite you to go and retrieve the review of Outriders from last year. Once you have learned the basics of the system it is time to talk about the new progression systems added in Worldslayer. The four classes present since dayone now acquire two new methods of advancement: PAX points and ascension levels. The former will be assigned in a predetermined number and at key moments of the campaign, extending the opportunities of the various classes with two new subclasses for each of the basic archetypes.

As particular as the choice of assigning points as the campaign progresses, it still seemed a nice and painless way to give further purpose to the continuation of the Outriders plot, without forgetting the action RPG nature of the game. Although the new trees are substantially smaller than the main ones, they are all skills linked to main nodes, thus representing important upgrades for each of the four classes. THE PAX points they cannot be spent to acquire further standard skills as well as vice versa it is not possible to exploit the previous points to acquire skills for the new subclasses. It does not change the possibility of making a reset of the points invested at any time and at no cost, so as to make your characters always ready to change as needed.

Outriders Worldslayer: Enoch is increasingly inhospitable
Outriders Worldslayer: Enoch is increasingly inhospitable

Speaking instead of Ascension points, these are nothing more than a further progression system all devoted to quantity. Just as it happens in other exponents of the genre such as Borderlands, now it will be possible continue to gain experience even after level thirty and at each completely of the bar you will acquire an Ascension Point, to be spent on one of the five options present for each of the four specializations available: Brutality, Endurance, Prowess And Anomaly.

In all, the points that can be assigned will be two hundred, fifty for each of the characteristics, which will lead your character to continue to grow constantly and which will require hundreds of hours – according to the developers – to be brought to the maximum. Among the characteristics there are also those related to the increase in HP, armor, but also the percentage of critical attack and everything that allows us to increase the power and resistance of our alter ego.

Difficulty and Apocalypse Tier and loot

Outriders Worldslayer: new enemies and new threats
Outriders Worldslayer: new enemies and new threats

In Outriders the difficulty has always been based on systems capable of bringing to mind games like Diablo. While I World Tier laid down the law in the progression of the campaign, i Challenge Tier dominated the endgame rules for a year, also following the release of New Horizon. With the advent of Worldslayer, things will change, completely eliminating the Challenge Tier and introducing one series of mechanics related to the Apocalypse Tier.

Let’s start with the news about it longevity naked and raw: the previous fifteen difficulty levels will now be transformed into forty, adding hours and hours of growth. While the maximum level of the character will not change, the reality of the score of his equipment will be different, which can now reach level 75. Obviously, those who do not have access to the expansion will still be able to take advantage of the new difficulty system, but being able to reach only the level 15 as it was previously.

These new scaling mechanics are paired with the ability to recover on the battlefield of the totally new lootalways referred to as Apocalypse and that in no way can it be crafted, but only found in the game. This equipment is nothing more than a variant of the epic and legendary one already present and that add a third immutable mod slot.

Outriders Worldslayer: the co-op will always be at the center of the action
Outriders Worldslayer: the co-op will always be at the center of the action

In short, a lot of meat on the fire also from this point of view, to which we must also add a hundreds of new totally original pieces and introduced with the expansion on June 30th.

And the endgame?

Outriders Worldslayer is not only new difficulty and new pieces of equipment, but it is also and above all the opportunity to add a whole new type of endgame to the game. We were given only a very brief taste, from which it is impossible to extrapolate valid information to tell you ours. We will talk about it again in the course of the summer and we don’t even know if it will be launched in conjunction with the release or if, more likely, we will have to wait a few weeks to see it in action.

Outriders Worldslayer would appear to be the expansion the game needed. The excellent choice of People Can Fly not to create a real service game, brings with it the risk of abandonment by the players. Therefore, continuing to focus on publishing new content can help keep interest high. This first approach with the new campaign has entertained and convinced us, but it was really too short to be able to put together a complete judgment. All that remains is to wait until June 30th and set out to conquer Enoch.


  • New enemies, new weapons, new armor, new zones and a new endgame
  • Apocalypse Tier looks really interesting in management
  • The addition of Pax and Ascension will lengthen progress by tens and tens of hours


  • We have not yet had the opportunity to test the balance well
  • We don’t know anything about the endgame
  • Let’s hope the servers hold up this time

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